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LFC Reds - Sat Jun 30 7:40 PM
Not listed as one of the players reporting for day 1 of pre season training. Anyone know how much longer he's out for?
LFC Reds - Sat Jun 30 4:48 PM
Rate this lad very highly, what with how he handled the Couthino interview and now how he greated Naby he just seems a class act. Can't wait to see how far he can go with us.
LFC Reds - Sat Jun 30 2:19 PM
Quote from FATKOPITE10 on Today at 02:14:25 pm https://twitter.com/LFC/status/1013029374176657408?ref_src=twcamp%5Ecopy%7Ctwsrc%5Eandroid%7Ctwgr%5Ecopy%7Ctwcon%5E7090%7Ctwterm%5E3 Players scheduled to report
LFC Reds - Sat Jun 30 1:08 PM
Just being discussed on Channel 4 regarding the expected confirmation of Charles LeClerc as Vettel's team mate at Ferrari next year. Big big move and quite unlike Ferrari who have always been more prone to signing established drivers as 1 and 2. Class
LFC Reds - Sat Jun 30 1:04 PM
LFC Reds - Sat Jun 30 11:26 AM
Rumors we backed out of the deal over 5m if that’s the case that’s just silly. Trying to renegotiate 5m because of his knee? Doesn’t sound right. I’m still inclined to think this all has something to do with their owner. I think he backed out trying
LFC Reds - Sat Jun 30 4:16 AM
Quote from hardcoresoldier on Jun 18, 2018 09:40:44 am This happened on my red and gold Reebok 2005 shirt. This is how i cured it. Moist flannel inside the arm so it is under the badge and then a moist flannel or towel on
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 10:46 PM
Quote from ConzS on Jun 23, 2018 12:19:43 pm Decided to go out for a run this morning for the first time since tough mudder last week. Think I’m still feeling the effects a little bit. Managed 10.6k in 53.43, or 10.38k in
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 9:03 PM
Quote from PurpleMonkey on Today at 09:00:18 pm France Vs Argentina Uruguay Vs Portugal Spain Vs Russia Croatia Vs Denmark Brazil Vs Mexico Belgium Vs Japan Sweden Vs Switzerland Colombia V
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 9:00 PM
France Vs Argentina Uruguay Vs Portugal Spain Vs Russia Croatia Vs Denmark Brazil Vs Mexico Belgium Vs Japan Sweden Vs Switzerland Colombia Vs England France, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Brazil, Belgium, Sweden and England to
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 8:52 PM
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 3:42 PM
To PurpleMonkey, I haven't been a member long enough to reply to your personal message directly. And I apologize for not seeing your message sooner for I did not even know I had received one. You may not even remember sending it ;D. I w
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 3:12 PM
This may have been posted here at the time of the signing, but reading it just now has me fired up about our new-look midfield: url=https://www.footballwhispers.com/blog/fabinho-perfect-counterweight-naby-keita?utm_medium=affiliates&utm_source=anfield
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 3:06 PM
Mo Salah’s reaction is priceless as address is leaked and fans surround his house https://www.empireofthekop.com/2018/06/29/mo-salahs-reaction-is-priceless-as-address-is-leaked-and-fans-surround-his-house/
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 2:34 PM
Xabi Alonso on Keita Xabi Alonso recalls competing with a ‘big personality’ when he played against Naby Keita, who he expects to thrive under the tutelage of Jürgen Klopp. Keita will officially become a Liverpool player on Sunday after a deal wa
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 1:30 PM
Quote from beardo number 7 on Jun 26, 2018 04:37:38 pm Was waiting for someone to post something like this? No comparison karius is mentally fu**ed now and I can’t see a way back for him? WE NEED A NEW GOALIE 😡 A
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 10:48 AM
Boom https://twitter.com/david_conn/status/1012631033530015744?s=19 Boom https://twitter.com/david_conn/status/1012631619256176640?s=19 You're next https://twitter.com/david_conn/status/1012631848839720960?s=19
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 10:37 AM
Quote from FATKOPITE10 on Jun 21, 2018 12:03:42 pm F**k the pope..and the queen Just two nice old people if you ask me
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 9:00 AM
Quote from Robby The Z on Yesterday at 10:11:37 pm That's why you're saying that about those two competitions the prize money? Unless they are planning on giving some of it to me, I couldn't care less about that
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 2:37 AM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 on Yesterday at 07:54:22 pm Biggest gap with City is that they have a lot more financial muscle than us. They have the money to be able to sign a squad of players that allow them to be benching A
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 1:37 AM
Quote from DanMann on Today at 12:17:02 am But what happens when VAR creates injustice? Today the referree correctly awarded a penalty for the foul on Mane. He then went to VAR and incorrectly overruled the decision.
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 1:33 AM
Quote from Diego LFC on Yesterday at 10:10:59 pm I wonder if they will make a Sir out of Gareth Southgate if they reach the semifinals. No, but he'll eventually get another pizza ad
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 29 1:30 AM
LFC Reds - Thu Jun 28 9:21 PM
they just couldn't find Mane could they a case of a good player surrounded by AVG players
LFC Reds - Thu Jun 28 6:27 PM
Trent is starting tonight. Well deserved lad.
LFC Reds - Thu Jun 28 5:36 PM
Quote from Robby The Z on Today at 05:32:15 pm Sadio and Marko should both be in America next month. Grujic maybe back at cardiff by then
LFC Reds - Thu Jun 28 4:47 PM
Rooney officially lands in the retirement league. https://mobile.twitter.com/FromTStands/status/1012350216836714497
LFC Reds - Thu Jun 28 2:59 PM
LFC Reds - Thu Jun 28 1:39 PM
Special goal from Messi the other night, taking the ball down the way he did was exquiste and the finish wasn't bad either.
LFC Reds - Thu Jun 28 12:48 PM
Quote from Biscanator on Jun 25, 2018 04:55:17 pm No it was a direct interview with Pearce as ITK go he's got to be one of the most trusted. As such I don't expect us to go back in for this lad unless the price is drastic
LFC Reds - Thu Jun 28 12:15 PM
love to see Sadios team go a long way but this Columbia squad are hitting their stride.
LFC Reds - Thu Jun 28 11:58 AM
The competition is, sort of, under way! Preliminary round kicked off two days ago with the champions of Andorra, San Marino, Gibraltar and Kosovo playing for one place in the first qualifying round. Lincoln Red Imps (Gibraltar) and FC Drita (Kosovo) pl
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 11:01 PM
Quote from lfc across the water on Yesterday at 12:49:23 pm Race was over at the first corner. It was an expensive race for Vettel, considering that Austria and Silverstone are power tracks that Hamilton should win easily
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 10:57 PM
jeez why the f**k is he still banging on about Rafa imagine what he would have been like between 1966/67 and 1972/73 when Shankly won nothing at all yet we know he was laying the foundation for the greatest period in the clubs history. 2006 Rafa won th
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 10:50 PM
NObody is going to hand over £15mil for him so I expect a lesser amount with big add-ons for game played/goals scored. What a shame this lad had everything to be the very best .
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 9:16 PM
Martinez is resting full squad. We're resting 3 players. It's ridiculous how we are going to win so Belgium can get an easy route. Stupid. Southgate massive mistake.
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 8:46 PM
AC Milan banned from European football for 2 years.
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 8:24 PM
Watched him against Shakhtar in the CL and thought he was the real deal but since then he’s been so underwhelming. Shaky again tonight.
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 6:18 PM
So our lineup(s) on July 7 at Chester, preseason opener: 1st Half GK: Karius D: Clyne, Virgil, Matip, Robertson M: Fabinho, Keita, Lallana F: Ings, Solanke, Wilson 2nd Half: GK: Ward D: Randall, Gomez, Klavan, Moreno M: Gini, Milner, Jones F: Ojo, Orig
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 5:50 PM
Cho hyun-woo to replace Simon?
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 5:37 PM
Quote from Shabs on Today at 05:35:16 pm No chance of loosing via penalties against the Germans in the finals thus ti e around
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 5:04 PM
Every incentive for Switzerland to thrash Costa Rica by a bigger margin than Brazil v Serbia. Switzerland would prefer Mexico to Sweden for sure.
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 2:05 PM
Liking the German line up, I can see them winning easily today.
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 1:45 PM
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 9:18 AM
Quote from Arab Scouse on Yesterday at 12:26:54 pm But the calls are made by referees. VAR is basically showing referees clips of incidents, even the marginal ones, then the ref decides whether to give something or not. V
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 8:52 AM
Quote from danaxe on Jun 25, 2018 09:35:09 am A friend of mine who is a big fan of FC Barcelona told me that he had read from decent sources that Barca will sell their central defender Yerry Mina, Barca is looking for a s
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 6:17 AM
Yes not the big name signing we all want to see so I can understand little bit of disappointing but I think he would be worth punt, for that low a price and what he could potentially offer in it could be a shrewd move on our part.
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 5:48 AM
Am I the only one who has spotted Musa from Nigeria here? He is like another Mane! Imagine having them rotating throughout the season
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 3:31 AM
Quote from Harrisimo on Yesterday at 05:50:30 pm I clearly meant he has to buy quality and he is under pressure. Anybody who says he isn't just does not understand the history, the dynamic
LFC Reds - Tue Jun 26 10:10 PM
LFC Reds - Tue Jun 26 9:43 PM
Quote from redclocker on Yesterday at 08:20:46 am Hense the old quote - if you want to know anything about Liverpool ask an evertonian. After the CL final, I even had one of them say we wanted it replayed, where
LFC Reds - Tue Jun 26 7:47 PM
Totally buying into the Ally McCoist love in for his co commentary duties alongside Jon Champion on ITV. Always liked his presence as an analyst. Clearly loves the game, is enthusiastic and isn't an opinionated arse who constantly tries to seek headlin
LFC Reds - Tue Jun 26 5:21 PM
I hope Messi turns up and destroys Nigeria. Sick of all the love for Ronaldo!!!
LFC Reds - Tue Jun 26 4:37 PM
Quote from lfc across the water on Jun 23, 2018 12:41:43 pm Their keeper throws the ball in his own net last week, his second mistake in two games, that cost his side two points on the biggest stage in football, and it's
LFC Reds - Tue Jun 26 3:36 PM
I know you can’t judge on 1 game and esp at WC but Lemar has been terrible.
LFC Reds - Tue Jun 26 2:48 PM
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LFC Reds - Tue Jun 26 1:14 PM
Totally understand his decision and think it’s probably the right one.
LFC Reds - Tue Jun 26 1:02 PM
Quote from leosc on Jun 13, 2018 02:42:35 pm I think so. I believe that WC is going to have like 48 teams They've totally gone about the 48 team format wrong. 16 groups of 3 is a bad idea because you will have a
LFC Reds - Tue Jun 26 12:17 PM
No surprise he wants to go really. Danny won't get playing time here so a move to another club makes sense as he will be a good mid table team striker.
LFC Reds - Tue Jun 26 12:04 PM
https://twitter.com/_pauljoyce/status/1011564743058968576?s=19 Needs a fresh start. He'd do well at Rangers and be a hero there but not sure if he'd like to drop down to the Scottish PL
LFC Reds - Tue Jun 26 11:02 AM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 on Yesterday at 08:27:29 pm Pearce is no more reliable than anyone else now, find myself less and less interested in what he has to say because the amount of times he clearly comes across as havi
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 10:49 PM
If runner up gets us Switzerland instead of Germany or Brazil, I reckon there could be an own goal or two on Thursday.
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 10:08 PM
https://twitter.com/GlenbuckAnfield/status/1010989541426106370 Of course we won, Keita was playing and skippering
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 9:09 PM
Much as im for VAR the decisions tonite were appalling for me. Lets call it THE REFS WORLD CUP.
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 8:58 PM
Players and managers making the TV sign for VAR.
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 6:57 PM
I guess we're rooting for Iran? Remember, no politics in sport.
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 4:06 PM
Quote from zz19a on Jun 23, 2018 01:59:01 am Celtic The footy club or the tribe? Footy Club = Glasgow Tribe = Sword
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 3:15 PM
Godin. Dont care how old he is. What a defender
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 2:42 PM
Can't make up my mind what match to watch
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 12:55 PM
67437 👌
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 11:18 AM
Big test for Klopp this window. I said in the other thread he has to buy a top striker to compete and complement what we have. Not a makeshift backup a 100% bona fida top stiker. Salah won't do as well this season so we need another top striker to make
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 11:07 AM
Salah has probably had his best season for us so to rely or expect him to do the same this coming season is unrealistic. Our back up strikers are not good enough and buying more back up isn't the answer. Klopp should go and get a top line goalscorer, o
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 10:15 AM
Quote from AZPatriot on Jun 23, 2018 05:54:38 pm Difference is Rodgers was doing it in expectation of having those players first XI Not to mention that Rodgers wasn’t even capable of getting this deal done when w
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 9:21 AM
Quote from waltonl4 on Yesterday at 03:53:47 pm I think Lingard is actually a far better player than the media hype. He is a very mature young man with incredible ability better than any of his piers Rashford included and
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 3:58 AM
Quote from stuey on Today at 12:36:05 am He's a f**king tit just sh*t stirring, surprised the f**king n*b hasn't brought up the fact that Jürgen is German and by association is responsible for WW2. Why would
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 25 1:07 AM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Jun 23, 2018 08:37:35 pm What an absolutely horrific showing by McLaren. In the absolute pits (no pun intended) - this is Hodgson at Liverpool levels of direness! Given the rumours that th
LFC Reds - Sun Jun 24 10:02 PM
Should not even thought to be close, nothing to do with your beliefs, but haters hate, Thats what they live for., they would rather hate Liverpool than support thier own team. I know F@@k all about Everton, but apparently, they know everything about us
LFC Reds - Sun Jun 24 6:29 PM
Anyone else been following all the snippets from Lyon’s President? Man that dude loves to hear his own voice. Starting to think we didn’t pull out because of a medical but that this guy pulled out trying to drum up a better fee after the WC.
LFC Reds - Sun Jun 24 4:14 PM
Mignolet esque keeping from the Japanese keeper and Mane pounces. 1-0
LFC Reds - Sun Jun 24 10:34 AM
Quote from FATKOPITE10 on Today at 10:14:00 am I believe the 2nd of July Thanks mate
LFC Reds - Sun Jun 24 10:13 AM
Quote from clint_call01 on Today at 09:46:31 am Is it official? Hope it is done quite quick. He has everything to succeed. Not yet, some stories last week that arsenal and spurs were sniffing around
LFC Reds - Sun Jun 24 3:47 AM
Surely we could pry one of Isco, Asensio or Kovacic away ? Maybe? Hopefully?!