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I think so [Liverpool will win the league], Benitez said.
Daily Express - 3:57 PM
Benitez told Sky Sports: At the moment, it's a no.
Caught Offside - 6:46 AM
He will play with more confidence for sure, but after two or three games if he doesn't do something more then you lose the confidence quickly, Benitez said on Sky Sports.
Mirror - 10:40 PM
Obviously it depends on each player, Carra I'm sure would have been there, Benitez said. It's that crucial situation for your team, so you have to do your best to ensure that he cannot have a free header.
Daily Express - 10:17 PM
Obviously in the future I would like to come back to the Premier League because I like the league but I must be clear, no chance I come back now, Benitez said.
Daily Star - 9:04 PM
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