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You talk about Pochettino, he's been mentioned a lot of late, Parker said on talkSPORT.
Daily Express - 11:40 AM
He has no reason to do this because he knows full well that the condition is in place, said Ms Parker.
Daily Telegraph - 9:40 AM
As much as the whole situation is scary for a lot of the players, the ones who seem to struggle the most are the young ones, foreign lads, Parker told The Times .
Daily Mail - 8:50 AM
Parker told Sky Sports News: There's Eddie Hearn, my management team and myself.
Sky Sports - 11:46 AM
We're definitely getting more excitement and recruiting, especially since we've had three combine invites, said Parker. It's great to really put the university back on the map.
SBNation - 3:26 PM
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