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It's been fantastic. Tyson does make time to be in our sessions when he can, Parker told Sky Sports. To have someone like Tyson around, with the confidence that he comes in with, positivity, pushing you and encouraging everyone, you're only going to build as a fighter and get better.
Sky Sports - 10:03 AM
Hey Joe, stop right there'. You're running into me and I'm going to give you your first loss, Parker told Sky Sports News. I'm going to beat him up. He's going to get frustrated because he can't catch me and I'm going to be too good for him. I'm going to move too fast for him, I'm going t...
Sky Sports - 7:47 PM
Parker told BeMyBet : I don't think that's any excuse. A lot was expected of them and they haven't followed through. Nowhere near. It is quite obvious that Bruno Fernandes is saying that to detox himself more than anything. Coming out and saying there have been a lot of managers because y...
Mirror - 4:59 PM
Parker told BeMyBet : I don't think that's any excuse.
Metro - 4:06 PM
This is the toughest day as a player and certainly as a coach, Parker said. This is the toughest and most painful day that I have experienced, for sure.
Sky Sports - 3:08 PM
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