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They are an old and tired team and they are going to show some weaknesses, Jokanovic said.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
I am going to finish my business like Arsene Wenger if I am lucky, Jokanovic said. I don't expect I am going to finish soon.
Daily Mail - 10:31 PM
Yesterday we were talking about Real Madrid, two days ago about Manchester United, Jokanovic said on Sessegnon. This, more or less, is a normal situation for us and him too.
Daily Mail - 11:41 PM
We are disappointed because we lost a great chance, said Jokanovic. For the first 45 minutes, I don't know what happened, but the Championship is a complicated competition.
Daily Mail - 10:31 PM
It is only one game to push hard to get the chance to play in the final, said Jokanovic. Whether that will be in regular time, extra time or penalties, I am confident.
Daily Mail - 12:04 PM
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