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I think sometimes you don't have to tell your story; time will, Parker said after the game. I think that's something that I've lived by.
SBNation - 4:25 PM
It was amazing to just hug my dad and my mom, Parker said. It was just an amazing feeling to be from here and see so many people in the stands that have been supporting you since you started.
Sky Sports - 11:42 AM
He's a liked and loved member of the squad, Parker told BBC Radio Solent. The players will do everything they can to make sure he and his family will be supported throughout this.
BBC - 5:05 PM
I had something as a player that Phil could do with and I want to try and give him that bit of me that could take him to the other level, Parker said.
Daily Mail - 10:39 PM
Pep's probably earning £300, 000 a week, said Parker. If he didn't take the money and bought tickets for kids, that would fill the stadium if he's that bothered about it.
Daily Mail - 1:13 AM
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