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There were some clear errors made last time, said Parker. We will learn from that. We're going into the best league in the world, the best players, the best teams. It's a brutal league and I realise the challenge ahead.
Daily Telegraph - 10:57 AM
We've done what we've done tonight, but there's still improvement, and that's what makes me so proud and happy, Parker told Sky Sports.
EPL Talk - 11:35 PM
You can't build teams with drastic changes, drastic swings of players [coming in], Parker said. This team has been around myself now for the best part of 15 months and they have improved and improved and improved. Some clear errors were made last time and we will learn from that, w...
Guardian - 11:32 PM
I realised that this season was going to be a massive challenge for us, Parker said.
Daily Express - 6:40 PM
If you have been in the arena, smelt it, and done it, of course it will help, said Parker.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
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