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There definitely has to be a shift and an improvement in our attacking play, which is hard for us because it's been so unlike us in recent seasons, said Howe.
BBC - 11:59 AM
I'm not going to play games with Nathan, Howe said. We want him back, as fit as he can be, to make a difference. You have to do what's right for the team. I don't worry about things out of my control.
Daily Express - 7:45 AM
Howe told BBC Sport: You're always looking at whether you are doing well enough and whether ultimately you're helping the team. That's something I'll have to reflect on.
BBC - 10:33 AM
Confidence is such an important thing to any team and it just felt it was lacking from that (first) goal onwards, it seemed to dent us, said Howe. They could play more in transitions and counter-attacks and we weren't good enough to break them down and build momentum which we needed.
Teams used to really fear coming here, a tight ground and a great atmosphere. We now need that feeling back, which only we can create as a team, Howe said. We've had good battles with Watford and I imagine this game will be tight again - our motivation levels have to be higher than theirs...
Daily Telegraph - 1:06 AM