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He is a great player who can unbalance you, Bielsa said ahead of the game.
Metro - 4:49 PM
He is a great player who can unbalance you, Bielsa said. But I always prefer that opponents have their best players available, because even if that fortifies a team, and makes them more scary to face, they're also a stimulus for us to face such players, to try to neutralise them.
talkSport - 4:00 PM
More or less he's within the margins of what we expected, said Bielsa. He's a positive player, very hard working and serious about his responsibilities. I think he will come back and produce the same type of performances he did prior to his injury.
Mirror - 2:50 PM
I believe in Shackleton as an important alternative for Leeds United. He's in a similar process to that of Pascal, said Bielsa to Leeds Live .
Soccerlens - 8:15 PM
The first thing I want to highlight, because what it seems like is that the president is offering me an extension and I am delaying it, Bielsa said.
talkSport - 4:57 PM