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It's a loan, but when you're in the door and if you impress it gives you a chance, Solskjaer said in March.
Mirror - 12:25 PM
I can call it a shame but it's just life now, Solskjaer said. We've all got to adjust and I think everyone knows what is more important than anything now is people's lives. When football is part of our life and, when football is back, we know normality has come back. I am sure the ...
Goal.com - 12:31 AM
Alexis will come back in the summer and will prove you all wrong, said Solskjaer.
Daily Mail - 9:52 PM
The players have got individual programmes, so this period could be used to work on something special, something specific for them, said Solskjaer.
Mirror - 8:11 PM
I keep in touch and communicate with the staff and the players, said Solskjaer.
Daily Express - 6:58 PM
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