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The chairman and the sporting director have never suggested that it was going to be easy, that they have money to splash out and give me a new team, says Hodgson. It was always going to be a question of working hard and keeping going with what we have.
Sky Sports - 8:55 PM
I know there's a slope and the in-goals are very small, and the lights are not the brightest, Hodgson said. The coaching staff have had a discussion about all those challenges.
Sky Sports - 6:01 PM
We thought it was a low-grade hamstring tear but the scans have shown it's worse than that so we're looking at four to six weeks, said Hull coach Brett Hodgson. He's very disappointed but we'll make sure he gets the best treatment and he'll be working hard to get back asap.
Sky Sports - 2:40 AM
I'm not sure what is in Shaun Wane's mind but what I can say is that, if I was picking a team, he would be in, Hodgson said. He's exceptional with the ball in his hands and on defence he's improving every day.
Sky Sports - 9:02 PM
They have a team of classy individuals, Hodgson said. A number of their key men can hurt you at any stage of the game. We need to make sure we are all connected defensively and supporting each other. Ultimately you need to cover your mate's back in case he makes a poor read or an e...
Sky Sports - 8:41 PM