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The second came at a very good moment just before half-time, said Hodgson. We would have been happy to go in at 1-0 let alone 2-0 up.
Sky Sports - 9:28 AM
We are both hoping and confident that charge won't lead to any particular sanctions, said Hodgson.
Daily Mail - 9:15 PM
In training and in the matches he has played so far, he has been everything we wanted him to be, said Hodgson.
Daily Mail - 5:00 PM
I'll tell him what I think of the player. I'll give him my honest opinion because it's something he deserves to hear, said Hodgson.
Metro - 11:17 AM
He needs to keep doing what he's doing, said Hodgson. He's looking to get shots away. We want him confident enough to take on those shots. The introduction of Michy and Max (Meyer) were good additions.
Daily Mail - 12:30 PM