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We want Wilf to have the ball, to do what he's good at doing – beating players and running towards the opponents' goal, Hodgson told BT Sport.
Goal.com - 9:58 AM
There's been no discussions (about selling Benteke), Hodgson said. Christian has a contract with the club.
Daily Mail - 5:09 PM
He rose to the challenge exceptionally well and his new contract is fully deserved, said manager Roy Hodgson.
BBC - 2:54 PM
He has reached this form probably quicker than we thought and he has qualities, said Hodgson. If he can play regularly for the last part of the season, then I think we will see him doing more and more as a player.
Daily Telegraph - 7:33 AM
We died a few deaths in the last few minutes, said manager Roy Hodgson. There have been so many occasions when people have been sympathising with our plight and saying we deserved a lot better, and the late goals killed us again.
Soccernet - 9:36 AM
We are made up with it, especially given that we were made to work so hard for it in the second half, Hodgson told Sky Sports.
Sky Sports - 2:31 AM
Last season he really stepped up and helped the team survive, said Roy Hodgson, the Palace manager. He's doing the same this season and we can't ask any more.
Daily Telegraph - 11:26 PM
From the moment I stepped through the door here he's been absolutely excellent in every respect - outstanding, said Hodgson.
Mirror - 12:31 PM
From the moment I stepped through the door here he's been absolutely excellent in every respect - outstanding, said Hodgson.
Daily Mail - 11:37 PM
I think he's done exceptionally well, Hodgson said. [Ward's return] leaves me with a decision. But I certainly trust Aaron Bissaka. If he was to lose his place [against Brighton] – and I'm not saying he will – I would expect him to knock on my door and ask me why.
Daily Telegraph - 11:31 PM
The fact is, if you're playing against Wilf Zaha you can never relax, said his manager, Roy Hodgson. You've always got to be worried and he was a constant menace.
Guardian - 7:21 AM
The fact is if you're playing against Wilf Zaha, you can never relax, said his manager, Roy Hodgson. He was a constant menace.
Daily Mail - 10:37 PM
It's not just a question of injury problems, Hodgson said. We don't have any forwards. Whatever happens, we don't have players in that area. We haven't had players in that area since the start of the season and the injury to Sorloth hasn't improved that.
Soccernet - 5:29 PM
Aaron's involvement in the first team hasn't changed him at all. He's very level headed and realises he has a long way to go yet, Hodgson said of the youngster. We're very happy with him and have no reason to fear he's any different since we put him in the side.
Goal.com - 4:21 PM
I have been very pleased with his performances lately, Hodgson said.
Daily Telegraph - 11:06 AM
A little bit of Groundhog Day when we play against these top teams, said Hodgson.
Sky Sports - 9:59 PM
We've had to be very cautious after the Huddersfield game as he came back from injury much earlier than he should have done, said manager Roy Hodgson.
Sky Sports - 10:03 AM
You don't give your top players deadlines, Hodgson said. It's very simple.
Soccernet - 11:14 PM
We know he can be in terms of his quality, Hodgson said. When he got injured he was a major contender for a place in the England World Cup squad, so the question is now, can he get back and reproduce that form? I see absolutely no reason why he can't.
Soccernet - 10:09 AM
To come in like he did against Tottenham and then Manchester United and Chelsea and now Huddersfield, that's four really, really tough games, Hodgson said.
Goal.com - 7:33 PM
He was excellent in every respect, Hodgson said. I'm amazed really how well he's handled it because for long periods he was down with the under-23s and just made sporadic appearances with the first‑team squad.
Guardian - 8:32 AM
It is vitally important. We have had a difficult run of games and not got any points, Hodgson said.
EPL Talk - 7:40 PM
It's good to have him back, and we're hoping he'll start where he left off, Hodgson said.
Daily Express - 3:59 PM
He [Zaha] has the exceptional ability to run with the ball and beat people, Hodgson told Sky Sports.
Goal.com - 11:56 AM
I think it's important I'm there for all field sessions so I know what's working for the boys, I know what's not, Hodgson said. Not only that, but it's good to be out there and feel part of the team. I probably spend more time out there than I would normally actually.
Sky Sports - 11:20 PM
No because that would be being wise after the event, Hodgson said after the game. If I had started him and he'd broken down in the 15th or 20th minute because he's only done one-and-a-half training sessions and wasn't able to play for the rest of the season, then you'd have a very differe...
Goal.com - 8:57 AM
There were a lot of players who didn't give me the sort of commitment and desire, if you like, to win the ball and run around, Hodgson said. It would be unfair to put it totally on him.
Daily Star - 10:54 PM
It was an opportunity that came his way quicker perhaps than anyone certainly would have expected but we believed in him, Hodgson said.
Daily Mail - 10:38 PM
He was able to join in with the team for the first time, said a relieved Hodgson.
talkSport - 4:39 PM
He's had a ball at his feet for a while, Hodgson said. He's been training on his own with the rehabilitation people and the physios.
Daily Mail - 4:16 PM