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You never know with hamstring strains. You have to be careful particularly with someone who is an explosive player like Wilf, said Hodgson.
Daily Mail - 5:31 PM
He's picked for England U21's which is a big honour, said Hodgson. Gareth is obviously aware of Wan-Bissaka, it's up to him to keep playing well. At the age of 21 he's got an awful lot of time to play for England.
Sky Sports - 2:27 PM
This is a very important fixture and one that means a lot to our fans, said Hodgson.
Daily Mail - 3:54 PM
Aaron's been out injured for nearly three weeks and watching him here, I don't think it was noticed that he's been out, Hodgson said. It's been a meteoric rise.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
What I like about him is that he continues to work hard at his game, and the professionalism he shows, Hodgson said on Friday.
Daily Express - 6:30 AM
We were beaten by a very good team, a superior team, Hodgson told Sky Sports.
Sky Sports - 11:29 PM
He's thinking about scoring, in training he works on his striking and shooting, said Hodgson. It's something which is in his head now, I need to add goals to my game.
Daily Mail - 10:37 PM
It [scoring] has been something he's been talking about and promising that he'll do and thinks he needs to do, Hodgson told club website.
Goal.com - 9:47 PM
I'll tell him what I think of the player, Hodgson said. I'll give him my honest opinion because it's something he deserves to hear.
Daily Star - 10:25 AM
There have been a lot of good moments, Hodgson said. It brings back a lot of very good memories but unfortunately you can't live on those.
Daily Mail - 10:31 PM
It's an achievement I can be happy about - if you call getting old and still being in a job an achievement, Hodgson said.
Goal.com - 8:38 PM
The second came at a very good moment just before half-time, said Hodgson. We would have been happy to go in at 1-0 let alone 2-0 up.
Sky Sports - 9:28 AM
We are both hoping and confident that charge won't lead to any particular sanctions, said Hodgson.
Daily Mail - 9:15 PM
In training and in the matches he has played so far, he has been everything we wanted him to be, said Hodgson.
Daily Mail - 5:00 PM
I'll tell him what I think of the player. I'll give him my honest opinion because it's something he deserves to hear, said Hodgson.
Metro - 11:17 AM
He needs to keep doing what he's doing, said Hodgson. He's looking to get shots away. We want him confident enough to take on those shots. The introduction of Michy and Max (Meyer) were good additions.
Daily Mail - 12:30 PM
Michy's settled in very well, surprisingly well, said manager Roy Hodgson. We have players who knew him already and many who speak French.
Sky Sports - 2:05 PM
His reaction to not receiving a foul when he was clearly pushed off the ball - obviously people do get frustrated, said Hodgson. But I can't condone, unfortunately, the applauding of the referee. That is something you can't do.
Mirror - 3:57 PM
I'm delighted that we've managed to bring Bakary back to Palace, Hodgson told club website.
Goal.com - 11:23 PM
I hope his return will be a major boost as we enter the business end of the season, said Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson. He's a player with a huge amount of talent and, as he showed when he was fully fit last year, he is able to provide a boost to our attacking options.
BBC - 1:28 PM
He should be praised for what he has achieved, Hodgson said.
Daily Express - 10:57 PM
There has been no dialogue whatsoever between Borussia Dortmund and Crystal Palace, Hodgson said. Wilf signed a long-term contract with Crystal Palace. He's very much our player. I'd be very surprised if there were any clubs out there who wouldn't think he's very good, but that doesn't me...
Guardian - 3:19 PM
I've got absolutely no idea if there's any truth to the subject at all, Hodgson said.
Daily Express - 1:11 PM
He's a much better player than he's been able to show in the games because we see his accuracy every day in training, Hodgson said. But for goal-scorers and centre-forwards, confidence does play a big part.
Sky Sports - 6:29 PM
Martin is an excellent referee who refereed very well, Hodgson said.
Sky Sports - 12:39 AM
Getting a striker is obviously something we would like because as we've seen once again, we can't do much more in terms of dominating games, Hodgson said.
Daily Mail - 4:56 PM
We make no bones of the fact we are looking for someone to lead our line and score some goals for us, Hodgson said.
Daily Star - 6:00 AM
It's no secret he's a target, said Hodgson. He's a proven goalscorer through all the age groups.
Metro - 11:33 PM
It's no secret he's a target, said Hodgson. What would he do? Provide an attacking threat.
Daily Mail - 4:49 PM
I'm pleased about the number of chances we created but I'm not pleased we didn't convert one of them, Hodgson told reporters.
Goal.com - 8:43 PM