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The only player that is struggling a bit with the tactical aspect is Bissouma, but also he is improving a lot in every aspect, Conte said last season.
talkSport - 2:31 PM
Richarlison said: 'My season is shit' and he is right, Conte said.
Guardian - 12:08 PM
The last experience, like all of them really, had some things that were positive and some less so, Conte said.
Metro - 11:36 AM
I would like to thank everyone at Spurs who appreciated and shared my passion and my intense way of living football as a coach, said Conte after his departure.
Mirror - 4:48 AM
If I was a good coach but without a win in my career, I think this would be the perfect situation, Conte said a few weeks back. My past is different.
Guardian - 8:00 AM
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