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He is a player that I definitely want to be here and unless something happens that is out of my control financially then he will be here, Dyche said.
Daily Mail - 6:08 PM
The main difficulty is finance, it has always been difficult here, said Dyche.
We want to keep our best players, said Dyche. I don't see why any player would leave here at this moment in time and if they did I think the numbers would need to be considerable for it to be considered.
BBC - 1:31 PM
There's nothing relevant at the moment, we're hoping it's not obviously, said Dyche.
I had to chuckle because I heard somebody say the other night it's the first time that Sean Dyche has questioned the board, Dyche said at the time. I think most boards would be happy if they only got questioned every seven-and-a-half years.