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I thought he [Dean] had a really good game, said Dyche.
BBC - 9:54 PM
I'm pleased with the outcome because I thought with the performance, we were absolutely miles off where we can be, Dyche said. I've asked a lot of these players and continue to have to ask a lot of them, so I've got to be careful what I ask of them. But we were nowhere near our performanc...
The one thing I've learned is that the three toughest jobs on any given matchday are those of the two managers and the referee, said Dyche.
I think the hardest thing over the longer period is the recruitment it's very difficult in the Premier League, said Dyche. And in all leagues to be fair, but in the Premier League it's very difficult.
He's fine, but we still have to follow the protocols, the medical protocols, so he won't be available, said Dyche.
Sky Sports - 7:20 PM