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I think Steven (Defour) and Johann (Berg Gudmundsson) will be touch and go for the weekend, said Dyche. Both are making forms of progress but I'm not sure if they'll make it.
Defour will be touch and go, said Dyche. At this stage, we've got to be sensible with it.
There were some excellent tackles last night, Dyche said.
Daily Express - 10:35 AM
He [Klopp] didn't reference Daniel Sturridge 's cheating when he went down, nothing near him, and he got a free-kick for it, said Dyche.
Daily Express - 10:30 PM
It is a myth we don't want to sign players, said Dyche. We are constantly looking. We are behind other clubs. It takes financial input, it takes bodies. Mike Rigg is not going to do that overnight. Can he add to it? Yes. Can he add to it instantly? Let's wait and see. That role is ...
BBC - 2:54 PM