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Maybe a lot of players will stay here, maybe not. We will see in the next few days, Guardiola said.
Daily Telegraph - 2:33 PM
Guardiola told a news conference: They are players for Manchester City and will be at Manchester City next season.
Soccernet - 7:42 PM
He will be here next season. Happy? Good. Perfect, Guardiola said. How many times have I answered that question about Sergio and Vincent Kompany.
Daily Mail - 6:50 PM
I have learned you have to score more goals, said Guardiola. Especially at home we dropped a lot of points.
talkSport - 12:08 PM
I think we have guys who can score, said Guardiola. For example, Kevin De Bruyne has most assists in the league and he hit the cross-bar 11 or 12 or 14 or 15.
Daily Telegraph - 8:28 AM
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