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The mentality is the same, to be starving and hungry to win another one, said Guardiola. There are no words to express my gratitude to these players. It is so difficult to maintain that hunger.
BBC - 12:02 AM
He has a hamstring injury, it should be three weeks or a month - more or less, said Guardiola .
Bitter and Blue - 6:00 PM
A manager needs the players, said Guardiola. All the players are fantastic but the more alternatives you have, [you have] the rotation to be fresh.
Sky Sports - 5:49 PM
He has a hamstring injury, so that is normally three weeks or one month, more or less, said Guardiola.
EPL Talk - 3:20 PM
Leroy Sane is with the EDS tonight. It is always nice to ease back and get a feel for the game, Guardiola told the media. It is incredible that first-team players can join in with academy games for recovery. It is good.
Goal.com - 2:39 PM
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