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I am a big fan of Graham Potter. From the first time at Swansea, it was a joy to analyse his teams but also a concern when you play them, said Guardiola.
Daily Mail - 6:37 AM
We didn't sign for the incredible goals or assists at Aston Villa , Guardiola said. It was another reason and when he played he did it. I want [him] to make goals and assists and he does too. But it's not about that, it's about his contribution without the ball and what he can prod...
Daily Express - 3:37 PM
Nowadays in Serie A, you see the forwards get far more service and in more comfortable areas, said Guardiola. Italian football will always have an element of defender and counter, because that's an aspect that is admired abroad and part of your culture. But with the revolution of A...
Mirror - 2:51 PM
I think so but I am not a doctor, Guardiola said. The doctor has said the only solution right now is to do what he has to do. Every time it is out (dislocated) and the doctor says when you have been out three or four times with the shoulder, the only solution is to make a surgery.<...
Daily Telegraph - 12:24 AM
I don't know [how long he will be out] – I'm not a doctor, Guardiola said.
Metro - 12:05 AM
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