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Since yesterday, I have seen plenty of their games so I'm in the picture. They are really good, said Klopp. Their 4-0 against Atalanta did not look like this kind of game. They are a football playing side, different ideas, flexible. It is a real challenge.
BBC - 3:50 PM
Adrian did really well, but getting Ali back is obviously a pretty big, big boost for all of us, said Klopp.
Daily Mail - 3:24 PM
They are a bit more direct in their build up, really experienced defenders, speed on the wings, physicality up front. They have a clear plan, Klopp said of the Danish side.
Mirror - 2:19 PM
Every team in the world would miss Virgil van Dijk. He is the best centre-half in the world, said Klopp on Monday.
Mirror - 2:00 PM
Look, Adrian did really well again in that moment, but getting Ali back is of course a pretty, pretty big boost for all of us, Klopp said.
Sport Review - 6:00 AM
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