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I know there are a lot of people around thinking 'Oh my God, Champions League slips through our fingers again' but only if we let it slip, Klopp said.
talkSport - 9:26 PM
If he goes down it's a penalty 100 per cent, Klopp told Sky Sports. What can I say? He thought 100 per cent if he stays up can finish with his next touch. In midfield, you wait one second to see if the player can take the advantage, he couldn't, it's a free-kick. It's a free-kick i...
Sky Sports - 8:57 PM
If he goes down it's a penalty 100 per cent, Klopp said.
Daily Express - 7:08 PM
I had to say a few words to the boys. I know what everyone is saying, that we have to win it, do this and that, said Klopp.
Daily Star - 6:55 PM
I think that Liverpool at this moment is a really interesting project for players, Klopp said . We cannot say 100 percent we will play Champions League football next year.
Soccernet - 9:53 AM
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