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For Raheem, when he has no time to think in front of goal, he's always good, Guardiola said after the game.
Metro - 4:21 PM
Stones had treatment yesterday and he will train this afternoon, Guardiola said. We're going to see how the players feel. When you have 60 hours of recovery between the games, we will see.
Daily Express - 6:30 AM
Sometimes people recover quite well, sometimes mentally it takes time. We don't want to be injured, but maybe this injury helped us, said Guardiola.
EPL Talk - 11:23 PM
I think Kevin finished last season exhausted – it was so tough for him, Guardiola said. He played a lot of minutes, a lot. So that's why [although] maybe we don't want any player to be injured, maybe it helped us. Now he's fresh in his mind, he is recovered and tries again to avoid...
Guardian - 10:58 PM
It's quite similar — I have that feeling, Guardiola said. It's just trying to win every game to be there — when you are in front, try to keep the moment.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
No, we are not going to sign anyone, said Guardiola.
Daily Star - 6:42 PM
Sergio did the last two training sessions, Guardiola said. He did it with the team, had no pain and we'll decide.
Daily Mail - 2:45 PM
Sergio did the last two training sessions, Guardiola said. He did it with the team, had no pain and we'll decide.
Daily Mail - 2:09 PM
In general, Phil was incredible, Guardiola told a news conference.
Goal.com - 12:08 AM
He's going to help us a lot to be a better team, said Guardiola earlier this week.
Sky Sports - 11:49 PM
It is a different competition but for the stats it is good, Guardiola said. Its terrible when you lose and you try to break it and end it and win.
Daily Mail - 11:38 PM
I'm delighted, I'm happy. It would have been our desire for Jadon to stay here, Brahim to stay here. That was our wish, Guardiola said.
Goal.com - 5:01 PM
He's an incredible person and human being, Guardiola said.
Daily Star - 2:45 PM
Sergio maybe has a chance for the weekend, Guardiola said.
Sky Sports - 1:41 PM
There was concern about what happened but he [Sterling] has been quite good. He made a statement, he was quite clear about his thoughts, Guardiola said.
Sky Sports - 1:28 PM
Racism is everywhere, it's not just in football, said Guardiola on Tuesday. We have to fight to make a better future for everyone, not just in England but everywhere.
BBC - 12:59 PM
You don't have to tell me how competitive this league is, said Guardiola. It's you and your analysts that keep saying we are invincible, that we are perfect, how good we are and that in February we are going to win the league.
Mirror - 10:30 PM
The way we played in the first half was incredible, Guardiola said. They had minimum chances and scored and in the second half we were there until the end.
Daily Star - 3:06 PM
Everyone ask me about this, I said that it not going to happen, Guardiola told a news conference.
Goal.com - 11:44 PM
The objective is to get one more point than our rivals, but at the moment, Liverpool are better than us, Guardiola said. Yesterday, we were favourites, but Liverpool are favourites now. There is no sport in the world where one team is always winning, the City manager continued. Th...
Soccernet - 9:37 PM
Chelsea are a good team, good players but in the first half it was incredible, we were exceptional, said Guardiola.
EPL Talk - 9:20 PM
I said that is not going to happen. We are not here to be invincible, we are here to be champions, said Guardiola.
EPL Talk - 9:05 PM
For me it's uncomfortable to speak about a player of another club. We know the history, we spoke about that before the Community Shield, Guardiola said of Jorginho. He decided to go there, I'm not going to say it's a bad decision.
Goal.com - 11:18 PM
I think he will come back and train with the team soon, one week or less than one week, said Guardiola. After that we will see if he will be fit. To have another player in this period with so many games is so important.
Daily Star - 11:02 PM
Last season winning there was more than three points, it showed we could do it, Guardiola said. It was an important step for last season, the first important game away against the last champion. And since we have continued in that vein and the target is to try to do it again. In th...
Soccernet - 10:43 PM
The job Maurizio has done so far is excellent - people don't know how difficult it is to play in a special way, Guardiola said on Friday.
Daily Mail - 10:31 PM
Raheem can play in many positions, Guardiola said. I prefer him on the wing, but he did not always play there for Liverpool.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
The last information I had was that it's going well but the process does not take one day, Guardiola said.
Daily Mail - 4:45 PM
The fact I am proud of the most is for the last 15 or 16 months we have been consistent every three days, Guardiola said.
Sky Sports - 2:41 PM
Sergio Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne cannot play tomorrow, Guardiola told a news conference. Soon, both will be back.
Soccernet - 1:51 PM