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Not even in Barcelona when we won the first title in the Cup did I expect to win 14 trophies in four years, said Guardiola. I'm more pragmatic than that.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
We'll be judged on how many titles we win, said Guardiola on Friday.
BBC - 6:41 PM
The fans have an opinion but I'm the manager, Guardiola said. You put all the fans in front of me and everyone has their opinion but we are here for the club.
EPL Talk - 4:00 PM
We have to lift titles to give more value to what we have done, Guardiola said.
Daily Mail - 2:31 PM
He had a problem with muscle, he had a problem against Basel, Guardiola said. I don't know if he's ready for Sunday.
Goal.com - 2:16 PM
They scored from one shot on target from our one mistake, Guardiola said after the game. We created good chances but in these kind of games, sometimes you cannot score a goal.
Soccernet - 6:05 AM
It's a red card. It's an unnecessary action, Guardiola told a news conference. The referee decides what he decides.
Soccernet - 11:32 PM
I didn't have the feeling that we didn't try, said Guardiola. That would be a worry.
EPL Talk - 11:15 PM
He's going to play, Claudio, said Guardiola. We are in the Carabao (League) Cup Final thanks to him.
EPL Talk - 11:13 PM
They are going to start so so so so hard because they are so intense, so aggressive without the ball and we have to be ready, said Guardiola. When you play at home it's one issue but when you play away in tough conditions in January and February teams like Wigan, who showed in the games a...
Sky Sports - 11:25 AM
I think the club made a statement and it was so clear what happened, said Guardiola. The club made a statement and always tries to do the best for us, and of course respecting the opponents.
Daily Telegraph - 2:30 AM
Of course I am concerned because I saw the game against Bournemouth, Guardiola said. Bournemouth are one of the teams I like to watch the most in the Premier League and Wigan were able to beat them.
EPL Talk - 2:05 AM
Today he is going to play in part of the session, Guardiola said.
101greatgoals - 8:17 PM
Ilkay is a guy with special quality, he is an amazing midfield player who has a sense for goal, said Guardiola. He was out for six or seven months last season and we missed him, he is an outstanding player who doesn't feel the pressure.
EPL Talk - 1:45 AM
The Champions League is 180 minutes, but we are almost there, said City boss Guardiola. I'm not saying it's done, because in football anything can happen, but it's an amazing result.
Sky Sports - 12:27 AM
It's an amazing result but of course the Champions League is 180 minutes, but we are almost there in the quarterfinals, Guardiola told a news conference.
Soccernet - 11:47 PM
He's not in perfect condition but he is with us. The physios did a good job, Guardiola said. He wants to help us. I'm surprised. He has worked a lot, but I didn't expect with a young guy how professional he was.
BBC - 9:52 PM
I am surprised (he is fit), said Guardiola. He has worked very hard.
Sky Sports - 7:35 PM
I am surprised (he is fit), said Guardiola. He has worked very hard.
talkSport - 7:32 PM
I am surprised, but he has worked a lot, Guardiola said. I couldn't expect it with a young guy, to be so professional.
Metro - 7:03 PM
I'm surprised [he's already back]. He worked a lot, I couldn't expect from such a young how professional he was, Guardiola said. He's not in perfect condition but he won a lot of time and he wants to help us. He's with us and that's good news. They made a good job -- the physios and himse...
Soccernet - 6:23 PM
When you want to compete at the highest level, you need to spend, Guardiola said last month.
EPL Talk - 6:20 PM
The first half started good with the first goal, but after we were not in right positions to play quicker, Guardiola told reporters.
Goal.com - 8:31 AM
Guardiola told Sky Sports: He has everything.
Sky Sports - 8:58 PM
It's quite simple, we had a lot of injuries, Guardiola said. We had that day a training session at four in the afternoon.
Goal.com - 10:53 PM
We will see if the rest works. If we win, it's good, and if not then people will ask why did we do it. We needed it, said Guardiola.
EPL Talk - 3:30 PM
I hope Mahrez is back for Leicester tomorrow, he's a good player and I like to see him play, Guardiola told a news conference.
Soccernet - 1:45 PM
For football in general players are the artists. The only thing they can do is protect them, Guardiola said in January.
BBC - 8:41 PM
I hope that the politicians in prison can leave as soon as possible for their families, Guardiola told reporters. If it can happen to them then it can happen to us.
Goal.com - 12:45 PM
I know here in England the show must go on, but that's not normal guys, Guardiola told the BBC this season. I know it is not going to change but for what? Life would survive without playing every two days. Nothing would happen.
Sky Sports - 8:31 AM