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There may be a few things that will change, but the owners and the responsible guys in the club will find the right decisions in that moment, Hasenhuttl said.
Daily Mail - 7:19 PM
The good thing is, I don't have the feeling my team is leaning back, Hasenhuttl said.
Daily Mail - 9:30 PM
This game gives us a serious chance to say goodbye in a winning way and that's what I want to do with my team, said Hasenhuttl.
Sky Sports - 4:13 PM
We have still one game to go at the weekend and we will have a few changes back in maybe the shape we played before and the players that played before, Hasenhuttl said.
Sky Sports - 3:51 PM
I am very happy that we were a little bit successful in this time, said Hasenhuttl.
Sky Sports - 4:22 PM
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