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The last information I have is that the game goes ahead. I am focusing on that, said Hasenhuttl. With or without supporters that is something I am sure will be assessed on a day to day basis.
He had some very good games this season and, like everyone in the team, some games where he wasn't so consistent, said Hasenhuttl. But if he plays like this every week, then yes.
Daily Mail - 10:34 PM
If we played like this against a team that is in a relegation battle, then you are also very quickly back in the relegation battle, so pay attention, Hasenhuttl said. For me, simply not good enough.
BBC - 6:35 PM
To be honest the only rule that really works in VAR is the offside so far in my opinion, said Hasenhuttl.
talkSport - 10:27 PM
The only rule that really works in VAR is the offside, said Hasenhuttl. And we want to change this? I don't know why. It's the only black-and-white decision which is always right or wrong. The rest is subjective.
BBC - 4:39 PM
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