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Atomicsoda provides a one-page summary of football news, organised by team. Here's the Atomicsoda page for Manchester United.

If you follow a football team (or soccer team, if you come from the US), you are interested in tracking a range of news for the team. You want to monitor news about the team -- injuries, transfers, and other gossip. You want to know if the manager has been quoted in the press. And after each game, you'll want to watch interviews with the manager or players, and read one or two match reports. Often you want to know what other supporters think and chat with them.

Atomicsoda tracks a wide range of news sources, blogs, and forums. It automatically filters each incoming item and assigns it to one or more teams. It also separates out

Currently we are bit biased towards Manchester United; stay tuned as we expand the service to cover other teams.


Feedback welcome! Please send any feedback on this site to feedback (at) atomicsoda.com.


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