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Tuchel told The Hindu : Yes, I am upset. And I am sad because I think my job at Chelsea was not finished.
Daily Star - 1:04 PM
There was never a big issue, said Tuchel in September. He [Aubameyang] has a big problem with his time but he never misses a meeting.
Mirror - 12:47 PM
He tried and checked his options, which we were aware of, said then Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel. They were not satisfying for him or for us so he stayed.
talkSport - 8:51 AM
No harm was done. He's from my side, Tuchel said. He [Conte] spoke Italian to me so I never know.
Mirror - 7:03 AM
Tuchel told the Telegraph : We will act in accordance with UK rules and adapt all future plans.
talkSport - 5:45 PM
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