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I have to think I will be the manager of Chelsea for a very long time, said Sarri. Otherwise I cannot work.
Sky Sports - 1:18 PM
I think that, with the result, we were unlucky, said Sarri.
Metro - 8:27 AM
Usually getting an award doesn't give me particular satisfaction, I often consider it as time taken away from my work, said Sarri, as quoted by ESPN . But this gives me enthusiasm and happiness, and I think that's because it was a decision made by my colleagues.
Sky Sports - 6:00 AM
I think the players are with me, Sarri said. I am not sure but I think so.
Guardian - 11:43 PM
Tonight we were unlucky because we played a very good first half and at the end of the half the score was 2-0, Sarri said.
EPL Talk - 10:30 PM
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