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Callum has to overcome the gap between training and games, said Tuchel. I see a stronger Callum every day in training and he needs to overcome this gap and show this kind of determination that he shows in training.
Sport Review - 9:30 PM
When he arrived back, I felt him a bit mentally tired, like he was still worrying about the situation, Tuchel said.
Daily Express - 8:45 PM
He seems happy to me; maybe he might not be happy with his situation but he seems happy in the place where he is and what part he plays in this team, said Tuchel.
talkSport - 7:43 PM
I hope that they find solutions, but it's not only between coaches and players, and what we wish for, said Tuchel.
Daily Mail - 6:29 PM
I was quite a fan of him when he was even younger, Tuchel said back in April. It reminded us a bit of his style of play and movements with Michael Ballack.
Daily Express - 12:53 PM
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