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Blue Champions - Sun Apr 1 4:55 AM
Chelsea’s manager Antonio Conte gestures from pitch side during the English Premier League soccer match between West Bromwich Albion and Chelsea, at the Hawthorns
Blue Champions - Sat Feb 10 6:48 PM
Image source: Chelsea via Twitter For Chelsea fans who do not follow Serie A, Emerson Palmieri may not be a familiar name. And with only one
Blue Champions - Sat Feb 10 6:48 PM
This time last season, Chelsea were charging confidently towards the Premier League title, Antonio Conte earned praise for overcoming early-season deficiencies with tactical changes, and
Blue Champions - Sat Feb 10 6:48 PM
Chelsea’s £75 million record signing hasn’t found the net since Boxing Day. We question if the Spanish superstar can bounce back in the second half of his
Blue Champions - Fri May 26 11:29 AM
Regardless of the result, tomorrow will be final game of one of the most impressive seasons in Chelsea’s history. What Antonio Conte and his squad
Blue Champions - Sun Apr 9 2:43 PM
It’s a fairly clear sign that you’ve got the title sewn up when the press spends almost the entirety of the March international break discussing
Blue Champions - Mon Mar 13 6:20 AM
Jose’s return to Stamford Bridge always promised to be one of this season’s most intriguing narratives; aside from his grumbling about Conte’s touchline exuberance however,
Blue Champions - Sat Dec 24 6:05 AM
WWWWWWWWWWW – Thats the only way any article/review/blog after Chelsea’s win at Selhurst Park should start with. There have been such winning runs in premier
Blue Champions - Thu Nov 24 2:36 AM
It seems safe to say that after six consecutive victories, this Chelsea team are no longer ‘under the radar’, in this season’s Premier League title
Blue Champions - Thu Nov 3 1:20 AM
Well, October was good wasn’t it! It’s hard to think of another example in recent history of a change in system yielding such remarkable and immediate
Blue Champions - Sat Sep 3 4:01 AM
The ridiculous rise in revenues due to Premier League clubs this season, thanks to the new television rights contracts with Sky and BT, meant this
Blue Champions - Sun Aug 21 9:27 AM
Neither of Chelsea’s two victories to begin this season has been particularly convincing, but both have provided extremely welcome and promising signs of improvement. The
Blue Champions - Tue Aug 9 8:54 AM
Disappointingly, the lasting sentiment from this pre-season period, is that after a promising start, things haven’t panned out quite as auspiciously as we’d hoped. After
Blue Champions - Sun Jul 24 2:42 PM
A good pre-season often isn’t much of an indicator for what lies ahead. Four weeks of the best preparation possible can very quickly come undone
Blue Champions - Tue Jun 28 7:00 PM
Forty-four games into Euro 2016 and we’re finally at the quarter final stage. The way things have panned has done little to appease any concerns
Blue Champions - Tue Jun 14 7:11 PM
I think, generally speaking, leading up to the Euros, there were two types of fan looking forward to the competition: those who considered Belgium among
Blue Champions - Mon Jun 6 1:08 PM
It’s been ages since Chelsea fans have anticipated a major international competition with such a meagre representation from their club’s players. Two years ago in
Blue Champions - Wed Apr 27 9:41 PM
Tottenham’s unexpected draw this Monday against West Brom, now means that if Leicester City win at Old Trafford this weekend, the Premier League title will,
Blue Champions - Sun Apr 10 2:01 PM
The obvious indifference with which yesterday’s defeat to Swansea City was received, I think served to draw a final, thick black line under this season’s
Blue Champions - Sun Mar 27 2:40 PM
It’s natural that when things go as badly as they have done this year, for there to be an abundance of vague suggestions in the
Blue Champions - Sun Mar 20 9:28 PM
A round about this time of year, you’ve probably noticed, is when the world’s sports media sites collectively seem to decide it’s OK to start
Blue Champions - Fri Mar 18 8:46 PM
It’s hard to avoid the temptation now to be dismissive, in hindsight, over any improvements which might have been made since the turn of the
Blue Champions - Sat Feb 27 1:20 PM
A few days ago I thought it would be nice to publish a long blog piece, analysing each of the main contenders for the Chelsea
Blue Champions - Sun Feb 14 3:21 PM
It shocked me to notice over the beginning of February, a cooling of the fans attitudes towards Guus Hiddink. Despite the fact the club were
Blue Champions - Sun Jan 24 10:24 PM
Not that it takes much to for me to be impressed, as a Chelsea supporter, right now; all the same, eight games in to the
Blue Champions - Sun Jan 3 5:44 PM
Even in spite of everything this season, I can’t quite bring myself to talk about a 3-0 win at Crystal Palace (a club with a
Blue Champions - Sun Dec 20 6:44 PM
Poll a hundred thousand Chelsea fans and I think it’s very unlikely one of them would have a single bad word to say about Guus
Blue Champions - Thu Dec 17 6:35 PM
At the beginning of the season I thought (having started a new job which involves long hours) not having any time to blog would be
Blue Champions - Sun Nov 22 12:59 PM
As much relief as a win brings, we all are waiting for a winning run than a win. There have been enough false starts this