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We want competence with the goalkeepers and all the players in the squad, Emery said.
Daily Express - 3:14 PM
Petr Cech had a very good preseason and today he played well also. He has this experience for continuing to defend our goal, Emery said. Also, Leno is starting with us.
Soccernet - 11:29 AM
We know this way is starting and we need also to do one process, one way, said Emery. Today is the first step on that process. They are also building one team with security, good players, with a very great stability playing the way they want. And we are starting.
Daily Telegraph - 3:22 AM
The result was 2-0 but I think on the pitch over the 90 minutes we were getting better, Emery told the BBC.
Metro - 2:30 AM
We want the competitiveness from the goalkeepers and also every player in the squad, said Emery.
Metro - 8:22 PM
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