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Together we have reconnected the soul of this football club and the soul of this football club is you guys, Arteta said.
Metro - 7:57 PM
We have to seek excellence in everything that we touch and participate in so that it's going to have a big impact at the club, said Arteta.
Metro - 11:03 AM
We are really lucky because when you open the doors of Arsenal and you talk about Arsenal to any player, they want to come, Arteta said earlier this month. My experience has been that, regardless of Champions League [football].
Metro - 12:46 PM
It started with what happened at Anfield in the 90th minute. Then at West Ham if you put it away to make 3-1 everything changes, Arteta said.
Metro - 9:35 PM
We conceded a lot of goals in those games, 16 goals, Arteta said.
Guardian - 9:18 PM
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