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They're going to push a lot tomorrow, Emery said. I worked one thing here very quickly, we are playing against all of the teams and they want to battle us, fighting and playing with a big motivation.
Daily Mail - 4:44 PM
We have had some injuries, like with Aaron Ramsey, and we need to protect the players, said Emery.
Daily Mail - 3:25 PM
It's great for us as a team and great for me as a coach, but I want to win all of the matches I play, Emery said.
Sport Review - 7:00 AM
It was very frustrating, because it was a big opportunity, said Emery.
Daily Mail - 10:37 PM
Sometimes he plays very well, sometimes he doesn't do brilliant, Emery said. I prefer to speak about the consistency in the season.
Mirror - 8:48 PM
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