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Professional football was created in England 150 years ago and we still struggle, said Wenger. It's a slow process of creating a football culture.
Daily Mail - 10:31 PM
Overall the players have everything today to be more happy than 20 years ago, never mind 40, Wenger said. They are treated very well, they have a fantastic income.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
In every club the problem is different, said Wenger.
talkSport - 10:07 PM
Changing in itself is not a good quality, improving is the real target, said Wenger.
talkSport - 5:27 PM
You do not create a top league [just] like that, Wenger told a news conference. Professional football in England has been created 150 years ago. Football is quite strange because you are educated as a little boy by your parents, you hear about football and you give that to the next...
Soccernet - 4:17 PM
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