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Emery told Sky Sports : He trained with us in pre-season and he was playing good, but with the circumstances we could not play with him.
Metro - 4:53 PM
We decided to keep him here with us and we were working with him to have him ready for Sunday and we think he will be, Emery said.
Daily Express - 3:32 PM
He has a big character and gives us something different, said Emery on Friday. Xhaka gives us a very good balance in the middle with the ball and without the ball. We can talk about the defects for every player, for him also, but we can speak about positive things, the very positiv...
Mirror - 1:41 PM
Mustafi decided to be here and when he decided to be here, he's like any other player, said Emery . Of course I respect his decision.
Goal.com - 1:07 PM
Emery told The Sun : We've been speaking — mistake, recognise that mistake, learn, correct, improve and after repeat with success.
Daily Express - 12:17 PM
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