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I am surprised by two things – by how well he has done and how little credit he gets from the media, said Wenger. I don't think many people have gone down and deeply analysed his game.
Sky Sports - 5:03 PM
Wenger told BT Sport: Of course, he's only played for one year in Europe and maybe there are some things to work on but the potential is there.
Sport Review - 12:43 PM
There are two ways to approach academies, Wenger said.
Daily Mail - 10:33 PM
We have good momentum now but we must keep the urgency level very high; we know how quickly the momentum can die in football if you drop your quality, said Wenger. The results yesterday were a big subconscious warning for us, it wakes you up a bit, and you think 'okay it's a Championship ...
EPL Talk - 9:38 PM
After yesterday's results you would be a bit cautious, said Wenger. The Cup is the Cup.
Guardian - 8:49 PM
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