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Arsenal v Chelsea (Sky Sports)
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It's about our club and our team, not about me, said Wenger. We wanted to win the game for the club.
Daily Mail - 12:32 AM
We have closed the gap [with Chelsea] but they had the experience at the back and could close this game down, said Wenger. We lacked a bit of freedom of mind today. Maybe we were too conscious of their counterattacking. We didn't play with enough freedom in the final third, didn't make the...
Guardian - 10:59 PM
Sometimes Olivier needs to be challenged really physically to become that animal he can be, says Wenger. But on the other hand he has improved tremendously technically.
Daily Express - 11:11 PM
Olivier has a fantastic body strength, said Wenger.
Daily Mail - 10:37 PM
Let's not forget this guy weighs 92kg, Wenger said. When he walks on your feet, you feel it.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
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