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To build up with the goalkeeper and centre‑back is going to be our identity but we are going to share [that] sometimes with long balls, Emery said. For example, against Frankfurt we were different and decided more times to play a long ball, earn metres on the pitch and after that attack t...
Guardian - 10:30 PM
We have some new players, and players who we need to work with for their adaptation in the next matches, Emery said. Progressively, they're getting better. For example, Pepe played 30 minutes tonight, and we are happy with him, we are helping him, but I know he's capable of doing more tha...
Daily Express - 11:58 AM
Tonight he played very well and this season it's the first match that he was feeling physically very good in, Emery said.
Metro - 10:49 AM
Maybe with his [Saka's] goal and performance he was taking confidence, he was finishing really strong, said Emery.
Daily Express - 10:33 AM
He played Sunday, tonight, and he can feel some small problem but I think it's not serious, Emery said.
Metro - 10:09 AM
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