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7am kickoff
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7am kickoff - Wed Aug 16 10:00 PM
Recent reported links between Arsenal and Valencia over the signing of Gabriel Paulista have been too easily dismissed by Arsenal supporters as it seems like
7am kickoff - Wed Aug 16 6:28 PM
There is an unspoken truth in the Premier League. That is that for all the crying and howling about “diving foreigners” English players are among
7am kickoff - Tue Aug 15 4:42 PM
I’ve been working on my League prediction. I don’t just want to use my gut. I want to use a method, that can be refined,
7am kickoff - Sun Aug 13 4:22 PM
Alex Lacazette scored with his second touch of the game, his first ever Arsenal shot, and put the Gunners ahead in the 2nd minute on
7am kickoff - Sun Aug 13 3:40 PM
Speaking after the match against Leicester, Arsene Wenger revealed that he offered Giroud a transfer this summer but the Frenchman refused to take it. Giroud
7am kickoff - Sat Aug 12 8:19 PM
Football isn’t for the weak. Nor for the timid. The shrivelling blossoms of the world should stay in their gardens. Quake on their stalks. Petals
7am kickoff - Fri Aug 11 4:13 PM
By Jonathan Blaustein Well hello there, fellas? How has your summer been? (Yes, I’m making the assumption that most/all of you are men. Is that
7am kickoff - Thu Aug 10 5:46 PM
When I was a kid, I loved going to a pool, any pool. If a friend had a pool, we were in it all summer,
7am kickoff - Wed Aug 9 6:48 PM
Arsenal kick off the 2017/2018 Premier League season on Friday* and as usual, Arsene Wenger sat down to answer questions with the press. How do
7am kickoff - Tue Aug 8 5:44 PM
My comment is not relevent to this post. Its about the blog. I like you tim. I always thought that you are rational, but you
7am kickoff - Mon Aug 7 5:23 PM
8.7.17 There’s a certain stillness to a high summer morning. This stillness reminds me of when I used to try to get my swing to
7am kickoff - Sat Aug 5 8:42 PM
LaCroix water is canned bubbly water with flavorings that people pay good money to drink. The cans are crazy colored and remind me of those
7am kickoff - Fri Aug 4 6:13 PM
We are in uncharted territory here, folks. Last season, Paul Pogba rejoined his former club Man U for a world record €100m and was immediately criticized
7am kickoff - Wed Aug 2 3:34 PM
Brief post today, just trying to get back into the swing of things posting every day but there is literally nothing going on with the
7am kickoff - Tue Aug 1 5:01 PM
Game of Thrones is a soap opera with swords and dragons and I’m over it. I’m over its broad, sweeping, world shaking story-lines. I’m over
7am kickoff - Mon Jul 31 3:51 PM
The season is just two weeks away and I have to admit that I’m not hopeful for the season ahead. I’ve been following Arsenal closely
7am kickoff - Wed Jul 26 4:54 PM
Arseblog News is reporting that Arsenal may be in Nice talking to Jean-Michael Seri about a transfer to London. The 26 year old (just turned) Nice
7am kickoff - Tue Jul 25 5:22 PM
I state this as plain fact: Manchester City have spent over €1bn in just the last 10 years on player transfers. I don’t say this
7am kickoff - Sat Jul 22 6:49 PM
Somewhere between ‘Live Free or Die’ and ‘Famous Potatoes’ lies the truth – George Carlin Keep Alexis Best Case: Scores 20 goals Assists 10 goals
7am kickoff - Fri Jul 21 4:31 PM
London nudie mag, the Daily Star, is reporting that Arsenal’s playboy midfielder Jack Wilshere is set to make the switch across town to Wet Hams.
7am kickoff - Thu Jul 20 4:22 PM
Where is Mustafi? Having a baby. Meanwhile also out for this match were all of the other center backs, due to illness and short term
7am kickoff - Wed Jul 19 7:06 PM
Unfinished business is one of the few things that makes a farewell bittersweet. If someone is going abroad for work and you know they will
7am kickoff - Tue Jul 18 5:05 PM
Wenger has signalled the end of Arsenal’s transfer dealings by announcing that Arsenal are “open to more signings” but want to focus more on the
7am kickoff - Mon Jul 17 4:53 PM
(Sometime in 2014, Arsenal pub, man singing to My Fair Lady) “Wojciech Szczesny built my house! Built my house. Built my house. Wojciech Szczesny built
7am kickoff - Fri Jul 14 5:00 PM
Kyle Walker made 1464 passes last season. Of all of the passes he made, 96 of those were crosses. That’s a cross attempted every 28
7am kickoff - Thu Jul 13 7:13 PM
I watched the highlight package of the match against Sydney Welbeck looked sweaty. I think it’s hot down there. Walcott got about 100 shots. All
7am kickoff - Wed Jul 12 3:41 PM
Good morning, nothing on the transfer front today and I suspect that Wenger’s cheeky transfer business for the season is over. Unless Arsenal are forced
7am kickoff - Tue Jul 11 4:09 PM
In his first press conference of the year Wenger was taken off guard by a reporter asking if he would like to keep Alexis Sanchez.
7am kickoff - Tue Jul 11 3:34 PM
The Guardian reported yesterday that Manchester United scouted Arsenal record signing Lacazette and “it is understood Mourinho was informed of doubts regarding Lacazette’s suitability for
7am kickoff - Mon Jul 10 4:17 PM
Video Assistant Referee was tested at the Russia 2017 Confederations Cup and it was a huge mess. First, it was a bummer. Whenever a goal