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It's not that I am right in every decision, but what's clear is that if you want to be stronger we have to improve and we have to change things, Benitez told the Telegraph.
Daily Star - 5:46 PM
I think someone like Rafa, it's always important for any team to keep a manager like that, Benitez told BetStars .
Daily Express - 2:17 PM
At the bottom of everything, for us, we appreciate football as life itself, says Benitez. Football is part of our culture, we live as we play. Most of our players come from a poor childhood and football is a way to get social inclusion, to emerge from poverty, to help the family. T...
Sky Sports - 8:06 AM
Ever since he arrived with us on loan he has shown a fantastic attitude and great work ethic, said Newcastle manager Rafael Benitez. This was one of the key positions we needed to strengthen.
BBC - 8:11 PM
Benitez told the club's website: We're delighted to finalise the permanent signing of Martin to Newcastle United today.
Sky Sports - 7:20 PM
I think this one is better. We achieved what we achieved - they talk about the 'Miracle of Istanbul' - but this team is better, Benitez said.
Daily Express - 6:18 AM
People say, Oh, you are a good manager, but you have to win to be a great manager, says Benitez.
Daily Mail - 10:31 PM
It's often how you manage the pressure and Real Madrid have been managing this kind of pressure for a while, said Benitez. They have more experience.
Daily Star - 10:30 PM
I think it will be harder for him to come for him, not because we don't want to, Benitez told Marca .
Daily Mail - 1:08 PM
Initially it is not easy for anyone: you have to have the ability to train and manage the team well, but a serious coach can do it here too, Benitez told calcionapoli24.it .
Daily Express - 8:40 PM
Sometimes teams that are already in the Premier League they have some money, says Benitez. They spend money on good names, big players but still they lose this togetherness that we have had and also Huddersfield and Brighton.
Goal.com - 12:40 PM
I've heard many rumours but I haven't talked with De Laurentiis, Benitez said.
Daily Star - 11:55 AM
Benitez told CalcioNapoli24 : My future? I've heard so much talk, but I haven't spoken to (Napoli president) Aurelio De Laurentiis.
Daily Mail - 11:51 AM
It will be a very interesting final, Benitez said. Watching Madrid against Juventus and Bayern [Munich], you a realise they have experience and quality, know how to manage difficult situations in games. Liverpool, by contrast, have a lot of intensity, quality, rhythm. The rhythm in...
Soccernet - 10:30 AM
The players know they have to give everything for the fans, and the togetherness has been crucial for everyone this year, said Benitez.
Sky Sports - 6:30 PM
It's like a train and you have the engine and the carriages, said Benitez. You can sort marketing, commercial, the academy, but if you don't have power here, at the front, the train doesn't go.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
I think it is clear that after staying up you have the potential to fight to be in the top ten, Benitez said.
Sky Sports - 3:30 PM
I said he can go because he will not be part of the team in these two games, Benitez told Chronicle Live . We told [Slimani] that he can go if he wants, and he has.
Goal.com - 10:40 AM
If you want to bring a striker with a guarantee of more than 10 to 15 goals per season, you have to pay money for him for sure, said Benitez.
Daily Mail - 12:58 AM
If you want to bring a striker with a guarantee of more than 10 to 15 goals per season, you have to pay money for him for sure, said Benitez.
Daily Mail - 10:37 PM
Kenedy is a player that we like, Benitez said.
Sky Sports - 2:20 PM
When we needed to win, we were focused. Now we are making too many mistakes, Benitez said.
Daily Telegraph - 3:34 PM
It was the kind of performance you don't want to see, said Rafael Benitez. It would have been awful if we were in the relegation zone, we made the wrong decisions all the time and there were far too many mistakes.
Daily Telegraph - 11:29 PM
It's important to know exactly how much we have [to spend], said Benitez in December. I was asking Lee Charnley [the managing director] the other day and I'm waiting for an answer in a few days.
Soccernet - 2:33 PM
I know people in Spain think my teams do not attack, Benitez said after the game. But look at this result and the 119 goals we scored last season.
Soccernet - 9:15 AM
To be here, to play against this team and to expect you have to beat them easily, it's impossible, said Magpies manager Rafael Benitez.
Daily Mail - 7:23 AM
They took their chance and we didn't take ours, said Benitez, ruefully.
Daily Express - 11:54 PM
I cannot do miracles every year, so then you have to have the tools to be sure that you can do your job, said Benitez.
Mirror - 11:01 AM
When you are organised, some people think you are defensive, said Benitez. If you see Huddersfield, if you see Brighton and ourselves, we are organised, so we have better balance between attack and defence and that is the reason why maybe the three of us can stay in the Premier League.
Sky Sports - 11:29 AM
My feeling is that, if he goes to Russia, he can be a great player, said Benitez recently. It is not my job to talk about what Gareth Southgate has to do but what I like about Jonjo is that he's different to the players England already have and he can do a lot of things.
Sky Sports - 11:25 AM