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I don't know how big the impact will be but I know they look naturally confident, Klopp said. They were not the complete outsider with no chance and shaking before Napoli.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
Millie looks fine and should be OK, Gini got a knock on his Achilles but should be OK and Sadio trained and should be fine, Klopp told Liverpoolfc.com. [We have] a couple of problems, but still enough players to choose from.
Liverpool FC - 8:28 PM
The first job we have is to win football games, said Klopp. We compare always with the good games of last season, never the average ones.
Sky Sports - 4:10 PM
We had this discussion last year. We don't concede a lot of shots on target and that's defending, Klopp said. It's like last year.
Daily Mail - 3:38 PM
Sadio has trained past 2 days completely normal, he's in contention, Klopp said.
Daily Express - 3:23 PM
It's not too good, to be honest, Klopp said about Henderson. It's nothing we have to worry too much about, but it's a hamstring issue so we will have to see.
Metro - 2:47 PM
I hope so [that the injury isn't too serious], said Klopp. It was not that he felt nothing but he didn't feel a lot. He wanted to carry on – that's a good sign. We decided no. Hopefully it's nothing.
Sport Review - 6:00 AM
The basis we have created so far is brilliant - 23 points, Klopp said. I don't think I (have) had that before after nine games.
Sky Sports - 10:15 PM
We don't want to use the post to defend to be honest, Klopp said. If it happens we take it but it's lucky and with the handball, another penalty.
Daily Mail - 10:12 PM
It's the first period in my life that we win kind of average matches, said Klopp. That's true.
EPL Talk - 9:58 PM
They are normal issues. Both are not too serious; they cannot play today, which is never good, but it shouldn't be that long, Klopp said before the match.
Daily Express - 6:42 PM
There is not a perfect plan for it. We have to make sure that he trusts his body. I can trust his body, said Klopp. I love him as a player and as a person.
Daily Telegraph - 12:45 PM
Getting promoted there, I use the words of a friend, is a miracle, Klopp said.
Goal.com - 8:00 AM
He is a fantastic boy, our boy and an outstanding player, Klopp said.
Daily Express - 5:45 AM
It's a normal period of adaptation, said Klopp. You put the focus a bit more on something and immediately you lose a bit of the fluency in something else.
Daily Star - 11:05 PM
I had this situation so often I cannot believe, Ilkay Gundogan didn't play for half a year (at Borussia Dortmund)., Klopp said.
Daily Express - 6:07 PM
We're pretty sure that Naby will not be available, said Klopp. With all the rest, we have to see how it develops.
EPL Talk - 4:36 PM
I like competition but at one point somebody has to step back and think, they are players, Klopp said.
BBC - 4:08 PM
You make a lot of my comments about the Nations League, Klopp said. And everyone has their opinion about it, but the things they say about it are exactly what I think -- it's too much in that competition: 'Proper games, real opponents, it is better than having any friendlies'.
Soccernet - 3:21 PM
This year it's a stronger side and stronger football. I speak to Dave [Wagner] most weekends and I think the club is brilliant, Klopp said.
Sky Sports - 3:20 PM
He is a fantastic boy, our boy and a outstanding player, Klopp said.
Daily Express - 3:18 PM
We had yesterday's session and a few of the boys trained, we'll have to see how they react, said Klopp. The only thing we are pretty sure is that Naby [Keita] will not be available with all the rest, we have to see how it develops, that's it pretty much.
Sky Sports - 3:08 PM
You saw when he went off [against Southampton] that he would not leave pitch without major problems, Klopp said.
Daily Express - 2:06 PM
I watch them more because I want to see how David is doing, Klopp told Liverpoolfc.
Liverpool FC - 8:26 AM
People asked why this game (against City) was less intense, said Klopp. Guys like Jordan (Henderson) only had two weeks after the World Cup.
EPL Talk - 3:24 AM
You have to call the manager of any country and say can you leave players out and he says I am under pressure as well, Klopp said last week.
Daily Star - 6:40 AM
You have to call the manager of any country and say can you leave players out and he says I am under pressure as well, Klopp said last week.
Sky Sports - 5:41 AM
You have to call the manager of any country and say can you leave players out and he says I am under pressure as well, Klopp said last week.
Sky Sports - 11:40 PM
For getting more confident, you need results on the way there and we had them, Klopp told JOE. That has made us stronger today.
Liverpool FC - 10:30 AM
I really wanted from the first day that the people know about their importance, said Klopp. In football, people always say it - that supporters are important - but then you don't treat them like that so you have to make sure it's really a healthy relationship.
Liverpool FC - 11:30 AM