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LFC Reds - Wed Oct 17 4:36 PM
Quote from RedPuppy on Yesterday at 03:36:14 pm https://twitter.com/lfcrealtalk/status/1051941407982833664?s=19 Horrid man. Indeed, but Sterling is just as much of a c**t as he is. https://twitter.com/SergioRamos
LFC Reds - Wed Oct 17 2:52 PM
Quote from higgy_sham on Yesterday at 08:39:24 am Enjoy pal. Back from honeymoon 3 weeks and already in the process to book to go to the same place again next year we enjoyed it that much. She's booked Magaluf for my 30th i
LFC Reds - Wed Oct 17 12:47 PM
The only reason why the front three are "struggling" is because teams are sitting much deeper, parking the bus and putting 2/3 players on Salah every time he gets the ball. Yet we're joint top of the league so we must be doing something right.. Salah w
LFC Reds - Wed Oct 17 10:17 AM
Lallana needs game time to get himself back into form if he can he is another fabulous option for Jürgen and I think jurgen rates him very highly.
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 16 11:44 PM
There could be light at the end of the tunnel for some of you he's been linked with Barca in January.
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 16 10:23 PM
Quote from Dadorious on Today at 08:46:47 pm Nearly got caught out dicking with the ball again vs Argentina. Needs to f**k it off. Rather he almost gets caught a 2nd time with them than us though.
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 16 10:15 PM
Quote from heimdall on Yesterday at 09:12:04 am If he's going to be injured at any point this season then now is the perfect time. Quote from Ribapuru on Yesterday at 11:29:20 am i
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 16 9:17 PM
Just scored for wales v us. Free kick
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 16 4:13 PM
Huyton Red Hapoy birthday lid
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 16 3:46 PM
Thigh injury. Pfft https://twitter.com/makadjiamadou/status/1052205927632424961?s=19
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 16 8:13 AM
I think it’s safe to say that we have a £100m defender on our hands. VDV and Gomez for the next 10 years.
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 16 4:33 AM
Currently reading The Presidents Keepers by Jaaques Pauw. He’s an investigative journalist who has written a book that uncovers the unbelievable levels of corruption in South Africa and specifically how the president is linked to it all. The State Se
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 16 1:46 AM
Damn it, I hope it's not serious.
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 16 1:42 AM
In my opinion they are a scam, why? They call you and message you constantly, but once you invest capital they stop caring about you, they only care about the money. Plus the “advisors” lost all my money.
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 16 1:29 AM
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LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 11:04 PM
Salah, Mane, both out with knocks. Could it be a better time for the likes of Sturridge, or Shaqiri to come into the side? Naby out wide? Either way, our line-up against Huddersfield is going to be very interesting.
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 10:35 PM
Quote from bazspeedman on Oct 08, 2018 08:11:53 pm Going to see A Star is Born with the missus. Not usually the type of movie I'd be bothered with but so tired of repetitive superhero and star wars movies I'm actually loo
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 9:52 PM
Quote from Swab on Sep 24, 2018 02:16:09 pm Maniac on Netflix. Weird, but good. Just finished it. Takes a fair few episodes to get into but as you get deeper into the series it all starts to fit together. Episode
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 8:53 PM
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 7:18 PM
Quote from waltonl4 on Yesterday at 09:31:49 pm We all know Sean will not get justice their is no justice for him, Lets keep him in our thoughts and wish him a full recovery how ever long it may take From experie
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 6:51 PM
Got England to lose 5-0 5-1 Southgate getting in early with his excuses but as ever nothing is fixe er guaranteed. .
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 5:56 PM
Tenerife again - flying 6:25 in morning, there for lunchtime Leaving the big fella at home this time as he’s started Uni his mother is feeling very, very guilty 🙄
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 3:14 PM
There is no debate. Its Messi. He is in his own league.
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 12:33 PM
But I thought Barca were interested! https://twitter.com/neiljonesgoal/status/1051779195741851650?s=21
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 12:00 PM
Quote from The Real Donavan Ried on Yesterday at 09:39:36 pm Usain Bolt scores twice on first start for Australia's Central Coast Mariners https://
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 10:03 AM
England haven't won a competitive game for four games now 100 days so lets give Southgate a new contract. I don't know who could make England into a top side but I just don't see anything is Southgates career to suggest he is the man
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 9:57 AM
That's good for Gini confident. I also like that boy Depay a lot for long time. Would love to see him in our team.
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 9:35 AM
Game to get Fabinho, Keita and Shaq up to speed. We can’t keep playing the same players throughout the year, and the reserves need game time for when they are needed.
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 9:23 AM
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 15 3:52 AM
Will he be fit enough to be in the squad on the weekend?