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LFC Reds - Wed Dec 19 3:09 PM
Sadio was one of the best if not the best performer in last game against ManUtd. What I love the most of him is defensively he work really hard. His goal also taken really well. He, altogether with this team are progressing and reaching their potenti
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 19 3:05 PM
Well if he doesn’t win the Golden Shoe then he’ll surely win the Golden Sock xD
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 19 3:03 PM
Salah first 10 goals in Premier League 2018/2019 https://bit.ly/2rJvgrl 12-08-2018 West Ham - 1 goal 25-08-2018 Brighton - 1 goal 22-09-2018 Southampton - 1 goal 20-10-2018 Huddersfield - 1 goal 27-10-2018 Cardiff - 1 goal 11-11-2018 Fulham - 1 goal 2
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 19 2:00 PM
Out last night for a right good, belated drink with me Dad as it was his birthday, Monday. Now currently sitting in the Baltic Fleet on my second curer for work Xmas drinks. The other lads are eating elsewhere, I couldn't face food. Breaking my rule of
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 19 1:19 PM
😂 https://twitter.com/livecholfc/status/1075069317841072129?s=21
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 19 1:18 PM
Quote from The Real Donavan Ried on Yesterday at 10:49:18 pm He is as good if not better than Gomez, Lovren and Matip imo, you only have to take off the Liverpool red specs and watch him play Seeing a
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 19 1:02 PM
Not sure I agree with the ‘right back’ bit - but I’m loving the well deserved plaudits https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11580865/top-10-premier-league-stars-of-2018-liverpools-james-milner
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 19 12:03 PM
I hear Pokémon music in the background.
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 19 10:48 AM
First ever sub 50mins 10k last night @ 48.59s Well chuffed although feeling it this morning, probably won’t be much running now till the New Year.
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 19 9:12 AM
Just seen this Hasn't even been drawn yet! https://mobile.twitter.com/sambutterworth9/status/1075150272790478857?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-278150974518839943.ampproject.net%2F181213171838
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 19 12:51 AM
68 829
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 10:27 PM
Quote from PurpleMonkey on Today at 10:23:57 pm Highly rated Dutch youth international Ki-Jana Ho
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 9:46 PM
Penalties Leicester miss their second pen Sterling next he misses over the top being a smart arse still 1-1 terrible penalties 2-1 City another Leicester miss awful penalty City win so need two games for the semis that's ok for us
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 9:33 PM
Hmmm, i see river Plate lost to Al Ain of the UAE in the club world cup in of course the UAE, a team owned by the crown prince, yep all above board right?
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 8:56 PM
How is the lad coming? Should approach his first training since he was beginning to run a couple of weeks ago. Any news?
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 7:52 PM
Had a quick scan through this thread and find very little negativity about Shaq maybe we know a bit more than Charlie Adam or Ratboy afterall. Keep working hard he will get better another player who will be fresh in the new year for us.
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 6:51 PM
No need for massive changes as games are actually spread out better over Xmas. Clint's team looks good for me
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 6:44 PM
Alisson Clyne Lovren van Dijk Robertson Henderson Wijnaldum Shaqiri Salah Sturridge Mane LFC Reds Team Builder I would rest Keita, Fabinho and Firmino.
EPL Talk - Tue Dec 18 6:37 PM
London (AFP) – Jurgen Klopp says Manchester City are still firm favourites to be crowned Premier League champions even though his Liverpool side are in top spot with nearly half the season gone. Liverpool have
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 6:01 PM
Quote from RedPuppy on Dec 03, 2018 09:29:50 pm Daniel Sturridge: England forward given more time over alleged betting breaches Liverpool forward Daniel Sturridge has been granted more time to respond to a Footb
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 3:17 PM
Well they are going to change format again for the playoff, going to single elimination for all rounds to shorten it up and based off numbers give teams who finished higher in regular better chance at winning url=http://www.espn.com/soccer/major-leagu
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 2:39 PM
Hope to see him back for Wolves. Although have to feel for Clyne, good player, and played well against Utd, after been out for ages. That's the level of competition right now
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 1:16 PM
I for one am gutted at this. He was doing such a wonderful job of dragging them down. My monies on Zidane. lets hope he has the same fortune. YNWA
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 12:39 PM
Quote from Mariatub1 on Today at 01:25:28 pm Mariatub1@gmail.com
EPL Talk - Tue Dec 18 12:10 PM
London (AFP) – Watching on at Anfield as Manchester United meekly surrendered 3-1 to Liverpool in what proved to be Jose Mourinho’s last match in charge, Alex Ferguson was caught shaking his head at the
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 11:29 AM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHD4uQiUYTU Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang first 10 goals in Premier league 2018/2019
SBNation - Tue Dec 18 11:05 AM
Sunday’s embarrassing derby defeat to Liverpool was the final straw. Celebrations should ring out across the red half of Manchester following the news that Jose Mourinho has been sacked by Manchester United . The Red Devils consistently underachieved under Mourinho during his two-and-a-half seaso...
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 10:51 AM
Quote from RedPuppy on Today at 10:26:01 am Jose Mourinho: Manchester United sack manager Just to keep it official, now off the RedCafe.. Nah..why would they 😎
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 10:46 AM
Harry Rednapp is available
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 18 10:29 AM
Gutted they finally grew the balls to sack Maureen. Was hoping he’d stick around all season and do some real damage.
Only City can stop City, to be honest, said Klopp. We have to play our own game and get as many points as possible.
Daily Star - 2:23 PM
It's not that I don't feel for him, said Klopp. I know it's difficult to get as a person.
Daily Mail - 11:43 PM
It's not that I don't feel for him, said Klopp. I know it's difficult to get as a person.
Daily Mail - 11:29 PM
He wanted to be successful at United — and he was, but then it didn't work out in the way everybody wanted it to, said Klopp.
Mirror - 10:30 PM