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LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 10:41 PM
Relive the atmosphere on matchday with audio commentary of the main moments of the game, with Aldo and Tunnel Cam. https://youtu.be/hk6RgbXE7lQ
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 9:37 PM
What a cracking goal a good night for the Dutch Reds
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 8:58 PM
LRelive the atmosphere on matchday with audio commentary of the best bits of the game, with Aldo. https://youtu.be/VO1slBlPGMo
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 8:44 PM
Relive the atmosphere on matchday with audio commentary of the best bits of the game. https://youtu.be/tSmMZq8_ULc
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 8:37 PM
My first full season as a fan, and football was all fun in those days. People say it was a difficult time for the city, and it was, but I was too young to know about the wider social context at the time. Just winning games was enough for me. It seems i
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 8:34 PM
The Dutch showing so much flair and confidence! Can't speak highly enough of Wijnaldum, such an exceptional player!
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 8:15 PM
Wanky Warrington. Useless bas**rds
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 5:21 PM
Done his father proud there. Hopefully we'll get to see him in f1 sometime in the future. https://twitter.com/Motorsport/status/1051129605581664256
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 5:02 PM
Day 8 EPL, VAR Quiz: Southampton v Chelsea: Incident: Goal scored by Chelsea Decision: No action taken. VAR Review? Decision Overturned. Foul in build up. mancs v Newcastle : Incident: Penalty for Newcastle. De
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 5:02 PM
Time to take stock after 8 games, and post how much progress has been made to between last season LS and the current season CS, the difference, and the points swing since the end of last season. LS - CS Games Played 8
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 4:15 PM
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 3:15 PM
Watching wimbledon v portsmouth some dude in the crowd just gave a mouthfull of abuse inc w**ker, don;t hear that enough over here
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 2:14 PM
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 12:16 PM
It is reported today that Sean has some difficulty talking and can only speak in a whisper, he also requires assistance in sitting upright. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-45840113
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 12:09 PM
If Salah is injured, with Shaquri asking to be number 10 we could fo this. Firmino Mane Shaqiri I think it's a test for Klopp to see if he can use players effectively. I wondered why Shaqiri didn't get a chance there i
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 12:05 PM
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 13 1:09 AM
Implications on us how? International breaks really suck.
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 10:03 PM
A) It's in the Mirror, therefore B) take it with a pinch of salt, but if true, it certainly has implications for us. I doubt anything will come of it but here is the article anyway: news=Match-fixing investigation probes PSG's Champions League win ove
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 9:57 PM
Quote from waltonl4 on Today at 09:51:07 pm Every village has its idiot. Our little village seems to have several Walt.
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 7:52 PM
Brazil 1 up.
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 6:53 PM
I think this is the first time I have seen so many footballing midfielders in the England squad. Mount, Winks and Maddison. Then you have Sancho, an exceptional attacking talent. Southgate should really move away from 3 CB's and look into controlling
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 5:22 PM
Next round of TV fixtures sorted out. Liverpool v Everton: Now Sunday December 2, kick-off 4.15pm. Live on Sky Sports. Burnley v Liverpool: Now Wednesday December 5, kick-off 7.45pm. Bournemouth v Liverpool: Now Saturday December 8, kick-off 12.30pm. L
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 4:43 PM
Quote from PGlynn91 on Yesterday at 09:00:37 am He did start? I assume you mean there are no more games left in that? Ha ha so he did. F**k everything I said and give him a new contract 😊 Seriously, I reckon he w
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 4:22 PM
Man, they don't want the game to succeed out there.So much off field sh*te and then wonder why no one watches the league games.Not that it's just Serbia, mind.
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 3:08 PM
Hi all, I will be in Liverpool from 23rd to 25th October and I would like to watch Champions League game against Red Star. My question is can I register on official site with a Liverpool address and buy a ticket for locals online?
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 12:08 PM
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 10:08 AM
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 8:29 AM
Quote from Benito on Yesterday at 11:25:46 pm Also WTF with our right backs over the years? Do you mean that in a good way or a bad way?
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 8:22 AM
Gabo from Disney 11 should be on that list without a doubt top skills on this kid.
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 5:25 AM
Quote from heimdall on Yesterday at 09:17:37 am The French league is a complete joke, it would be the equivalent of us playing against Championship teams every weak, I'm fairly sure in that case Mo would break his record
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 1:42 AM
James Rodriguez scored a wordly in the 1st half against the US, who still can't figure out who their coach will be almost a year later.
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 11:59 PM
He has now left the second hospital, and is now at his third hospital, the Irish state injury rehabilitation hospital, for what is expected to be a considerable period of time.
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 11:59 PM
The trial of Philip Lombardi for GBH against Sean, is currently ongoing in Preston. He has pleaded not guilty.
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 10:09 PM
2-3 win away win for Portugal in Poland, Polands 2nd goal looked like the ball had crossed the line b4 it was crossed in to the box should of been a throw in to Portugal
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 10:03 PM
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 9:09 PM
Says he hasnt been in the city centre yet!! Jesus lad sort yourself out get yourself into little coopers
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 6:23 PM
I grabbed a Becker kit (yellow) off some knockoff site. Based off pics I've seen the quality doesn't look all that bad. Let's see how long it takes to deliver .
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 9:13 AM
The most important part of management is signing good players. You can be a tactical genius, have great charisma, etc but if you don't have good players you will fail realistically and since 2015 Jürgen has bought excellently.
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 7:35 AM
I read I’m the bbc that Adam is to return after the internationals. There’s your link up man, right there. I’d leave Milly out for him against the lower teams and keep Hendo and Gini.
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 4:17 AM
Talks a good game but he’s all mouth, defeats are becoming a regular thing for him now. Shame Mayweather took it so easy on him, could have completely humiliated him.
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 4:14 AM
Quote from Boston not la on Oct 06, 2018 04:34:32 pm Doesn't even make the bench now.May as well call him back, see if we can get him firing again. Call him back to not even make the bench with us?
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 4:13 AM
Quote from tomx on Oct 07, 2018 02:47:36 pm ings with shocking miss and now hazard 0:1 Couldn’t believe that, was harder to miss. Another time and it would have been a goal, just shows how lucky the Chavs have be
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 3:12 AM
Quote from RedWilly on Oct 09, 2018 09:55:49 pm I doubt it. I’d bet even Maureen’s own mother got tired of him after 3 years.
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 1:20 AM
https://youtu.be/CSav51fVlKU Masterpiece
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 12:02 AM
Quote from racerx34 on Today at 12:00:28 am One player only? Bah humbug. BRING ME ALL THE BRAZILIANS I started thinking similar when trying to pick a side mate.
LFC Reds - Thu Oct 11 12:01 AM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Yesterday at 11:54:24 pm The great Murray Walker turned 95 today. In my opinion, simply the greatest sports broadcaster that has ever lived. My favourite Murray commentary? The two minute
LFC Reds - Wed Oct 10 11:32 PM
I'm not sure if it's been done before but as it's international break it came into my head. What is the best LFC all time 'international' 11? One player only from each country(that they represented) and any formation you like. Grobbelaar Fin
LFC Reds - Wed Oct 10 7:38 PM
Quote from what-a-hit-son on Today at 07:32:26 pm Anyone else think its the end of the road for his Liverpool career? Just had a couple of huge snubs. I really would like us to keep him, possibly a new contr
LFC Reds - Wed Oct 10 2:53 PM
Current Best XI of former players still playing: Pepe Reina (AC Milan) Martin Kelly (Crystal Palace) Martin Skrtel (Fenerbahce) Mamadou Sakho (Crystal Palace) Jon Flanagan (Rangers) Lucas Leiva (Lazio) Emre Can (Juventus) Joe Allen (Stoke) Raheem Sterl
LFC Reds - Wed Oct 10 10:26 AM
LFC Reds - Wed Oct 10 9:27 AM
Quote from lfc across the water on Yesterday at 08:40:52 pm And when we top the league again, you'll start telling us in the thread, that we're not a big club and we've won nothing yet. We're here to laugh at the mancs, n
LFC Reds - Wed Oct 10 7:18 AM
Quote from Ribapuru on Yesterday at 10:30:25 pm I have a nice new signature thanks to this conversation. EDIT: And it didn't work. It was meant to say; "If I pass to a wall 10 times from two feet away, I am sure I can bea
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 8:40 PM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 So why do you slate him so much for Newcastle struggling when they have such a sh*t team, even when they finished mid table last season Because as things stand, he is doing that job, so if he's going to take the
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 8:18 PM
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 8:15 PM
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 7:53 PM
Football Manager 2019 brings you closer the heart of the beautiful game than ever before. New features and enhanced game mechanics enable you to control your team in fresh and authentic ways, creating an ever more emergent way of storytelling. Two core
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 7:39 PM
Well done to Coates for saving his keeper's life by putting his fingers in the mouth of an unconscious keeper.
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 2:06 PM
Quote from althebest1 on Oct 06, 2018 10:07:15 am I would say simply, don't worry about Mo, he will come good. I hope so - although I thought Mo was a lot better against Southampton when he was played behind Firm
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 2:04 PM
Would you consider selling Lallana in Jan & replace him with Fekir?
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 12:58 PM
Quote from German_Panzer on Oct 07, 2018 09:35:33 pm After watching his post match press conference of the City game I am disappointed by Jürgen. He looked happy and praised his team. City had 3 top cha
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 12:37 PM
Quote from PurpleMonkey on Oct 07, 2018 09:20:38 pm I agree. Good player, but no where is he good enough to play under Klopp and for a CL club. I kind of disagree as a Shelvey on top form is good enough but his f
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 10:34 AM
Quote from lfc across the water on Oct 07, 2018 04:40:47 am Well you should. It is cheating, whether we do it or the opposition do. VAR is designed to cut the dark arts crap out of football, and next year we will have it
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 9:17 AM
Quote from JD on Yesterday at 11:58:30 pm I think the argument would be that last seasons eventual title winners hammered us 5-0 at their ground. I don't think the draw was a bad result but neither did we lay down a state
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 8:15 AM
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 3:05 AM
Reports saying he could be out for a month with a hamstring injury, hope for a speed recovery. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 9 2:18 AM
Quote from German_Panzer on Yesterday at 10:45:30 pm But I watched him in preseason with us. And when I look how quickly real talents like Salah or Mané were integrated then I wonder if Fabinho can really help us. /quote
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 8 7:19 PM
Hold the Dark. Alaska was great. Broody and dark. Could've been good. But what in the hell was it about don't explain, I don't care
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 8 7:14 PM
Always look forward to the Ryder Cup - but you kinda need it to be close to rack up the tension, and again when off home soil, the US were a bunch of surrender monkeys. Just don't have that bond the European's seem to. Tiger is one dour git, but reckon
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 8 5:46 PM
Hazard has just decided to throw a grenade into the Chelsea camp. He woke up this morning and thought I really should play for Real Madrid the best team in the world. That has to go down well with the rest of his team mates another indication of two
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 8 5:45 PM
Read that John Wicks from the Records died, such a great song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAH1ioLiaHw
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 8 3:19 PM
2018 Ballon d'Or nominees Sergio Aguero Alisson Gareth Bale Karim Benzema Edinson Cavani Thibaut Courtois Cristiano Ronaldo Kevin De Bruyne Roberto Firmino Diego Godin Antoine Griezmann
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 8 2:13 PM
Quote from Keith Singleton on Yesterday at 10:33:43 pm Why not? United no threat this season whereas the chavs are. I wonder what Maureen said at half time, I half expect that he said that he was off soon and th
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 8 1:40 PM
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 8 8:59 AM
Quote from PGlynn91 on Sep 25, 2018 04:57:00 pm My desire is not for Liverpool to drop points. I am being a realist. And if you'd like to join the rest of us in reality that would be great. I think a lot of Liverpool fans
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 8 8:52 AM
Did very well under a lot of pressure yesterday. Our system means the full backs are gonna get exposed from time to time but given the firepower he was up against I thought he was very solid and always an outlet.
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 8 8:46 AM
Probably the worst game I've seen Bobby play. Honestly lost count of the amount of misplaced passes he did.
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 8 8:08 AM
Great performance from Dejan.
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 8 6:27 AM
Best midfielder on the pitch yesterday!
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 8 1:12 AM
I see that he played for the U23s today. Why? Why would we waste any match time on him that some young player should be getting? Actually, I wouldn't even waste the time in training sessions on him. I get that we're stuck paying him, but just tell him
LFC Reds - Sun Oct 7 11:02 PM
Quote from waltonl4 on Today at 10:52:26 pm he is nowhere near commanding a starting place from what we have seen recently. Today he was way off and he doesn't look confident either he is going to need time to settle
LFC Reds - Sun Oct 7 9:35 PM
After watching his post match press conference of the City game I am disappointed by Jürgen. He looked happy and praised his team. City had 3 top chances, we had 0 top chances and we played at home. That's not good
LFC Reds - Sun Oct 7 8:44 PM
Ryan Kent had a great game for Rangers today, scored as well in the 3-1 win over Hearts.
LFC Reds - Sun Oct 7 7:29 PM
Quote from waltonl4 on Today at 07:05:37 pm another clean sheet today and a couple of good saves True but they were fairly standard saves which you'd expect at this level. Aside from that, too easy for him an
LFC Reds - Sun Oct 7 6:26 PM
Keita needs to start consistently now. He clearly has a lot of quality but needs a run of games in midfield to settle.
LFC Reds - Sun Oct 7 3:42 PM
Not a fan of the midfield given our attackers haven’t been firing yet, nor of Lovren coming in, but hey ho. Time for Mo to silence the doubters, let’s smash them reds!!
LFC Reds - Sun Oct 7 2:14 PM
Arsenal looking good to be fair..
LFC Reds - Sun Oct 7 12:41 PM
I call match winner today
LFC Reds - Sun Oct 7 7:14 AM
Like I said! Khabib was dominant. He controlled the entire match. Not only did he destroy Conor on the ground, but he took a lot of Conors punches and knocked him down with a beautiful left. Conor was completely outclassed. He had some good grouns defe
LFC Reds - Sun Oct 7 4:40 AM
Quote from Swab Napoli did a lot of blocking (not fouling as such, but little bits of jostling, and tugs that the ref didn't notice) and taking a player out early if he looked like he was going to break. It was effective, and some might say canny, b