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LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 10:37 PM
So week 5 of couch to 5k coming up. 14.5lbs gone in September. 2st in two months. HASfit has been a boon. Been medically cleared to start driving and cycling again. Noticed my weight loss is on a five week cycle. Had a but that works out make positiv
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 10:18 PM
Happy bidet Scotia.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 10:04 PM
Stat Fact on Milly 1/9/18. Liverpool midfielder James Milner has now registered 80 Premier League assists, the same number as David Beckham. Only six players have more in the competition.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 9:39 PM
Quote from bmck on Yesterday at 08:46:27 pm So Martial is being offered a 5 yr contract. Nice one Woodward, old Maureen will love that Go sign up Eva Carneiro next Ed Eva ? Nice arse that girl
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 9:23 PM
Great performance v Leicester today. Partnered brilliantly with Virgil . MOTM . Stats were mighty impressive.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 9:14 PM
Europa League draw in full Group A: Bayer Leverkusen (Ger), Ludogorets Razgrad (Bul), FC Zurich (Swi), AEK Larnaca (Cyp) Group B: Salzburg (Aut), CELTIC, RB Leipzig (Ger), Rosenborg (Nor) Group C: Zenit St Petersburg (Rus), FC Copenhagen (Den),
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 8:45 PM
Another one like Salah struggling at the moment, aside his goal today he looked like he was towing a Caravan.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 7:58 PM
As I have said previously he needs to play higher up the pitch or not play, no idea why Klopp keeps playing him as the 6, so far Gini has been miles better than Henderson as 6. He has got a lot of useful attributes and perhaps is a great sub to bring
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 7:21 PM
Celta beating atletico and quite comfortably too
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 6:58 PM
2 goals in 4 games. Really happy for the lad!! He had a sh*t a run of luck the last few years, so it's nice to see his hard work pay off.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 6:35 PM
Given that he likes to mouth off to the media (not too dissimilar to Mignolet), I hope he'll keep schtum when he comes back from injury and most likely finds himself on the bench behind Gomez. It's always bad news when you get injured but it's even wor
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 5:43 PM
We play Spurs on the 15th and PSG on the 18th. His time to shine is coming soon.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 5:25 PM
The lower order seem to cope better, than the top order, wonder why ?
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 5:06 PM
Mane have been on fire for the first 2 games and this one. Keep it up.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 4:11 PM
Looks like a lot of people got the perfect score. I am moving backward though I got the correct score but screw up by Alisson
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 4:10 PM
2017/18 West Ham (H) Win C. Palace (A) Win Brighton (H) Win Leicester (A) Win 2018/19 West Ham (H) Win C. Palace (A) Win Brighton (H) Win Leicester (A) Win All that money spent and no improvement.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 4:04 PM
Quote from HScRed1 on Today at 04:02:48 pm Still not quite on his game. That chance in the first half he puts away 99 times out of 100 normally. Hope him and Bobby can go away on international duty now and hi
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 3:48 PM
U-18 beat Stoke 2-1 today, top the league!Not seeing much of the highlights kicking round the internets.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 2:52 PM
Quote from Lallana in Pyjamas on Today at 02:50:29 pm Yep i can see him getting picked with either Milner or Gini having a rest - all depends on what happens over the international break Would you rather hav
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 2:36 PM
Quote from Fourbrick on Today at 02:31:49 pm Thought the midlfield was Krap. Gini went missing from the middle of the first half. He has always gone missing but first on the team sheet. Him and hendo in the
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 12:05 PM
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 11:42 AM
Can see Shaq & Kieta coming on late 2nd half.. What the craic with Fabinho?
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 11:33 AM
Editting the live match thread is quick as I can. The Reds travel to Leicester City today looking to make it four wins from four Premier League games before the international break. Line-up: img https://i.gyazo.com/990952e4952fca1ca0ceb6a07b836
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 1 9:32 AM
Looking forward to spending that 100m war chest we were going to receive for our misfits
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 10:20 PM
https://twitter.com/btsportfootball/status/1035625516248838150?ref_src=twcamp%5Ecopy%7Ctwsrc%5Eandroid%7Ctwgr%5Ecopy%7Ctwcon%5E7090%7Ctwterm%5E3 The undoubted highlight of a poor game
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 7:56 PM
Knew he was not for us the first moment he touched a ball in a Liverpool kit. Just a complete waste of money
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 7:32 PM
As is usually the case, Hamilton got pole and led out of the first corner. By the time they got to Les Combes, Vettel was ahead and that was effectively race over, as Hamilton not for the first time at Spa, or indeed this season, gradually packed it up
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 5:30 PM
Just put our newly adopted 8 week old Labrador puppy down 'to sleep' let's see . Apparently he should sleep half the day, not seeing that. Peeing half the day, yes. Not eating huge amount of the pup nuts either. Still getting used to the place I gue
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 5:09 PM
Gini Wijnaldum's tactical gymnastics gifts Jürgen Klopp solutions at Liverpool In early 2017, a few players were in the canteen at Melwood discussing which team-mate they felt had the makings of a future manager Gini Wijnaldum was the overwhelmi
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 4:42 PM
Quote from Robby The Z on Today at 03:43:26 pm To the extent you identify a starting XI, I think you have to leave out every one of the outfield players once during those 7 games. You can spread that out or do other a
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 4:23 PM
Have any of you seen the video doing the rounds of your ( alleged) goal keeper
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 3:40 PM
Purslow the new CEO at Villa. They're f**king dooooooooooooooomed with that cuban heeled bellend!!
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 3:24 PM
For those of you who watch Celtic, how good is Moussa Dembélé? Potential world class player?
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 3:19 PM
I actually fancy Celtic to still get out that group, tough one for Rangers though, athough I'm sure they're the games Gerrard will have them right up for. Must be a massive boost for the Rangers fans having Gerrard in charge considering how sh*t they w
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 2:33 PM
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 2:05 PM
Quote from HScRed1 on Today at 01:22:36 pm That’s a tough group for Stevie in EL. I can’t see them progressing from that. I don’t think that them or Celtic were ever going to make it past the group stage. The ac
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 1:41 PM
Saturday 15th September Tottenham Hotspur 12:30 Liverpool Tuesday 18th September Liverpool 20:00 Paris Saint-Germain Saturday 22nd September Liverpool 15:00 Southampton /c
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 1:36 PM
So after the break we begin a 22-Day stretch on the 15th against Spurs. We also play twice vs. Chelsea, Champions League matches vs. PSG and Napoli, home vs. Southampton and our first showdown with City. There's never more than a few days between match
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 1:36 PM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Aug 28, 2018 07:44:11 pm Likewise. Looking back I'm amazed at just how clinical he was. Just an awesome awesome finisher. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87DMriFxH5I Watching it a
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 1:14 PM
That’s a f**king roasting from Klopp.
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 12:36 PM
Two Irishmen were working in the public works department. One would dig a hole and the other would follow behind him and fill the hole in. After a while, one amazed onlooker said: "Why do you dig a hole, only to have your partner follow behind and fill
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 8:59 AM
Quote from AussieRed on Yesterday at 11:51:06 pm Daniel Sturridge: "White men can't cook"! "You can't deep fry carrot cake Robbo!"
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 8:02 AM
Quote from Roddenberry on Aug 28, 2018 08:17:45 pm It's not about 3 games, cracks have been showing for a while. Ive got the polyfilla out, fill them up in not time.
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 3:38 AM
Hey Everyone! Was wondering was going to, or could purchase an extra for the CL Match on 24 October? I will be in London and have a ticket for the Cardiff game on the 27 October so I would love to come up early and check out a European Night at Anfield
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 2:38 AM
Tough set of fixtures coming up for the boss and I love it. Go back a few years and we’d have been concerned about such a hard set of games, but now, go into them with every confidence that we can win the lot. Sets of fixtures can make your season, we
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 2:31 AM
Quote from lfc across the water on Yesterday at 10:41:18 pm Revised fixture list after the next international break: v Spurs (a) v PSG (h) v Southampton (h) v Chelsea (h) v Chelsea (a) v Napoli (a) v City (h) Hope the pla
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 2:10 AM
Quote from HUYTON RED on Aug 29, 2018 07:50:08 pm https://twitter.com/GWijnaldum/status/1034539943887077377 img https://scontent-syd2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/40357217_1832726876776751_9159949642069180416_n.jpg?_
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 31 2:04 AM
People say we got a tough group - I say the others got the tough draw. We're in pot 3 - last year was incredibly lucky, we were always gonna cop someone "decent." For that someone to be PSG is brilliant, the pressure is on them to deliver with how they
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 30 11:44 PM
Am I the only one excited for when the transfer window shuts? One step closer to, Rabiot Can kill 2 birds with 1 stone signing him up as he can replace Milner & Lallana (if we do decide to sell him next summer)
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 30 10:45 PM
Um I have been watching CBB, anyone else? First time viewer and don't usually watch these reality shows, but I am addicted to CBB!!!
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 30 7:15 PM
Would have preferred an easier draw but nevermind.
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 30 5:10 PM
Signed a new contract with the club. https://twitter.com/LFC/status/1035195633538400256
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 30 4:32 PM
Rayo have had that stadium shut till at least mid october, wasn't just the pitch that was sh*t.Still had construction rubble and scaffold up.A kid got hurt, there's no way they should of been allowed to play that game.Safety certificate?
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 30 4:29 PM
Quote from adammac on Today at 04:05:16 pm Scored another goal today for Rangers in their Europa league game vs Ufa but they are in tough as down a man with 45 mins left to play. Down 2 men now, gee This R
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 30 4:07 PM
Squad for the up coming matches vs Spain and Switzerland. Gomez, TAA, Hendo an Lallana (surprised) called up Goalkeepers: Jack Butland (Stoke), Jordan Pickford (Everton), Alex McCarthy (Southampton) Defenders: Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), Fabian
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 30 3:53 PM
Some cracking games over the past weekend with Roma coming back to draw Atalanta 3-3 with wonderful goals from Pastore and got to catch Napoli comeback win over AC Milan. Seem to pick the right games to watch so far
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 30 2:11 PM
Barring injury, I don't think Lovren has a chance at becoming our regular starter again. Joe has been outstanding and should only improve. Sky is the limit for him. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11669/11485050/joe-gomez-making-central-berth-h
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 30 12:35 PM
Anyone on here good at batting ?
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 30 2:20 AM
68 050
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 30 1:54 AM
Yeh they have no eritage!
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 11:01 PM
Quote from leosc on Aug 27, 2018 09:53:57 pm Looks like not even the refeeres will be able to save United's season. Man Utd league titles: 20 - before Howard Webb retired 0 - since Howard Webb retired It’s not ce
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 11:00 PM
Sadio, you’ve had a busy summer. How was your first experience of the World Cup? It was great. It was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to represent my country at a World Cup, and it was honestly a dream come true for me. Even though
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 10:30 PM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjF9GgrY9c0 I'm sold!!
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 10:28 PM
https://twitter.com/LFC/status/1034861824397717504 Moreno's hair, WTF?
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 10:10 PM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MuhFxaT7zo What a song. RIP.
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 9:27 PM
For once I actually don’t care who we get because we’ll get through.
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 7:58 PM
Come on PAOK
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 5:53 PM
Quote from Borg on Aug 26, 2018 04:48:08 pm It is what is a smallish city on the rebound. Cute little regional airport that hosts 7 regional carriers. Impressive Your loyalty is admirable Don't take it
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 4:06 PM
He's a funny b ard too. https://www.instagram.com/p/BnEPKgOlJVE/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=ypr7kp33jw6j
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 2:43 PM
Cant believe no one will even take him on loan, for his own sake he should just buy out his last year of contract and start playing football somewhere. Its a short career and i doubt he will look back and think well I got paid for 4 years for doing fuc
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 2:02 PM
Egyptian football official threatening Salah's mother.. https://twitter.com/rtsportnews/status/1034785547686952960?s=21
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 10:54 AM
Quote from ConzS on Aug 27, 2018 08:38:31 am Hahahaha Mane looks the exact same. Who’s to the left, right and above VVD, they look alright. To the left is Henderson and I think it's a clean shaven Alisson on the r
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 9:45 AM
Quote from Swab on Aug 27, 2018 01:41:38 pm It was a save I'd expect any decent keeper to make, and make easily, which he did. I love his confidence and distribution, but for me, he hasn't had a difficult save to make yet
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 9:36 AM
Quote from skolRED on Today at 09:34:52 am Just see in transfermarkt.co.uk LFC interest in Diego Cavalieri. He's our ex-player around season 08/09 now without club. This maybe a sign of Mignolet leave this month. /qu
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 9:34 AM
Quote from PGlynn91 on Today at 09:07:18 am img http://www.footballuser.com/formations/2018/08/17
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 9:07 AM
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 8:32 AM
Sorry to put this on here but can someone explain what happened to Jonathon Woodgate and his scouting role for us in Spain is he still doing it ?
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 5:47 AM
Quote from JC16 on Today at 12:45:54 am I think Migs is the safer backup. Karius’ confidence is shot after the CL final. Migs can slot in from time to time in cup games. ”Migs” and “safe” are 2 words that si
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 29 1:13 AM
Quote from Shabs on Yesterday at 11:38:10 pm Keith, Do you think the 3 titles won was aimed at Woodward who Jose believes is lacking respect towards him? You can never be sure with Mourinho as he's that clever wi
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 28 11:31 PM
Surprised more hasn't been said about Joe thus far given that he has started our last three games at CB. Has really impressed and based on his form i'd say Lovren has a fight on his hands to get back in the side because Joe has grabbed his opportunity
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 28 8:58 PM
Decent goal by Wimbledon to take the lead, not doing too bad a job defending a 1-0 lead down to ten men, but will be interesting to see if they can hold out until full time.
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 28 8:56 PM
Quote from 6stringer on Today at 08:52:59 pm Ejaria had a good game against Motherwell on Sunday, scored a good goal too. Motherwell had a midfield that would fit perfectly in Wigan Warriors End to end game though
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 28 7:25 PM
VAR resumes in the League Cup this week, with 8 teams lucky enough to know that the ref has more than one look at an incident if necessary, which could keep them in it or kick them out. Embarrassed by the success of it at the World Cup, and embarrassed
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 28 4:50 PM
@Borg https://twitter.com/btsportufc/status/1034093356975120389?s=19
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 28 4:37 PM
Tough question. Obviously its either Messi or Ronaldo. Personally, I choose Messi. I dont like CR's diving or his vanity. Messi is just a solid player who dribbles through defenders to score in the box, CR will dive instead of taking them on. Messi is
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 28 2:18 AM
68 030
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 28 1:11 AM
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 27 9:12 PM
YES! Andy Murray comes through in 4 sets against Duckworth to progress from the first round in the US Open! Genuinely one of the most satisfying sporting moments I've seen this year as he got better as the match went on, looking more like the aggressiv
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 27 8:53 PM
Excerpt from Scum v Spuds Match Report tonight https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/44953722 39 mins Get Involved #bbcfootball Manchester United 0-0 Tottenham Sonny: Manchester Utd get another decision at OT go their way again. We n
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 27 7:28 PM
Calibre. A Scottish movie that I thought was really good. Dark in places, but good.
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 27 7:26 PM
Quote from AussieRed on Aug 21, 2018 11:26:12 pm I know the shows you like mate, you're just like me trust me, get onto Animal Kingdom. I've just started that Oz. Decent.
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 27 2:09 PM
Quote from waltonl4 Wolves did not look like a newly promoted side they played really good quality football and their goalie is excellent. I saw someone say in the summer, that it's good that we don't play the promoted sides early, before th
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 27 1:15 PM
Massive month coming up. 3 very tough away games and a park the bus at home. And God knows who will be added in from the champions league draw. 8 points would be the minimum for me. 10 would be quality. 12 would have me very giddy
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 27 10:59 AM
Quote from Swab on Yesterday at 06:26:07 pm Why should any player sign a new contract, given a club can pretty much f**k them off whenever they feel like it? It wasn't his problem, and if what he says in the interview is t
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 27 8:38 AM
Quote from LFCexiled on Today at 08:36:47 am Prepare to be disturbed. Hahahaha Mane looks the exact same. Who’s to the left, right and above VVD, they look alrigh
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 27 6:07 AM
The following is one of the best jokes I have ever read: "It's really funny! An Arab needed a heart transplant, but prior to the surgery the doctors needed to store his blood type in case the need arises. Because the gentleman had a rare type of blood,
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 27 3:31 AM
Quote from Venison 86 on Aug 23, 2018 01:17:08 pm This is already sold out, its unlikely any will come available in the members sale. your only option to guarantee a ticket is pay £300 for hospitality!!! https://bookings
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 27 2:10 AM
Quote from waltonl4 on Yesterday at 05:39:13 pm any wonder why there is a suspicion about supporters from outside the city. Yes, because this no account doesn’t represent the majority of us.
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 10:39 PM
Unlucky to get a draw today, 11 unbeaten and doing very well. Was a good game too, good to see Ejaria get on the scoresheet.
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 6:19 PM
Quote from Ribapuru on Today at 04:58:59 pm Keith, are united still in PL? From the top of the league, looking at all the other teams they all just look like tiny dots. Can't tell if any are united. I'll let
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 4:41 PM
Quote from Keith Singleton on Yesterday at 06:04:40 am Yeah I did know about it. I might have put first post on when I saw it on Sky News. My comments (( what fone scenario )) was more tongue & cheek having a go at the sh
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 1:59 PM
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 1:55 PM
Quote from FATKOPITE10 on Aug 24, 2018 04:58:41 pm New season and Dortmund still don't have a proper striker, very odd. Don't forget, Dortmund vs RB Leipzig at 17:00! Doesn't look like Leipzig has replaced Keita
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 1:43 PM
No one questions having Milner in the first team‭ anymore. That says it all. He’s been a fantastic signing.
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 1:04 PM
Just scored his first goal for Rangers. Gerrard said earlier in the week that Ovie had played his best 90 minutes for them this week against Ufa in the Europa League. Don't forget about this guy.
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 1:01 PM
Simon, the answer to your seemingly dumbfounded questions quoted in The Echo this morning is simple: You're not very good. And if you are now trying to cause trouble in the final week of the transfer window for a team that has everything going for it,
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 12:37 PM
https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/simon-mignolet-questions-bizarre-loris-15075112 Quote “The transfer of Karius doesn't change anything for me, ” he said to Het Laatste Nieuws. “I have always been clear: I want to play. “Bein
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 10:49 AM
Falling faster than an whores knickers FFS!
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 5:37 AM
Quote from heimdall on Yesterday at 10:53:44 pm Fair enough but both Migs and Karius actually got worse under Achterburg. You can argue that.
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 4:56 AM
Quote from Ribapuru on Yesterday at 09:17:28 pm They'll be praising him for this, Klopp will politely tell him not to do this again though I think. Jesus Christ, I fell asleep thirty minutes into the match but th
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 4:13 AM
Thought he made a good impact as a sub today and hope to see him on from the start next Saturday.
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 4:12 AM
Came on in the 88th minute to make his debut for Hertha today.