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LFC Reds - Mon Sep 17 4:33 PM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 on Yesterday at 01:59:39 pm Calm down, 4 of their 5 games have been Spurs, Chelsea, City and Arsenal. All of them teams are significantly stronger and should be looking to beat virtually every te
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 15 4:25 PM
2-0 Down at home to Arsenal Could be gone by Jan.. If not he will walk away season end.. Had sh*t luck with owners..
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 21 7:25 PM
Day 2 EPL, VAR Quiz: Cardiff v Newcastle: Incident: Serious Foul Play by Newcastle player. Decision: No Decision Taken. VAR Review? Decision Overturned. Free kick, Straight Red Card, and standard 3 league game suspension for offe
LFC Reds - Sat Aug 18 4:52 PM
Rafa would have every reason to moan today that was as bad a performance I have seen in the EPL. Kennedy did not make a single pass to a team mate in the first half. Manquillo (remember him) was taken off at half time as he was on a yellow and having a
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 14 1:07 PM
City Huddersfield (h) Wolves (a) Newcastle (h) Fulham (h) Cardiff (a) Brighton (h) Liverpool Palace b
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 13 10:05 AM
Quote from CT_LFC on Aug 10, 2018 08:39:55 pm Rafa having to sell in order to buy is irrelevant. If he sells 3 players and gets 30 million, can he then use that money to buy a 30M player or is it true that he'd only be ab
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 10 1:45 PM
Rafa wanted more players and Mike Ashley bought House Of Fraser. I suppose it's a bit different than the table and lamp scenario, but not by much.
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 8 5:35 AM
Quote from lfc across the water on Aug 06, 2018 07:53:04 pm He signed 5 new players this summer, the same as we did. Anyway, we're up there in our last away game. So it would be nice if they had nothing at stake, so we c
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 6 7:44 PM
He signed 5 new players this summer, the same as we did. Anyway, we're up there in our last away game. So it would be great if they had nothing at stake and decided to play some football, so we could go there and show him that this club can win the le
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 2 12:36 AM
Poor bugger certainly picks the clubs with f**king terrible owners doesn't he. Newcastle United: Rafa Benitez says pre-season defeat to Braga a 'wake up call' Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez says the club's fans "need to be concerned" after a 4-0
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 16 5:29 PM
Hi fellow Reds I am looking for 2 tickets for the Liverpool/Newcastle game December 26.. I know its still a bit far off but I wanted to get in early. I will be coming in from Canada and am trying to line up everything ahead of time. Any recommendati
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 27 10:57 PM
jeez why the f**k is he still banging on about Rafa imagine what he would have been like between 1966/67 and 1972/73 when Shankly won nothing at all yet we know he was laying the foundation for the greatest period in the clubs history. 2006 Rafa won th
LFC Reds - Sat Jun 23 12:29 PM
Quote from Kopite78 You don't get the club You're just illinformed and frankly and embarrassment The only part he doesn't get, is saying that Keegan got Newcastle into the European Cup, when the UEFA Cup was as far as he got. The rest of his
LFC Reds - Tue May 22 8:39 AM
Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp is targeting one of two English centre-backs this summer, Newcastle's Jamaal Lascelles, 24, or Burnley's James Tarkowski, 25 url=https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/transfers/liverpool-transfer-news-jurge
LFC Reds - Sun May 20 1:42 AM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 on Today at 12:31:59 am Give it a rest. We get the picture that you don’t rate Rafa, trust me, there is really no need to keep banging on about it repeating the same old stuff, especially whe
LFC Reds - Fri May 18 2:27 PM
A while ago, he was all set for an 8th place cliffhanger against Puel and Allardyce. Except he lost the next 4 games, including at home to West Brom. So had to settle for 10th, firmly in the middle of nowhere positions. He hasn't said yet who he will
LFC Reds - Mon May 14 7:43 AM
Such a classy guy, my manager of the season after Klopp. Smashed Chelsea 3-0 to cap off an unbelievable season for the magpies!
LFC Reds - Sun May 13 6:21 PM
Rafa Rafael Rafa Rafael Rafa Rafael Rafael Benitez 🎶
LFC Reds - Sun Apr 29 9:56 PM
6 consecutive defeats on the road for them now. Bournemouth, Swansea, Spurs, Brighton, Newcastle and today United. Bunch of gutless half-men.
LFC Reds - Fri Apr 20 6:35 PM
Quote from lfc across the water on Today at 03:37:06 pm Yes, it's a sign of holding his football record to account. I'm quite happy when the thread is quiet tbh, so I can talk about our club instead of his. But when I
LFC Reds - Wed Apr 18 5:12 PM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 Wow, this is looking pretty daft now. Won 4/4 since we beat them, including against Leicester and Arsenal, can potentially go 8th by winning their game in hand, above the Bitters and well clear of the drop. Damn good job g
LFC Reds - Sun Apr 15 5:21 PM
10th, 2-1 won against the Arse HBD boss YNWA.
LFC Reds - Wed Mar 7 5:22 PM
Quote from lfc across the water on Today at 05:04:29 pm I won't be discussing anything with him. I severed all ties to him after his behaviour to drive our players out of the club such as Alonso, Keane, and many other
LFC Reds - Mon Mar 5 8:11 PM
When we win the champions league. We get automatic qualification don’t we.?
LFC Reds - Sun Mar 4 3:16 PM
Quote from Shabs on Today at 02:55:52 pm Fantastic seeing Rafa at Anfield again & what a reception he got Deservedly so.. YNWA.. Spot on. He’s got some job in his hands.
LFC Reds - Sat Mar 3 7:40 PM
Quote from Ribapuru on Today at 07:35:30 pm Karius made a couple of saves, one of them was world class. His distribution was great and he came out to collect the ball numerous times. He is not a keeper stuck on his li
LFC Reds - Sat Mar 3 5:24 PM
Their keeper is good but is he Salah-proof good? Liverpool keeper unchanged for the 6th game in a row. Longest unchanged spell since end of last season/start of this.
LFC Reds - Sat Mar 3 4:33 PM
We're back, which means it's matchday and Liverpool take on Newcastle United later today in a 5.30pm GMT kick-off at Anfield. With 10 games to go in the Premier League season and the Reds currently sitting in third, there's no room for any let-up as we
LFC Reds - Sat Mar 3 4:11 AM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Today at 12:06:52 am Nothing has been said that suggests that it will be postponed. From the Newcastle side, their fans have been warned that their may/will be travel disruptions as it
LFC Reds - Fri Mar 2 1:44 AM
Just get the W Boys, can't f**king wait for this one. Have missed our Heavy Metal football for a week.