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LFC Reds - Sun Aug 26 1:43 PM
No one questions having Milner in the first team‭ anymore. That says it all. He’s been a fantastic signing.
LFC Reds - Sat Aug 25 2:27 PM
I LOVE WOLVES! F**k Me City already dropping pts. Are we seeing the stress creeping in? We know Pep fears us, we know Jürgen can break him down tactically. I think City are under pressure and know that Liverpool can take it from them.
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 24 12:28 PM
Started the season very well, fair play. Nasty scar on his forehead from that pre-season injury he picked up!
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 23 11:31 PM
Knocked back a £2 billion offer for the club from the cousin of the Man City owner.. 👀 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6092431/Cousin-Man-City-owner-failed-world-record-2bn-takeover-Liverpool.html I know it’s the Fail..
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 23 7:36 AM
Keith. Quick note mate. If you are going to try to get sponsors out from under every stone to include Chevrolet who don't even sell cars here anymore and coffee machines FFS then do have a word with Edwards and get some class. My favourite jeans for a
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 22 2:21 PM
5 - James Milner v Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park. Premier League. 20/8/18 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kRssfDRipM 6 - Sadio Mane (3) v Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park. Premier League 20/8/18 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObUPJ6cw2yg
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 21 11:29 PM
Quote from Keith Singleton on Yesterday at 06:53:08 pm Would be amazing if you did pull if off this season but the gulf is to big I hope. You're still a w**ker!! Nothing has changed in all these mont