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Dirty Tackle - Mon Aug 13 5:46 PM
To the casual observer, it seems reasonably clear that the balance of power has shifted in North London. Arsenal finished above their fierce rivals Tottenham for 22 consecutive seasons, but in 2016-17, that streak ended emphatically. There is evidence to suggest that Tottenham will remain the mor...
Dirty Tackle - Tue Aug 7 4:36 PM
With the new Premier League season rapidly approaching, there’s a nervous sort of excitement building around Arsenal, as the North London outfit prepares to embark on its first season since 1996 without Arsene Wenger in charge. Although the cautionary tale that was David Moyes’ appointment at Man...
Dirty Tackle - Thu May 31 3:08 PM
Arsene Wenger is some bookmakers' favorite to replace Zinedine Zidane as the next Real Madrid manager. But he's not the best candidate.
Dirty Tackle - Wed May 23 3:18 AM
Arsenal is a major club, even if it hasn’t behaved that way in years. Was this really the right move for Arsenal? Why do that with the likes of Juventus wizard Max Allegri, or former Barcelona boss Luis Enrique, or the recently nabbed Thomas Tuchel supposedly on the market?
Dirty Tackle - Tue May 22 11:28 PM
Unai Emery is the new Arsenal manager. That much we know for sure.
Dirty Tackle - Mon May 21 7:56 PM
Unai Emery, who led Sevilla to three consecutive Europa League titles, and who most recently was ousted at PSG, will reportedly be Arsenal's next manager.
Dirty Tackle - Mon May 7 10:57 PM
Just days after appearing healthy and happy on the field at Old Trafford to present his old foe Arsene Wenger with a commemorative trophy, Sir Alex Ferguson is in hospital, following emergency surgery on a brain hemorrhage. Across the world, rivalries have been cast aside as well-wishers pay tribute
Dirty Tackle - Sun May 6 4:52 PM
Arsene Wenger got a great reception from players and Arsenal fans before his last match at the Emirates.
Dirty Tackle - Thu May 3 10:25 PM
Arsene Wenger managed 250 European games at Arsenal. His last was a 1-0 loss at Atletico Madrid that ensured he'd leave without a European trophy.
Dirty Tackle - Sun Apr 29 7:05 PM
When Arsene Wenger announced just nine days ago that he would be stepping down as Arsenal manager at season’s end, there was widespread relief. Hope that the timing of the announcement would instantly reenergize the club, and allow Wenger to receive the extended sendoff he deserved. It’s been “same
Dirty Tackle - Sun Apr 29 5:11 PM
Arsene Wenger was greeted pitchside by Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho as applause from Manchester United fans rung out around Old Trafford.
Dirty Tackle - Thu Apr 26 10:24 PM
Arsenal played 80 minutes of 11-v-10 soccer against Atletico Madrid, and has nothing to show for it in the Europa League semifinals.
Dirty Tackle - Sat Apr 21 1:38 AM
Arsene Wenger succeeded and failed at Arsenal for the same reason. Arsenal's understanding of that reason will define its new era.
Dirty Tackle - Fri Apr 20 10:44 PM
There’s still the matter of a Premier League season to conclude and a Europa League trophy to contest. It’s the day that, even while increasingly clamoring for it, a great number of Arsenal fans perhaps never truly believed would arrive. For many Arsenal supporters of a certain age, Wenger is the...
Dirty Tackle - Fri Apr 20 6:36 PM
Arsenal players were as surprised as everybody else was when Arsene Wenger gathered them on Friday morning to say he'd be stepping down as manager.
Dirty Tackle - Fri Apr 20 6:01 PM
It’s not in Arsene Wenger’s nature to let you in. It’s that hands-off — or laissez faire, if you’re culturally inclined — approach that changed both Arsenal and the Premier League forever, and also perhaps led to his announcement Friday that after 22 years on one of club soccer’s hottest seats, W...
Dirty Tackle - Fri Apr 20 5:29 PM
From the big names to the Gunners legends to a couple of young German studs, here are the top candidates to succeed Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager.
Dirty Tackle - Fri Apr 20 3:36 PM
Arsenal Wenger led Arsenal to three league titles and seven FA Cups in the longest managerial career of the Premier League era.
Dirty Tackle - Tue Apr 17 10:57 PM
Barcelona is close to becoming the historical equivalent of 1991-92 AC Milan and 2003-04 Arsenal. But it isn't being treated like those teams were.
Dirty Tackle - Tue Apr 17 9:56 PM
It’s no secret that Arsene Wenger is a divisive figure at Arsenal football club. Many stand by him for the incredible way in which he has revolutionized the club—and arguably English soccer—since he arrived on the scene. During his tenure, he has transformed “Boring, boring Arsenal” into one of the
Dirty Tackle - Sun Apr 15 4:03 PM
Arsenal, after yet another defeat away from home, this time at Newcastle, is just two points ahead of Burnley with five Premier League matches remaining.
Dirty Tackle - Fri Apr 13 11:21 AM
Arsenal and Atletico Madrid are the two favorites left, and they'll be matchup up in the Europa League semifinals.
Dirty Tackle - Thu Apr 12 10:38 PM
Arsenal and Atletico didn't just go through. Stunning comebacks and upsets elsewhere mean those two are the clear favorites to win the Europa League.
Dirty Tackle - Sun Apr 8 5:01 PM
Jack Wilshere has made what he’s made of himself in the Premier League in large part thanks to his feistiness. During stoppage time of Arsenal’s 3-2 win over the relegation battlers, Wilshere stepped up to challenge a Gunners turnover and spent a good 30 yards in the hip pocket of Southampton’s Jack
Dirty Tackle - Thu Apr 5 10:44 PM
Arsenal needs the Europa League to salvage an otherwise unsalvageable season. It looked capable of doing that on Thursday against CSKA Moscow.
Dirty Tackle - Thu Mar 8 9:23 PM
Arsenal surprised many by going into the San Siro and beating in-form AC Milan in the Europa League. AC Milan and Arsenal were in both similar and yet oh-so-different positions as the Europa League Round of 16 kicked off. Both are European giants currently on downswings, but Milan hadn’t lost in 75
Dirty Tackle - Tue Mar 6 6:52 AM
Antonio Conte has come under fire for Chelsea's defensive approach in a 1-0 loss at Manchester City. Some of the criticism is justified. But n
Dirty Tackle - Mon Mar 5 11:23 PM
A large proportion of soccer fans out there today will never have seen an Arsenal side without Arsene Wenger on the sidelines (no doubt struggling with the zipper on his coat). The 68-year-old has been Gunners manager since 1996—the same year that Arsenal’s recent Europa League opponents Ostersunds
Dirty Tackle - Fri Mar 2 2:55 AM
After an extended break thanks to the Olympics, the FC Yahoo podcast returns triumphantly (depending on who you ask) to discuss, among other things, Neymar’s unfortunate and complicated injury situation. Will he be back in time for Paris Saint-Germain’s Champions League semifinals? Will PSG even...
Dirty Tackle - Mon Feb 26 11:30 PM
FC Yahoo's Ryan Bailey looks at the controversy surrounding Pep Guardiola's yellow ribbon after Manchester City's League Cup victory over Arsenal.