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Dirty Tackle - Fri Apr 20 10:44 PM
There’s still the matter of a Premier League season to conclude and a Europa League trophy to contest. It’s the day that, even while increasingly clamoring for it, a great number of Arsenal fans perhaps never truly believed would arrive. For many Arsenal supporters of a certain age, Wenger is the...
Dirty Tackle - Fri Apr 20 6:36 PM
Arsenal players were as surprised as everybody else was when Arsene Wenger gathered them on Friday morning to say he'd be stepping down as manager.
Dirty Tackle - Fri Apr 20 6:01 PM
It’s not in Arsene Wenger’s nature to let you in. It’s that hands-off — or laissez faire, if you’re culturally inclined — approach that changed both Arsenal and the Premier League forever, and also perhaps led to his announcement Friday that after 22 years on one of club soccer’s hottest seats, W...
Dirty Tackle - Fri Apr 20 5:29 PM
From the big names to the Gunners legends to a couple of young German studs, here are the top candidates to succeed Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager.
Dirty Tackle - Fri Apr 20 3:36 PM
Arsenal Wenger led Arsenal to three league titles and seven FA Cups in the longest managerial career of the Premier League era.
Dirty Tackle - Tue Apr 17 10:57 PM
Barcelona is close to becoming the historical equivalent of 1991-92 AC Milan and 2003-04 Arsenal. But it isn't being treated like those teams were.
Dirty Tackle - Tue Apr 17 9:56 PM
It’s no secret that Arsene Wenger is a divisive figure at Arsenal football club. Many stand by him for the incredible way in which he has revolutionized the club—and arguably English soccer—since he arrived on the scene. During his tenure, he has transformed “Boring, boring Arsenal” into one of the
Dirty Tackle - Sun Apr 15 4:03 PM
Arsenal, after yet another defeat away from home, this time at Newcastle, is just two points ahead of Burnley with five Premier League matches remaining.