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Daily Telegraph - Mon Feb 19 9:33 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham could all make it through to the FA Cup semi-final after they were kept apart in the draw for the last eight. United have been handed a home tie against Brighton and Hove Albion after they beat and more »
Daily Telegraph - Thu Feb 15 4:11 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Tottenham Hotspur are willing to offer Mauricio Pochettino a lucrative new contract to lead the club into their £850 million stadium as reward for his impressive work that has attracted a number of suitors. Pochettino further enhanced his reputation and more »
Daily Telegraph - Wed Feb 14 7:28 PM
Telegraph.co.uk As the final whistle blew at the Allianz Stadium on Tuesday night, Mauricio Pochettino broke into a grin and slapped hands with his assistants. Harry Kane strode forward with his chest puffed out and maintained the steely gaze he had carried throughout and more »
Daily Telegraph - Wed Feb 14 6:27 AM
Telegraph.co.uk The entire football world will focus its gaze on Madrid on Wednesday night but the repercussions of another bad night for Zinedine Zidane may be most keenly felt in north London. It may seem bizarre that the future of a manager aiming to become the and more »
Daily Telegraph - Wed Feb 14 6:27 AM
Telegraph.co.uk The Italy international had to cope the triple threat of Dele Alli, Eriksen and Erik Lamela rotating to face him which is not a task many would relish. Medhi Benatia 5. The central defender cut out a dangerous Alli pass, but picked up a booking and and more »
Daily Telegraph - Wed Feb 14 2:53 AM
Telegraph.co.uk That was ace. 90 minutes of brilliant end-to-end football, a tactical battle, some skill, strong challenges and a terrific recovery by Spurs. This tie is nowhere near over! 9:34PM. 90 mins +2. Moura's turn of pace is ridiculous. He pretends to go one and more »
Daily Telegraph - Wed Feb 14 12:33 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Timing is everything in football, which is why Mauricio Pochettino's decision to leave Toby Alderweireld in England may go some way to shaping the path of his own career, as well as that of the defender's, this week. Pochettino takes Tottenham Hotspur and more »
Daily Telegraph - Tue Feb 13 11:27 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Toby Alderweireld is not due to travel to Turin for Tottenham Hotspur's biggest game of the season against Juventus, which will place a new question mark against the central defender's future. Tottenham fly to Turin on Monday for the first leg of their and more »
Daily Telegraph - Tue Feb 13 9:48 AM
Telegraph.co.uk The much-discussed balance of power in north London has shifted back to the white side, it seems. Well, that is what Tottenham Hotspur fans will be thinking after a memorable weekend in the Premier League, and a 1-0 thrashing, if there is such a thing and more »
Daily Telegraph - Tue Feb 13 9:30 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Both teams lined up in 4-3-3 formations and although Spurs enjoyed the majority of chances, they largely cancelled each other out in a nervy first half, with players on both sides rushing passes and wasting opportunities early on. Arsenal's strategy and more »
Daily Telegraph - Tue Feb 13 6:18 AM
Telegraph.co.uk The Premier League gap between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal had just been extended to a potentially irretrievable seven points when a further reminder of the shifting north London power balance became evident. While Mauricio Pochettino was stood at and more »