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He is like another player, there is no issue, Pochettino said. He was training like another player.
talkSport - 7:44 PM
Tactical, physical condition, technique, every single aspect because he's still very young, Pochettino said. He arrived late in the transfer market and with no proper pre-season because he was playing in the qualification for the national team in Colombia .
Guardian - 11:00 PM
He's so clever, and he's very humble, and he's very open to learn, Pochettino said. He's a player when you tell something his reaction is to be open, and be critical with himself, and that is a massive skill from a player, when he's so open to improve.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
It's true that this season we are beating our physical stats because when you play at Wembley, you use more energy, Pochettino said.
EPL Talk - 6:29 PM
You need good quality and capacity to drive -- an individual like Lamela can bring that quality to the team, Pochettino said.
Soccernet - 6:51 AM
It's true we've struggled a little bit with teams that come to Wembley and play deeper, Pochettino said.
EPL Talk - 1:49 AM
He never showed that feeling [of anger] to me, said Pochettino. That's why it surprised me when you asked me about it, because the day before we had a conversation and he never showed me that he was angry.
Tottenham Blog - 5:00 PM
I think it's not a moment to talk about that, all the players have contracts with us, they're all involved in our project, Pochettino said.
EPL Talk - 4:55 PM
We are waiting because now it is on him, Pochettino said. It is up to him to get the right feeling to say: 'I am here, I am available if you want, gaffer.
Guardian - 2:48 PM
This is not the moment to talk about that, said Pochettino. All players have contracts with us, involved in our project.
Sky Sports - 2:10 PM