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RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 11:56 PM
just signed for Derry City! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Cofie http://www.derrydaily.net/2017/11/28/latest-transfer-news-derry-city-sign-five-new-players/
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 10:58 PM
2018 PROVISIONAL F1 TESTING DATES PRE-SEASON TESTING February 26-March 1 Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona March 6-9 Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona IN-SEASON TESTING May 15-May 16 Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona July 31-August 1 Hungaroring, Budapest 2018 TEAMS AND ENGINE SUPPLIER Mercedes Mercede...
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 10:55 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 10:06 PM
Watford 0:1 Man Utd - Young (19') Watford 0:2 Man Utd - Young (25') Watford 0:3 Man Utd - Martial (32') Watford 1:3 Man Utd - Deeney (77' pen) Watford 2:3 Man Utd - Doucure (84') Watford 2:4 Man Utd - Lingard (86')
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 10:06 PM
A proper ball-playing centre-back who looks like he can actually defend. Credit to him for having the confidence in himself to keep playing his way and overcoming his nightmare start to his career here.
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 10:06 PM
It's been years since I looked forward to united match's so much. Some of the football over the last few years has been dire to watch but it looks like we have finally turned a corner again.
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 10:05 PM
Ashley Simon Young Jul 9, 1985 (32) England 1.76 m ​
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 10:03 PM
Let the discussion begin
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 10:02 PM
in 6 if our first 14 games in the PL this season. Prior to this season, we'd scored only 4 times in 6 of the previous 121 games.
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 8:40 PM
Seems that Jesé Lingard bashing is the new in-thing. He’s the anti-Christ to attacking football, a player who is stealing a living and worse than all other players in the PL. And that’s just the opinion of United fans. This thread http://www.redcafe.net/threads/worst-pl-players-stealing-a-living....
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 4:59 PM
Yet another dark, psychologically twisted Netflix mini-series. Watched the first episode last night and enjoyed it. Only six epsiodes, so am hoping it won't crawl up its own arse the way a lot of their content with longer seasons seems to do. Anyone else watching?
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 3:19 PM
i was wondering whether the search facility could have a few added features. A From and To date range, rather than just a From - to allow searching a specific period, or up to a certain date. Another Order by: ‘earliest’ Thanks
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 2:03 PM
A thread for general discussion in the build-up to the World Cup. The draw takes place on Friday (3 PM GMT). Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Following the approval of the draw procedures for the Final Draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in September 2017, the Click to expand World Cup 2018 | Draw o...
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 12:47 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date They are quoting sun, who have gone with the story. He can leave at end of season for cheap and hasnt signed a contract. They signed Sancho from city in summer and have been on a youngster signing spree in recent years. Looks like another problem on the horizon fo...
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 11:57 AM
TEAM TUPPET ​ VS ​ TEAM LORD SINISTER ​ TACTICS TEAM TUPPET Its hard to actually pinpoint the positions of players in static Dominoes draft: Grand Finale - Tuppet vs Lord SInister
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 9:42 AM
Thought it was worth having a thread just for this as it will be over all four shows. I'm nearly done with the supergirl episode, loving it so far and Mick has been awesome as always with some great lines.
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 7:38 AM
Considering where we are last season I'd say 3rd is about par. 2nd is great and 1st is magnificent. I'd wager most people would be happy with 2nd considering how strong City is currently, and would just take 2nd, but would you be take 3rd if the league ends tomorrow?
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 7:35 AM
All games we dropped points in last season, and got a massive 1 point from twelve. Watford away - lost 3-1 Arsenal away - lost 2-0 City home - lost 1-2 Bournemouth home - drew 1-1 What would be an acceptable points return for the corresponding fixtures this season?
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 7:31 AM
Inspired by the "How to beat City?" thread. Is everyone feeling super confident that we will beat Watford and go undefeated at Arsenal? Marco Silva and his Watford team are in good form and play decent football. Considering we have Arsenal in 3 more days, how does Mourinho rotate to keep our play...
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 5:58 AM
THE FIFTH REDCAFE SHEEP DRAFT ​ ​ Sheep for you. Sheep for you. Sheep for everyone!​ What's a sheep draft and how does it work? Before every round, the mods will post new criteria . Every manager has to PM the mods their pick that meets the criteria . By default, every manager will be The Fifth R...
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 5:22 AM
Anybody with a better knowledge about his films than I? Could you recommend any other anime films? The first one I saw was 'Akira' which I thought was quite brilliant and a revelation and a contrast to the American Disney and Dreamworks animations (great in their own way). I've only seen a few of...
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 4:37 AM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Photos: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-42133502
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 4:03 AM
I‘m looking for movies à la Memento, Shutter Island, Arlington Road, Inception any new ones about? People, recommend me some!
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 3:16 AM
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Girlfriend, 26, chops off her 40-year-old boyfriend's penis with garden shears while he's asleep. A 26-year-old Argentine woman has been arrested after cutting off her lover's penis with a pair of gardening shears. Brenda Barattini, an architect, attacked t...
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 2:46 AM
Midweek football! Yay!! Fixtures: League Table:
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 1:43 AM
Love documentaries, conspiracy theories that aren’t too ridiculous, mysterious, paranormal type stuff, nothing too maniacal (Alex Jones) etc Can anybody steer me towards some interesting thought provoking things to watch?? Many thanks
RedCafe.net - Tue Nov 28 12:34 AM
http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/27/this- ng-out-racism-in-grassroots-football-7111266/ Football is a rough game as it is. But for one team, they’re deciding to challenge the racism directed towards their team and implore the FA to resolve it ‘fast’. After spending several hours in A&E with a teammate...
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 11:51 PM
If you were to ask someone who the two best managers in the game who's currently active are, then there's a high chance they'd answer Pep and Mourinho. There is no secret that these two are very different, both in terms of personality and playstyle. Mourinho may have his teams play attacking and...
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 9:46 PM
Here's a Chelsea kid doing it over the weekend. I love this type of goal. What others are there? Only stipulation, the player must receive the ball in his own half and not lose possession until he scores Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 9:08 PM
Question. Is it just me or does this season’s crop seem to be at some kind of all-time low when it comes to players to feel excited about? And if so, why? Hopefully, it’s just a combination of me being less clued in about who to look out for and the general nostalgia factor where all things Manch...
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 4:42 PM
At Merseyrail Community Stadium Kick off at 7pm Live on MUTV
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 4:19 PM
Montella's demise was coming, that much was clear to see, but replacing him with flipping Gattuso is not one but several steps in the wrong direction. He was a great player but his previous stints at Sion, Palermo, OFI Crete and Pisa have resulted in an underwhelming 31.4 percent winning rate, wh...
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 2:31 PM
"Romelu Lukaku’s kickout directed at Brighton defender Gaetan Bong was missed by officials on Saturday - but a punishment could still ensue Although the striker did not look at Bong, a frustrated Lukaku appeared to lash out at the defender in his own penalty area in the run up to United’s eventua...
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 12:36 PM
I'm very tempted to go to this as a kind of final last far away trip for me. I've registered for the match ticket ballot but was wondering if the Caf has any seasoned travelers to Japan? The Wales games I am most interested in are October 9th and 13th and both are on Kyushu island. There are dire...
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 12:19 PM
Nik @Rood , Colm @Duafc and Ed @That'sHernandez try to work out how the hell we managed to lose to Basel; before celebrating the return of Pogba and Zlatan with the win against the Geordies. We finish by discussing our chances of catching City in the league. Podomatic (for Itunes and Android app...
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 11:20 AM
#saynotomegathreads From the Independant - Jose Mourinho has admitted that he is powerless to stop Marouane Fellaini from leaving Manchester United at the end of the season after the Click to expand Jose Mourinho admits he is powerless to stop Marouane Fellaini leaving Manchester United
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 4:19 AM
"Romelu Lukaku’s kickout directed at Brighton defender Gaetan Bong was missed by officials on Saturday - but a punishment could still ensue Although the striker did not look at Bong, a frustrated Lukaku appeared to lash out at the defender in his own penalty area in the run up to United’s eventua...
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 3:16 AM
Fantastic show, anyone seen it, very funny, shazbot!
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 1:45 AM
i saw a few episodes and it’s genuinely funny. Tim Allen and the guy who plays Al Borland are really funny. Has anyone else seen this?
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 12:54 AM
The ‘World’s Most Entertaining Police Recruitment Video’ has been launched by New Zealand Police today in a bid to attract hundreds of new cops to apply. The two and a half minute video, released via the New Zealand Police Recruitment Facebook page, stars a huge range of New Zealand Police staff...
RedCafe.net - Mon Nov 27 12:13 AM
Campaigners call government proposals to take short-term supported housing out of welfare system a ‘matter of life and death’: Guardian said: The lives of vulnerable women and children will be put at risk by proposed changes to funding for refuges, abuse survivors and charities have warned. In li...
RedCafe.net - Sun Nov 26 7:31 PM
The derby is coming up, and it seems like a 'must win ' for us if our title aspirations are to be taken seriously. Ive been thinking about it, and beyond parking the bus and hoping to score on the counter or off a set piece, Im not sure what else he can do? How does Mourinho have to set...
RedCafe.net - Sun Nov 26 6:09 PM
Great weekend for United. City, Arsenal and Spurs have all dropped points.
RedCafe.net - Sun Nov 26 6:06 PM
i saw a few episodes and it’s genuinely funny. Tim Allen and the guy who plays Al Borland are really funny. Has anyone else seen this?
RedCafe.net - Sun Nov 26 2:52 PM
This guy played in Real Madrid's B team from 2014 to 2016 but actually turns out to be a decent striker. At 24 years old he's relatively young-ish and he's on 11 goals in all competitions so far.
RedCafe.net - Sun Nov 26 12:39 PM
"Romelu Lukaku’s kickout directed at Brighton defender Gaetan Bong was missed by officials on Saturday - but a punishment could still ensue Although the striker did not look at Bong, a frustrated Lukaku appeared to lash out at the defender in his own penalty area in the run up to United’s eventua...
RedCafe.net - Sun Nov 26 11:03 AM
- You've the wealth of a PSG, City or the bankrolling version of Chelsea. BUT you want a break even on your money within 15yrs of initially winning the league, and you want the club to be self-sufficient within 5yrs of winning the Premier League. - You can pick any team in any tier of English foo...
RedCafe.net - Sun Nov 26 8:43 AM
New western mini series on Netflix. Definitely worth watching. A brief non spoiler summary would be a town full of widows intersecting with a feud between 2 outlaws. - Lead actors are superb. Merritt Wever steals the show but I don't there is one weak performance in there. - The series is beautif...
RedCafe.net - Sun Nov 26 5:21 AM
Hi folks. As many know, I've got quite the challenging life, and not in the good way. Ultimately it boils down to "i need to be entertained to keep my mind off of pains", the issue I face is that I'm running out of stuff to entertain myself with and keep me interested. I'm closing in on platinumi...
RedCafe.net - Sun Nov 26 1:36 AM
Honest and outspoken chat with Rio, Lampard and Gerrard over how the "Golden Generation" of England failed to reach their promise, partly because of club rivalry. Thought it warranted its own thread. Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Sun Nov 26 1:27 AM
Solomon Rondon, the guy has only scored 3 times in his last 33 appearances, a stat I saw today, I hadn't realized how bad he was -- insanely shit and can't even hold up a ball, missed a really good chance towards the end of the game against Spurs, poor awareness. I don't understand why West Brom...
RedCafe.net - Sun Nov 26 1:25 AM
According to Sky sports news : Jose Mourinho has offered Michael Carrick a place on his coaching staff once the Manchester United captain retires from playing. Click to expand http://www.skysports.com/football/n chester-united-coaching-staff-when-he-retires Jose Mourinho has offered Michael Carri...
RedCafe.net - Sun Nov 26 12:55 AM
Seems like nobody actually talk about it. And how impressive is it? Am very surprised that it’s been 39 matches now. That’s a full league season. http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/25/jose- -busbys-record-for-manchester-united-7108380/ Does anyone has a full list of opponents that we faced during this ru...
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 11:19 PM
Let the discussion begin
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 9:34 PM
Nik @Rood , Colm @Duafc and Ed @That'sHernandez try to work out how the hell we managed to lose to Basel; before celebrating the return of Pogba and Zlatan with the win against the Geordies. We finish by discussing our chances of catching City in the league. Podomatic (for Itunes and Android app...
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 8:01 PM
How will he fare in his first season? Instant impact making Liverpool serious contenders for top 3 or does he require serious amount of rebuilding? Squad looks awfully fragile when a couple of key players are out so surely this won't be plain sailing for The Normal One?
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 6:01 PM
I realised that I miss the era with all these magnificient Premier League legends. You know, Scholes, Giggs, Lampard, Gerrard, Rio, Terry, Drogba, Henry and many more. Which of the current crop of PL players can actually qualify as PL legends? Right now I can only think of two: Rooney, Cech. I mi...
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 2:59 PM
Recommend me some TV series. Finally got myself a 4K TV, and I need to watch some UHD stuff on it. Stranger Things?? Orange is the New Black??? Peaky Blinders??? Ta in advance.
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 2:01 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date BIGGEST FOOTBALL KIT DEALS Club Brand Per year Years Barcelona Nike £100m 2018-28 Manchester United Adidas £75m 2015-25 Chelsea Nike £60m 2017-32 Bayern Munich Adidas £42.5m 2015-30 Barcelona Nike £35m 2008-18 Real Madrid Adidas £34m 2012-20 Chelsea Adidas £30m 20...
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 1:00 PM
welcome to the all time Test Cricket Draft. Kindly confirm your places
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 12:10 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Apparently at £500k a week after tax with €700m release clause
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 11:21 AM
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 10:22 AM
https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/ex -emery-let-pick-choose-matches-172200389.html Neymar is really upset with Emery, ” said a source. “Because of Cavani, style of play, and privileges Neymar wants. He wants to be able to decide when he doesn’t have to play a game Click to expand The Brazilian has...
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 10:11 AM
At City Football Academy Kick off at 11am BST Live on MUTV
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 8:35 AM
http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42116499 "I was not happy with his last performances, " said Mourinho of a player who has scored twice in 16 games this season. "It's not one or two, I am talking about three, four or five."
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 1:22 AM
I know there have been many defeats that our club has suffered but which game hurt you most. For me was the 3-1 loss to barca in UCL final 2010. I have never getting dominated like that by an opposing side under sir alex. Of course the 6-1 loss to city also hurted a lot and still hurts. Which gam...
RedCafe.net - Sat Nov 25 12:28 AM
Hello fellow United Bros/Sis, Is there is sny place to watch our Love tomorrow at North London? Love & Peace Paul Scholes
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 9:15 PM
Hello fellow Hip-Hop junkies! I was in the middle of creating a thread for another album that I really like, when I thought that I might as well just save myself from creating so many when I can just update this one instead. I will be taking requests for Hip-Hop or genre related albums and music,...
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 8:33 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 6:21 PM
So I've been reading various ideas across the forum of where we are likely to or need strengthening, and many of the suggestions involve signing a goalscoring #10 in the Griezmann/Dybala mould. This obviously would shackle Pogba a little in terms of positional discipline, and would create a situa...
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 6:20 PM
All that is being said is it is a customer Incident. Oxford Circus station is evacuated as armed police respond to incident. Met Police are saying if you are on Oxford Street , then you need to go into a building
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 5:53 PM
England currently beating Russia 5-0
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 5:18 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 5:18 PM
All that is being said is it is a customer Incident. Oxford Circus station is evacuated as armed police respond to incident. Met Police are saying if you are on Oxford Street , then you need to go into a building
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 4:11 PM
https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/ranked-10-best-premier-league-sides-ever Harsh on Fergie and United 1. The Invincibles 2. Chelsea 04/05 3. Chelsea 16/17 4. United 08/09 (of all Fergie teams) Apparently, they used two criteria: most points and/or no losses.
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 3:00 PM
welcome to the all time Test Cricket Draft
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 2:12 PM
For United, I do would take: DDG Walker-Azpilicueta-Rojo-Alonso Pogba-Matic-KdB Salah-Morata-Hazard I know I kinda overrate Rojo, but I love him too much . Also I don't consider Spurs rivals, for whatever reason, so no Kane or Rose.
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 2:05 PM
So Iborra is set to join Leicester. Weird decision from him. But i guess money talk. @SfcNervion Regarding the other teams, big summer ahead for Barca. They need a massive overhaul at the back and in the middle.
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 12:09 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 11:08 AM
Starts with a Friday game! Fixtures: Table:
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 10:38 AM
Not the very best but effective and a real threat on their day, better than the sum of their parts, and British as in played in England, Scotland, Wales Eg, Woodcock and Withe, Dixon and Speedie, Sherringham and Klinsmann
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 10:34 AM
Apparently, 'bandy' is the national sport of Russia, but they've invested a lot of time and money into football, and unlike other massive nations (India, China, USA) they have a rich history and base from which to question how a nation of such mass is, and has, been so bad for so long. England ge...
RedCafe.net - Fri Nov 24 1:27 AM
Nik @Rood , Colm @Duafc and Ed @That'sHernandez try to work out how the hell we managed to lose to Basel; before celebrating the return of Pogba and Zlatan with the win against the Geordies. We finish by discussing our chances of catching City in the league. Podomatic (for Itunes and Android app...
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 10:41 PM
We've had a best front three thread, now for the best front twos. Despite there being many strike partnerships I can't really think of any top top quality ones. Yorke and Cole was obviously a great partnership but they were never top top level strikers (I actually remember a Teletext poll in the...
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 8:09 PM
With Fellaini's contract saga being dragged on and on and I honestly don't think he's worth getting paid for than 120k a week which is what he's demanding. And there was also a rumor that PSG are looking at him. I don't know how true it is which got me thinking why don't we get Pastore to replace...
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 7:10 PM
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giovanni_Falcone https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paolo_Borsellino http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-42022142 Noticed no thread on it and i think it deserved mentioning
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 6:28 PM
Issues with posts randomly not showing paragraph spacing. Geeks?
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 6:06 PM
Obviously, we have the means to make deals for two top attackers and a top full back but in 2018 that is going to be some serious coin to achieve. Two top attackers - of the calibre we are desperate for - could easily cost £200m if they are of the right age and profile. Easy. A top LB at...
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 5:51 PM
Saw this on celtsarehere.com a celtic website. they claim L'Equipe a french newspaper are reporting that Moussa Dembele is in talks with Utd. It is also being reorted by the Guardian Sun and Metro. Guardian: Moussa Dembélé is today being linked with a move to Manchester United. After scoring 32 g...
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 5:50 PM
I'd link but the only English one I can find now is from the Sun but yeah, fecking hell. Happened in Milan in 2013 with 5 others apparently.
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 4:45 PM
Basically, they're arguing I'm touting tickets because I have transferred tickets in other peoples names over the last few years. They can't believe I've done this mostly helping out fans mostly from abroad on this website. Not even refunding the cost of remaining games. I can still go to games w...
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 3:56 PM
We saw Angel Di Maria perform to high standard playing in a midfield three for Real Madrid under Carlo Ancelotti, and I've read that PSG's Julian Draxler has also been performing well in this role lately by several people on this site now, which prompted me to make this thread. What do people on...
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 2:53 PM
Currently on 23 goals / 2 assists in 24 apps, including 6 goals in the CL.
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 1:31 PM
I'll start. Paul Gallagher and Jon Stead Fred and Nilmar Chris Waddle and Glenn Hoddle
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 1:24 PM
Essential viewing for any Manchester United fan!!! Its been 25 year since the King arrived in Manchester. Fantastic interview from the boys at Full-Time Devils
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 1:22 PM
Manchester has an excellent musical history - which band or artist is the best in your view? Below are bands or artists from the Manchester area from varying eras. What I'd like you to do is to also think outside your own preference and attribute those based on achievement, sales etc. I'm not a S...
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 11:48 AM
Striker A who scores goals(say one goal per two match) but is inconsistent with everything else. Or a Striker B who will not score as much as the A(say 1goal per three match) but links up well, brings team-mates into attack and also has high defensive contributions.
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 11:16 AM
Welcome to what promises to be a fascinating thread full of well balanced and rational discussion. I have been thinking recently about the changes the team has undergone since Fergusons last year, and where we are at now. One common trend is that a huge amount of our fans don't seem to particular...
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 11:06 AM
Old thread was locked http://www.skysports.com/football/n o-dybala-will-leave-juventus-says-mino-raiola
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 8:18 AM
Hi guys, i am the owner of a Fifa Mobile League. We are ranked 190 and i have one spot left now. We won 20 of the 21 lvl's we played in the new season. I am looking for a 88+ ovr super active loyal player. League Details Name: SAK Premier League Crest: LIGA ITALIA Members: 31/32 Rank: 197 Fans:...
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 4:07 AM
Once again we looked abysmal with these two in the middle. Only good game was maybe against Tottenham game where we nicked a goal. That Huddersfield game was the worst. Against Basel, once Pogba went off we lost control of midfield even with Fellaini as a midfield three. Any armchair experts here...
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 4:00 AM
Mail logic: Football bloke goes to London = he must be having an interview ~ Brendan Rodgers spotted in London so was the former Liverpool manager using Waterloo Station to get to a job interview? *Brendan Rodgers was spotted at Waterloo on Monday afternoon *Fulham, QPR and Charlton are all on th...
RedCafe.net - Thu Nov 23 12:42 AM
To be clear, I'm not overreacting, I'm okay with results. However, I don't remember when last time we dominated games with 70% possession in first half and we were looking like a team in free-flowing goals only if our player should've done better in converting it to goal, could've been up 3/4-0 i...
RedCafe.net - Wed Nov 22 10:18 PM
Honestly it's near disgraceful that a top club like United doesn't have specialized fullbacks that are decent. Aswell as this we have no RW and no decent back up to Pogba. The average players are bringing this team down. Like city did in the summer we have to do to truly bring this team forward....
RedCafe.net - Wed Nov 22 9:58 PM
I reckon we will draw Real Madrid.
RedCafe.net - Wed Nov 22 9:51 PM
Let the discussion begin
RedCafe.net - Wed Nov 22 9:42 PM
RedCafe.net - Wed Nov 22 7:52 PM
Inspired from the clips posted in the De Niro/Pacino thread, let's have a collection of iconic scenes. I'll start with one of my absolute favourites.
RedCafe.net - Wed Nov 22 2:04 PM
Kick off at 3pm GMT Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Wed Nov 22 2:01 PM
Thought it might be worth making a new thread, as a lot of what is happening now can't be put in the General Election thread. So it seems like the Tories are all backing Theresa (for the moment): Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Meanwhile Labour can't decide wheth...
RedCafe.net - Wed Nov 22 12:00 PM
I think Plato had it nailed, we're on our way to tyranny.
RedCafe.net - Wed Nov 22 5:50 AM
CHARLES SALE - SPORTS AGENDA: Joey Barton said on Alan Brazil’s breakfast show on Monday that Everton’s plight was comparable to being left with the fat bird at the end of the disco.
RedCafe.net - Wed Nov 22 4:44 AM
Now the stories of LVG to Everton is going around. What do you think? Would he do a good job at Everton?
RedCafe.net - Wed Nov 22 12:02 AM
Horrible news Just confirmed by the club
RedCafe.net - Wed Nov 22 12:02 AM
So what's the Caf's opinion? Famous Pacino movies: Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Scarface, Godfather trilogy, Scent of a Woman, Carlito's Way, Sea of Love, Insomnia, Donnie Brasco, The Insider, The Devil's Advocate, Glengarry Glen Ross. Famous De Niro movies: Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Raging Bull, C...