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RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 24 11:09 PM
Has told Bayern he has already reached an agreement with an English club for the summer. Obvious speculation either Arsenal or Chelsea.
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 24 10:53 PM
Big on the the Hip Hop/trap thing Can do other things etc
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 24 10:31 PM
Has told Bayern he has already reached an agreement with an English club for the summer. Obvious speculation either Arsenal or Chelsea.
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 24 8:36 PM
I saw a message from my friend, his message is very excellent. Bayern Munich - an Excellent student, is very respectful and disciplined. Great in studies, but sometimes falls short during major exams. Manchester United- Used to be the best student under his favourite teacher, but now has started...
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 24 7:49 PM
Anyone watching the Brazil v Russia match? 3-0 Brazil. Cruising. Probably favorites for the WC along with 2-3 others.
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 24 6:55 PM
I mean prior to the 2006/07 season when he really went up to a whole other level and began his journey to being considered one of the best players of all time? Before this many (including some United fans) were labelling him a show-pony or flashy with no real end product. So at this time were you...
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 24 5:00 PM
Sorry if there's already a thread, I made no attempt to look for one. Anyone seen the several videos that are doing the rounds? Why can't people just go and watch a football match like civilised people and respect the country they're in? Did anybody on here go?
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 24 4:35 PM
So I've read in many sources that United succeeded in Europe in the 90s and early 00s with a bunch of good but not great players. What say you (and opposition fans)? I feel this is a complete underrating of the group of players we had compared to the more 'exotic' European teams. I'll include my...
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 24 12:43 PM
Seeing as VAR is now being used more often and is going to be at the World Cup, we should probably have a dedicated thread to discuss it. The times it was used correctly, incorrectly, its benefits, its negatives, some videos of it being used etc. I think we can all agree that we want refereeing d...
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 24 1:28 AM
Jesus, does this guy ever lose a debate? I watched many videos of his arguments and I’m yet to see one where he is stumped, speechless or lost for arguments. I don’t share his views on many things but the guy is persuasive as hell. Even if he is debating with me on my life, I wouldn’t get into a...
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 23 9:57 PM
Fortitude Anyone else have this problem of seeing things through even when you know you're onto a loser
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 23 6:47 PM
Just watched some highlights from his season at Lyon. He's regarded as a big talent. Could maybe work alongside Matic? Only turned 21 in December He seems to be good at both attacking and defending and might have that "rush forward" that we sometimes seem to miss. Unsurprisingly he's French. We r...
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 23 5:54 PM
Anyone watching the Brazil v Russia match? 3-0 Brazil. Cruising. Probably favorites for the WC along with 2-3 others.
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 23 4:35 PM
Does anyone else think this was a major, major feck up? Louis Van Gaal was a dead fish, and it was close to impossible for him to save his job - so why did we waste so much time on him? For one Mourinho is a better manager - despite his flaws, and I'm a major critic it's pretty clear....
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 23 4:35 PM
I was looking back at some highlights from our last Premier League triumph and all the memories that a question came to mind. Did Robin Van Persie have the best debut season at United? ( bar Cantona because I was too young to have seen him) I'm 21 so in terms of my lifetime and when I started wat...
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 23 4:19 PM
I was looking back at some highlights from our last Premier League triumph and all the memories that a question came to mind. Did Robin Van Persie have the best debut season at United? ( bar Cantona because I was too young to have seen him) I'm 21 so in terms of my lifetime and when I started wat...
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 23 3:53 PM
With the latest mysterious long term injury to Phil Jones I was trying to remember what life was like when we had central defenders who weren't made of glass. Ideally, you'd like a CB to play every league game but let's set the bar at 30+ to represent someone who is more or less ever present. Rio...
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 23 2:22 PM
I’d interview the King Denis Law and ask him how he could have gone to City and would like to know which club lies nearest his heart. We worshipped the man!
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 23 11:37 AM
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-43512791 Breaking news. Gunman has apparently claimed allegiance to ISIS.
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 23 9:37 AM
Sorry to bump this but I couldn't find another Southgate thread on my search. What are our expectations of him, noting it's a relatively weak England side imo? His presser was actually very good considering the circumstances. I quite liked how he pointed to issues in the England set up itself bef...
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 23 12:25 AM
It's a "what is you favourite United moment" thread yes, but I want to know what apart from United made it special? Was it the people you were with, the place you were in or the way you were feeling in your life? Mine is in the Champions League final 08 v Chelsea and here's why. I had been out...
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 6:01 PM
Just saw BBC reporting it on TV. Not on the Internet yet though which is weird?
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 3:12 PM
LOL Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 3:10 PM
Couldn't find a thread for this. If already posted, please merge into the same. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/gerard-pique-a-long-story Good read about his time with United . How Keane went nuts when Pique's phone rang in the dressing room. Also speaks how the Real and Barca pl...
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 2:00 PM
Just saw BBC reporting it on TV. Not on the Internet yet though which is weird?
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 1:42 PM
Just saw BBC reporting it on TV. Not on the Internet yet though which is weird?
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 1:01 PM
I am having a hunch that France will repeat the success of 1998, with Mbappe-Griezmann-Martial trio having a sensational world cup.
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 12:46 PM
Reckon this team wouldn't do too bad: Lloris Valencia Vertonghen Koscielny Monreal Silva Fernandinho Dembele Pedro Giroud Vardy
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 11:38 AM
I recently tried to start a conversation with a member that has not yet been promoted to the mains and I got prompted I couldn't start a conversation with the person. Is this a temporary glitch or do I have to use a regular thread for the conversation? Thank you for your time /Denis
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 10:43 AM
Here's the scenario Cat is 20 years old Weighs 2.3 kg Eats allday every day Drinks tons of water Pukes most days Arthritic so shits next to catbox of theres too much grit in it, hurts to squat if legs slip on grit Vet suspects cancer but blood tests inconclusive Expensive research would be conclu...
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 10:42 AM
This subject has risen up a lot recently and I just wanted to tackle this issue with positives and negatives if we keep Mourinho or if we change him. We ultimately agree that keeping a manager for some time will bring stability to the club, players, performances. It will also show the players tha...
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 8:17 AM
Just saw it on TV show list, didnt watch it yet, it seems they draining every possible angle when it comes to superhero genre.
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 7:29 AM
The Reds are in 'Bracket A' of the Under-19 Gordon Jago Super Group and will play against Mexican side Tigres this Sunday, 25 March, before facing Toronto FC on Monday. Should United progress, there'll be a semi-final to play on Friday 30 March, with a place in the final on Sunday 1 April up for...
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 2:59 AM
Ramon Vega In October 2015 he announced that he was considering standing as a candidate in the FIFA presidential election. Now founder and CEO of Vega Swiss Asset Management (private equity). Michael Owen TV commentator / pundit Cryptocurrencies: Ex-Footballers now doing random things
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 22 2:30 AM
Going to be in a lot of Top 10's at the end of the year. Highly recommend it. Do yourself a favour and take half an hour to listen to the 10 tracks.
RedCafe.net - Wed Mar 21 10:38 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Took a long time but it's finally happening
RedCafe.net - Wed Mar 21 8:51 PM
This looks very good , based on a book that is by all accounts scary. The crew of a Royal Naval expedition searching for the Arctic's treacherous Northwest Passage discovers instead a monstrous predator.
RedCafe.net - Wed Mar 21 4:02 PM
Team 2Mufc0/Theon Vs. Team Enigma/Red Viper Tactics Team 2Mufc0/Theon FORMATION : Dutch 3-4-3 Our team is based on the Dutch total football philosophy and all players have been carefully selected to play in this system - with a focus on the ability to interchange Auction-Trade Madness Draft-SF: 2...
RedCafe.net - Wed Mar 21 1:19 PM
think of your clubs main rivals. If you could choose 1 player past or present to fit into your present day lineup for your club, who would it be? For me it would be Alonso, class player that would sit and use the ball really well
RedCafe.net - Wed Mar 21 12:37 PM
Sat 21st 5.15.live on the Beeb Did we not win the last time we were on Sat v Everton? Hopefully Lukaku has a better game
RedCafe.net - Wed Mar 21 12:16 PM
A personal favourite or one you just think is the best. My choice somewhere in between the two:
RedCafe.net - Wed Mar 21 12:57 AM
Two more explosions in Texas today, brings the total to six incidents in the past three weeks. https://www.reuters.com/article/us- rial-bomber-behind-texas-blasts-idUSKBN1GV02E AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - Police in Texas fear a serial bomber planted four powerful explosive devices that have killed...
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 10:57 PM
Just dawned on me earlier that its over 20 years since Euro 96. Over 50 years since England hosted a World Cup. Utterly bonkers given the history, facilities and infrastructure.
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 9:56 PM
Anyone know some good audio commentaries for TV shows/movies? The Futurama and early Simpsons ones are pretty outstanding. I listen to them more than the actual episodes these days.
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 8:54 PM
What players had the potential to become fantastic players if they just had the right amount of proper work ethic? From the top of my head: Ravel Morrison Anderson Cassano Powell Ben Arfa Taarabt Quaresma I think it's still too early to add Shaw to that list, but it doesn't bode well for him.
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 8:16 PM
Thread Rules: #1 Don't be a dick Spoiler System: We all love the grappling, but we can't all watch it at the same times. As such I propose the following. All televised grappling shall follow the rules of the Entertainment Forum. This rule also applies to all shows televised via web services (NJPW...
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 6:58 PM
Man teaches his dog to salute when he says "seig heil" and to react to "gas the Jews" has been convicted of being "grossly offensive". Even if you think it was offensive, he has been convicted for telling a joke. Freedom of speech is no moving in a good way. Full story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/...
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 6:14 PM
Brwned said: ↑ Meh. People have lived in echo chambers for decades, we just have better data on it now. I'm totally off social media at the moment but I still live in an echo chamber of left wing media - the Guardian in the UK, the Atlantic for world news, New Yorker and MSNBC for US news. There...
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 5:51 PM
Dear Forum admins It's getting a bit tiring - all this Jose should stay, Jose should go stuff. Please please please can we just have a poll where everyone can give their opinion the once, and maybe that will stop the constant noise in every thread about how we must stick by him/ditch him. I think...
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 3:34 PM
Seeing the player in the Brighton game was a pretty saddening affair, when thinking how talented the player was when playing under Poch only 18 yrs of age. Difficult to assess how big an impact that horrific injury has had on him, but one thing is for sure he’s a shadow of the player he was. He t...
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 2:43 PM
This will be my second visit to Holland. Last time out I saw Amsterdam and coastal towns. What else is worth seeing? Should I venture North or go South this time? Roterdam, Groningan, Delft, Utrecth seem interesting. Any of these you recommend?
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 2:29 PM
https://www.independent.co.uk/sport sional-ignoring-feedback-emails-a8263116.html Spoiler: Full Article Ex-Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has claimed many of his former players were “unprofessional” during his time at the club, citing their failure to acknowledge his feedback. The Dutch...
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 11:00 AM
Team Raees/Invictus Vs. Team Pat_Mustard Tactics Team Raees/Invictus Formation: Vertically oriented 4-3-1-2 with a strong focus on midfield given Rivera's ability to control games, Masopust's excellence as a left half/auxiliary playmaker, Coluna's tenacious and technically complete Auction-Trade...
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 8:51 AM
there was an abundance of good to excellent strikers in the PL during the early 90s. Who did you enjoy watching? In no particular order Stan Collymore David Hirst Brian Deane Mark Hughes Alan Shearer Matt LeTissier Dalian Atkinson Quite a PL forwards of the early 90s
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 8:24 AM
Illegal receipt of election donations.
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 6:07 AM
Looking through the league tables you see some historically "big" clubs down the divisions, including one time rivals, and even European Champions. I think the answer to this question will vary considerably depending on how old posters are, but what would you pick as the 20 biggest clubs in Engli...
RedCafe.net - Tue Mar 20 1:44 AM
It’s his weak mental capacity and poor attitude in all honesty. I mean look, this isn’t a post to bash his pure footballing talents or anything as it’s well known he’s world class and I’m an avid supporter of his. Instead, this is about his mindset which derails his on field play and thus doesn’t...
RedCafe.net - Mon Mar 19 7:29 PM
Having a great season for Roma at the moment, right winger.
RedCafe.net - Mon Mar 19 5:00 PM
Pound already at it's lowest in 30 years, markets taking a thrashing, calls for independence referendums in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Whispers that Brussels will look to make an example of us. Just how bad will the shit show get? Or is there light at the end of the tunnel?
RedCafe.net - Mon Mar 19 4:45 PM
The last few days the Cafe has completely divided into two sets, one for Mourinho and one against Mourinho. There were quite a few posters who said that siding with the players is absolutely bad and would set an horrible example, basically calling it player power. I'm raking my brains here thinki...
RedCafe.net - Mon Mar 19 2:22 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Out: Ibra, Carrick. Will listen to offers for: Shaw, Darmian, Blind, Pereira, Uncertain: Smalling, Herrera, Martial, Mata On the radar: Rose, Fred, Willian, Perisic, Varane
RedCafe.net - Mon Mar 19 11:58 AM
It's not that I'm thread-happy, but I think this is certainly worthy of a thread. The two name-checked players by Jose making some interesting comments. It's probably only a matter of time before we see something leaked by disgruntled players.. Matic quotes Asked if the FA Cup could save United's...
RedCafe.net - Mon Mar 19 11:57 AM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Apart from this sick nutmeg he’s earned a reputation as one of South America’s hottest prospects by scoring 10 in 14 in Argentina’s top flight and a hat-trick on his Copa Libatardores debut. Turned 20 in August. Being linked to all sorts of European club and appar...
RedCafe.net - Mon Mar 19 11:29 AM
In relation to other topics where players are being criticized for their lack of desire or effort, their weak mentalities, or their overall lazyness, who would you guys field as the top 11 of skilled players that always work hard and never look like they can't be arsed? Looking for the most skill...
RedCafe.net - Mon Mar 19 10:11 AM
Can't see anything but chaos out there with no leniency from Russian authorities. Don't know anyone who is going, so wondered if the title is applicable to anyone here? @Mockney are you still going? Anyone else? What kind of experience do you think you'll encounter, if so?
RedCafe.net - Mon Mar 19 6:45 AM
Why should the manager change his methods, his tactics or his mentality?Why will he change at the age of 55, after achieving the kind of success that 99.99 percent of managers around the world can only dream of?8 league titles in 4 different leagues, 2 CL titles, countless other trophies Lets be...
RedCafe.net - Mon Mar 19 3:58 AM
Just 4 PL games as the FA Cup quarterfinals are also being played this weekend League Table PL Fixtures FA Cup fixtures
RedCafe.net - Mon Mar 19 3:22 AM
The more this season progresses the more it's made me realise that Cristiano Ronaldo is the player we need but maybe not the player some want. He's expensive and aging, but I don't think there's been a player that embodies the SAF policy to the extent that Ronaldo has. Somebody who repeatedly mot...
RedCafe.net - Mon Mar 19 3:21 AM
Anyone watch this on Netflix? I absolutely loved it, dragged on some parts but he’s still got it.
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 11:05 PM
Ok so I was doing some research on my laptop (running Ubuntu) clicking through random websites and one of them comes with a warning saying something like this site is misleading, I close the warning and close the tab, but before I do I notice a bunch of text, picking out the keyword "ransomeware"...
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 10:47 PM
OMG, I've rarely seen a more funny show. Absolutely hilarious. It's a cooking show where normal (bad) bakers are given really difficult pieces of art type cakes to recreate. And the usually disastrous submissions are then rated and prizes awarded. It's so much different than any other show and de...
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 9:40 PM
Started a thread on the possibilitiy of a certain British manager being a future manager at Utd. It lasted 15 mins before getting binned. No problem with that! However, interested in developing the question further, looking at it from a more general point of view and therefore decided to turn to...
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 7:42 PM
Obviously I've created this now the cup is at semi final stage and essentially Spurs have two home games to win the competition. It's got me thinking, who decided Spurs could use Wembley and how can it be seen as fair? Not only does it affect the cup but no other clubs have the luxury of using an...
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 7:23 PM
Just realised there's an international break coming up - and for once I'm relieved I don't have to give a shit about football for a few weeks. Normally they annoy me - especially early in the season, but at this point it's one less thing I have to care about. Anyone else in the same boat?
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 6:11 PM
Everton footballer Darron Gibson has pleaded guilty to crashing his sports car into a cyclist while drink-driving and then fleeing the scene. Gibson, 27, was behind the wheel of his black Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo when it ploughed into three cyclists who had stopped at the side of the road to fix...
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 4:31 PM
Mohammed Salah and City players top the list of biggest transfer value increases during the last six months. (Our players with the biggest increases were Lingard, Matic and Lukaku) While Neymar has seen his transfer value drop by €38m over the past six months. CIES transfer value evolution since...
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 4:21 PM
De Gea Romero Valdes Valencia Darmian Smalling Jones Rojo Blind Young Shaw Herrera Fellaini Schneiderlin Schweinsteiger Depay Januzaj Lingard Pereira Mata Martial Rashford Rooney (not including youths or fringe players) Speaking to one of the most vigorous Jose-out Red on here made me think both...
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 4:17 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 2:27 PM
We have had 3 managers since God left with various levels of success, the football has changed and not in a good way. Teams like City have gone through managers and still taken the league, Foreign teams like the Spanish Giants have changed managers but success has continued. Juventus have had a f...
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 2:00 PM
All the abuses directed towards Rooney, about him being the problem, reason why we playing boring, and how selling him would solve our problems seem a bit unjustified now. Won't go ahead and quote posters here, but we know how ugly his matchday thread got last year. Kidding, just getting bored an...
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 1:19 PM
This is a serious question. Since Sheikh Mansour has taken power there is never any gossip on City players moving to likes of Barcelona or Real Madrid. Every summer we have the Hazard and De Gea transfer stories to Real Madrid. We have even seen Neymar move from Barcelona to PSG when it appeared...
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 11:16 AM
British managers at top clubs seems to be a thing of the past. Out of the present six in the PL it would be fair to say the majority of them are struggling. However one cannot disregard the work Eddie Howe has done at Bournmouth and I really do hope they are in the PL even next season. Prepared t...
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 10:42 AM
We've got far bigger problems than Mou. The structure of the club is a mess. Let's start off with all the other clubs City - Director of football, have strategy and mimicking Barcas model. Players bought to fit style rather than just signing big names like they did at the start of the Sheikh era....
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 7:03 AM
Maybe it's just a coincidence but since Fergie left all three of our managers have been out-of-contract at the time of joining, or allowed their contracts to run down in LVG's case. Maybe I am looking at things that aren't actually there but it strikes me as a strange coincidence.
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 3:42 AM
I honestly can't believe that we have the most gullible fans on the planet it seems. So now we're meant to believe that mister Mourinho the paragon of attacking virtue has been teaching them attacking football all week and the players aren't buying it? What about the rest of the season when they...