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Man Utd Talk - Wed Apr 23 3:47 PM
http://www.theguardian.com/football d-beat-chelsea-luke-shaw-transfer-david-moyes
Man Utd Talk - Wed Apr 23 9:28 AM
Old Trafford Saturday, 26 April 2014 17:30‚Äč
Man Utd Talk - Tue Apr 22 8:37 PM
Guys (and gals), I'm having a mixed reaction to the sacking. I'm also excited about the possibility of having atop manager like Klopp, Simeone or Van Gaal. But, what if we don't get one of these 3? Who else is an acceptable alternative that will give us the significant improvement in performances...
Man Utd Talk - Tue Apr 22 9:15 AM
I think its fitting that Ryan, our most decorated player ever will have a token time in control but will he pick himself for every game? And should he try some youngsters in the team?
Man Utd Talk - Mon Apr 21 11:10 PM
Hey mates I've learnt that your fellow supporters remembered the 39 Juventus' supporters who died in Bruxelles in 1985 before Champions' Cup final. I bet it was to make clear to Liverpool's fans that all the dieds must be remembered given the recent Hillsborough anniversary in any case, it has be...
Man Utd Talk - Sun Apr 20 5:24 PM
Watching the game, problems still there. Lots of passing but no end product. Very very poor. We have not been this poor throughout an entire season for 27 years!
Man Utd Talk - Sun Apr 20 11:04 AM
Strange that the last posting on match day is the game against Bayern, and no one has put up a Everton v United one although its pretty significant that our miserable season, finally was put to rest by our latest expected failure against one of Europe's foremost teams. Today's result is utterly m...
Man Utd Talk - Sat Apr 19 3:04 AM
Strange events these days in the world of the Football League. Whilst the Premiership continues to stagnate in the puss of its own boils, the Football League is throwing up little gems of its own. What about Carlisle? Only a few short years ago they were performing survival heroics at their own g...