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Daily Telegraph - Tue Feb 6 6:17 PM
Telegraph.co.uk With a club, city and country in mourning as they strained to digest the scale of the loss on a slush-covered runway at Munich-Riem airport, one of Real Madrid's first responses to the tragedy was to offer to loan Alfredo di Stefano to United for the
Daily Telegraph - Tue Feb 6 5:16 AM
Telegraph.co.uk The rain was steady but gentle at Old Trafford on Saturday as the crowd gathered, as it always does, before the home match closest to the anniversary of the Munich air disaster. That crowd was, maybe, a little deeper than usual this year for the 60th and more »
Daily Telegraph - Tue Feb 6 2:19 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Manchester United will come under pressure to introduce safe standing areas when executives meet supporters this month to discuss Jose Mourinho's complaints about the atmosphere at Old Trafford. Mourinho's comments have been placed on the agenda at the and more »
Daily Telegraph - Tue Feb 6 2:19 AM
Telegraph.co.uk From my boyhood, Manchester United were my team. I had the Evening Chronicle Football Pink - the edition that came out on Saturday nights - sent to boarding school so that we could chortle over Alf Clarke's lurid match reports. He had covered United
Daily Telegraph - Mon Feb 5 12:32 PM
Telegraph.co.uk One suspects that Jose Mourinho might make an allowance if Cristiano Ronaldo rings him up and asks to return to Old Trafford but, short of an extraordinary development, the Manchester United manager will not be entering the transfer market for another and more »
Daily Telegraph - Mon Feb 5 12:32 PM
Telegraph.co.uk It was mostly overlooked at the time, a casualty of the fanfare surrounding Alexis Sanchez's signing a few days earlier, but when Manchester United announced Jose Mourinho had signed a new contract last month, there was a line from the club's executive and more »
Daily Telegraph - Sat Feb 3 3:17 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Van La Parra, who was playing the old soldier to claim a foul off Valencia, springs up like Lazarus when the ball is cleared near him to gallop upfield to chase it and take on Valencia. Mourinho goes spare. The ball came to Van La Parra via the very and more »
Daily Telegraph - Sat Feb 3 6:29 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Jose Mourinho conceded defeat in the Premier League title race on Friday, admitting his Manchester United team are playing to be “first of the last” as they languish 15 points behind Pep Guardiola's Manchester City. There are still 13 games remaining and more »
Daily Telegraph - Fri Feb 2 9:33 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Marouane Fellaini fears he could face a lengthy lay-off after aggravating a long-standing knee problem. The United midfielder came on as a substitute for Paul Pogba in the second half of Wednesday's 2-0 defeat to Tottenham but lasted just seven minutes and more »
Daily Telegraph - Thu Feb 1 6:53 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Manchester United will come under major pressure on Thursday to end their “grotesque” failure to pay all workers there the “real” Living Wage after making Alexis Sanchez the highest-paid player in Premier League history during the transfer window. An and more »
Daily Telegraph - Thu Feb 1 6:34 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Harry Kane believes Tottenham's victory over Manchester United features among the club's top five performances under Mauricio Pochettino - but the striker rues not winning by a more emphatic margin. Christian Eriksen's strike after only 10.5 seconds and more »
Daily Telegraph - Thu Feb 1 6:34 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Many creative players have struggled to adapt to Mourinho's tactics and demands in the past but many others have flourished. Is there a reason that Mourinho cannot extract the very best on a consistent basis from Pogba? What Mourinho sees in Pogba and more »
Daily Telegraph - Thu Feb 1 12:41 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Jose Mourinho accused his Manchester United players of ignoring his instructions with “ridiculous” defending as Tottenham Hotspur scored after just 10.5 seconds. “I don't think it's very normal, to concede a goal like we did, ” the Manchester United and more »
Daily Telegraph - Thu Feb 1 12:28 PM
Telegraph.co.uk There were shades of Tottenham's 3-1 win over Real Madrid in this squashing of Manchester United. In this form, Spurs are a neutral's delight, a thrilling mix of character and creativity. A club heading in the right direction has to arrive, eventually and more »
Daily Telegraph - Thu Feb 1 6:18 AM
Telegraph.co.uk There was an extraordinary start. The ball was in the United net after just 11 seconds. It came, from kick-off, with the ball launched forward by Jan Vertonghen. Harry Kane challenged Phil Jones, with the header deflecting on for Dele Alli to latch and more »
Daily Telegraph - Wed Jan 31 6:24 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Sanchez is guaranteed a hostile reception from Tottenham fans at Wembley on Wednesday evening as the Chile striker prepares to make his Premier League debut for United, nine days after his move from Arsenal. Mourinho believes Sanchez, whose £14million and more »