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Every striker in the world would be proud to score that magnificent goal, Mourinho said. Imagine a right-back, and a right-back whose best foot is not the left one – it's an amazing goal, especially when he scored that goal and it's the winning goal. So I am very happy because he is...
Guardian - 10:31 PM
It was a striker's goal and every striker in the world would have been proud to have scored that goal, said Mourinho.
Daily Express - 4:35 PM
Our second goal showed the ambition of my team to win a game, said Mourinho.
Mirror - 10:45 PM
In another country, I would say it is fantastic, said Mourinho. In this country, I would say it is nothing. There are 14 games to go and 42 points still to play for. Every game is difficult, and anything can happen.
BBC - 8:26 PM
Seven points means seven points, we have 14 matches to go, said Mourinho. We are speaking about 42 points to play for and in 42 we have a lead of seven.
Sky Sports - 6:48 PM
Mourinho told reporters: In another country I would say it's fantastic, in this country I say it's nothing.
Goal.com - 6:39 PM
I'm surprised by nothing, Mourinho told the media. In this country every team can take points.
Sport Review - 6:37 PM
The referee was very, very good. Very, very good in the way he controlled the emotions of the game, said Mourinho.
Daily Express - 6:12 PM
It is one more hurdle in the title race, but there are many more, said Mourinho. Every game is difficult. It is possibly the only league in Europe where teams from the bottom can play against the top ones and not just make things difficult but win points.
Daily Express - 6:12 PM
I enjoy the challenge of the English competition, said Mourinho. It's a good challenge. That's the only problem. I don't think - and it's happened before - a team can be champions when you are punished because you didn't comply with Financial Fair Play.
Sky Sports - 11:04 PM
It's something that was explained 18 months ago when I met our owner and the club board before I joined, said Mourinho. It was explained the profile of club Mr Abramovich wants, with total respect to the FFP rules. It's a good challenge. The only thing that is not nice is that you c...
Guardian - 10:30 PM
He is a player we've known for a long, long time, said Mourinho. I have played in his league for two seasons [managing Inter Milan ], and he could control [games] week after week. He is not a panic buy, [the signing] is a reaction to Schurrle.
talkSport - 5:40 PM
You know why I'm here, so you cannot expect that I'm super happy to be here, said Mourinho.
Mirror - 4:28 PM
I don't think it is the best thing for him that I speak about expectations. He needs his time, like everyone, and he'll have his time, Mourinho said.
Sport Review - 3:31 PM
He is not a panic buy. It's a reaction to Schurrle's departure, Mourinho said. I don't think it's the best thing for him that I speak about expectations. He needs his time.
BBC - 3:29 PM
Filipe is injured. A player is suspended, Mourinho said.
Sport Review - 2:59 PM