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He wasn't captain to say goodbye in a nice way, he was the player on the pitch who has been here longest, Mourinho said.
ESPN - 6:34 PM
Mourinho told The Telegraph : He bites, not this season, the previous season. This is a different season, so I'm not speaking about one mistake that a man can have, and you will have to be punished for the rest of your life if you make a mistake on the football pitch, so that's not the po...
Caught Offside - 12:07 PM
If the champion is City, then I would say a Man City player and if I have to choose, I choose Dzeko, said Mourinho.
BBC - 11:41 AM
My player of the year would always be from the champions, Mourinho said. Manchester City need a point.
Guardian - 1:23 AM
Mourinho told Chelsea TV: You could see against Norwich it's difficult to find the right energy, the right mental approach when the season is over.
Daily Mail - 4:56 PM
I don't have that security, Mourinho said. Nobody has that security in football, I believe.
Sport Review - 11:28 AM
I like to do things in a proper way, I like to be committed with my opinions, and I do that written always, Mourinho said. That's the proper way, to do it officially.
Sky Sports - 11:26 PM
Was the Norwich game the last game for Cole, Lampard and Terry? I don't think so, said Mourinho.
Daily Mail - 10:54 PM
We were preparing the long-term future and not just an immediate solution to try to help us for the rest of the season, Mourinho said.
Daily Star - 7:14 PM
Mourinho told BBC Sport: I don't know, but I don't think so. I do my written reports to the board during the season and with the final report at the end where I try to have my point of view, analysing every aspect of the season.
Caught Offside - 6:51 PM
Frank is ill and in bed, Samuel Eto'o got an injury today in training, John Terry a little thing too, yesterday, said manager Jose Mourinho.
Daily Mail - 4:18 PM
This season I lost a match at Stamford Bridge for the first time, Mourinho said. I lost with the second goal (against Sunderland) and for me that's the highlight.
Sky Sports - 1:47 PM
Frank Lampard is ill, he is in bed, Mourinho said.
Daily Mail - 1:24 PM
It's too early now but maybe in a few years he will get a statue like Peter Osgood, Mourinho said. He's one of the biggest players at this club.
Daily Express - 1:22 PM
Lampard is ill, he's in bed, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 1:22 PM
We are speaking about this for a long, long time, said Mourinho. Even in December, January, when all you journalists were asking and trying to understand why we were not bringing in a striker in the January market, I think I was clear in my answer that it was something the club was working...
ESPN - 1:10 PM
A striker is something that we have been speaking about for a long, long time, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 12:26 PM