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Daily Telegraph - Mon Oct 29 7:16 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Forty five years ago this week, English football witnessed its strangest ever managerial appointment. On 2 November 1973, it was announced that Brian Clough was to take charge of Brighton and Hove Albion. Never mind that Britain was about to be plunged
Daily Telegraph - Mon Oct 29 7:16 PM
Telegraph.co.uk In a weekend of big matches, the largest is on the Monday after. It wasn't supposed to be at Wembley but building a stadium isn't easy so here we are, with a rematch of last season's Man City's 3-1 win over Tottenham. What will both managers have and more »
Daily Telegraph - Mon Oct 29 7:16 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Given that Tottenham have played at least two fewer home games than most teams as a result of a delay in the delivery of their new stadium, it is remarkable they have made their best start to a Premier League season. Seemingly never hitting full stride and more »
Daily Telegraph - Mon Oct 29 7:43 AM
Telegraph.co.uk There was a time title challengers need only concern themselves with accumulating points. So high have Manchester City raised the bar in the Premier League, it feels like those chasing must be equally preoccupied with goal difference. There was a and more »
Daily Telegraph - Mon Oct 29 7:43 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Pep Guardiola faces Mauricio Pochettino at Wembley on Monday night conceding that Tottenham have made him eat his words over his claim last season that Spurs were “the Harry Kane team”. The Manchester City manager offended Pochettino and and more »
Daily Telegraph - Sat Oct 27 8:27 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Exiled in Florida, from where he hosts a daily pan-USA radio show about English football, Rodney Marsh has watched on television every minute of every match Manchester City have played this season. And his reaction to what he has seen is telling. “I'd
Daily Telegraph - Sat Oct 27 4:34 AM
Telegraph.co.uk John Stones laughs. “It's not your typical English football, is it?” he says as he discusses him, Aymeric Laporte and Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson passing the ball across their own six-yard area at Liverpool earlier this month. “It's what we
Daily Telegraph - Sat Oct 27 4:16 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Such is Arsenal's unceasing dominance at the top of the table that it was difficult to watch Reading's Jade Moore rise highest from Fara Williams' corner, nodding home the Royals' equaliser against Manchester City, without wondering if the lights and more »
Daily Telegraph - Fri Oct 26 8:27 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City all put their unbeaten records on the line in Week 12 against Burnley, Cardiff and Tottenham, respectively. Arsenal and Manchester United both have winnable fixtures against Crystal Palace and Everton and all
Daily Telegraph - Thu Oct 25 2:51 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Kevin De Bruyne has expressed his concern over the state of the Wembley pitch ahead of Manchester City's match against Tottenham Hotspur because it will have been damaged by hosting three NFL games in quick succession. De Bruyne made his first start and more »
Daily Telegraph - Wed Oct 24 7:36 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Manchester City finally achieved what Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester United and Fulham had all failed to do previously - beating Shakhtar Donetsk in their own back yard. The Ukrainian champions are normally no pushovers at home - City also and more »
Daily Telegraph - Wed Oct 24 6:37 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Jose Mourinho has admitted Juventus, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona are out of Manchester United's reach and warned the club's owners they will not be able to compete with those sides unless they make every effort to sign the world's best and more »
Daily Telegraph - Tue Oct 23 10:49 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Good evening. Tonight sees Manchester City travel to one of those "tough places to go" that footballing folk always talk of when you expect a team to win a match fairly easily. Although there may be a decent enough reason for such a description in this and more »
Daily Telegraph - Tue Oct 23 4:25 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Every time Manchester City play in the Champions League, Pep Guardiola knows the question is coming, yet he has still not found a convincing way to answer it as he once again claimed his team are not ready to win the competition. City return to the and more »
Daily Telegraph - Tue Oct 23 3:56 AM
Telegraph.co.uk There were only two channels on Portuguese television when Paulo Fonseca was growing up, which meant it was an easy answer last year when he was asked by a Ukrainian journalist who his childhood superhero had been. He said it was Zorro, the
Daily Telegraph - Tue Oct 23 2:38 AM
Telegraph.co.uk At the end of last season Pep Guardiola suggested he had given up on the numbers. One hundred Premier League points? 106 goals scored? 32 wins? It would be impossible for the champions to beat those figures, he said. Except almost a quarter of the and more »