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No one was expecting us to win 16 games in a row at that moment, Guardiola said. We had drawn at home with Everton in the previous game and we were happy to score a late winner against Bournemouth because after that came the international break and when that was over we had to face Liverp...
Guardian - 10:30 PM
The most important thing is a lot of people voted, I think more than 81 percent, so it's really amazing, Guardiola said. It shows Catalonia as it is in terms of votes. Yesterday was a legal election and the people of Catalonia with the vote expressed what they are. Now hopefully it...
Soccernet - 4:15 PM
My wish is that it doesn't happen again, Guardiola said on the incident. That's all it is.
Soccernet - 3:23 PM
It's a ligament, he will be out for a time, said Guardiola.
BBC - 2:14 PM
Phil's injured. Not good, Guardiola said. In the next fixtures he will not be able.
Daily Mail - 2:04 PM
What is important is how we reacted, Guardiola said. Whether it was a penalty or not, the referee is there and the TV is there, so the important thing is how we reacted.
Guardian - 11:36 AM
That's unreal, that's not going to happen, said Guardiola. What we are living isn't real.
Mirror - 8:02 AM
That is not gong to happen, Guardiola told a news conference. Of course not, that is unreal -- what we are living is unreal.
Soccernet - 12:18 AM