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LFC Reds - Wed Dec 27 10:56 PM
Price had Van Gerwen on the ropes for a bit there but threw it away.
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 27 10:26 PM
Being one of FSG's regular critics i must eat yet another slice of humble pie, they have again come up with the goodies and backed Jürgen with the acquisition of Virgil v Djik, £75m seems excessive and probably is, however, if you want top drawer playe
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 27 9:56 PM
Get rid. Not good enough and now making a name for himself for the wrong reasons.
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 27 6:22 PM
Difficult one with my local club (and 2nd favourite team) being Celtic. Was clear to see his abilities then and could have been picked up at a fraction of the price a few years back. Shame about the attitude towards Scottish football and the fact that
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 27 12:37 PM
He really is world class and so consistent now. Top top player and I’m gutted he’s going to leave.
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 27 12:12 PM
https://twitter.com/LivEchonews/status/945984361073168384 Got into some trouble but nothing serious.
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 27 11:53 AM
65 579
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 27 10:02 AM
What's that 16 goals already by January. He'll get 20 plus goals in all competitions which is great return from a player that they say is not an out and out No 9 well done Bobby.
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 27 9:51 AM
Quote from 7DocUnleashed on Dec 24, 2017 12:17:56 am I think his head is already in Juventus. Not tracking back? Lazy arse!! I did see glimpses of brilliance once, but its been a while. Let him go. Agree, I pers
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 27 2:15 AM
Quote from FL Red on Yesterday at 11:45:40 pm Not sure he’d get a game with us. Unless he can play keeper. Think he'd be more productive then Gini and Emre and offer a much bigger goal threat then both of them a
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 27 1:12 AM
Quote from Danzel on Today at 12:45:06 am I constantly see people wondering what it is exactly that he offers to our team. In my opinion he's a vital part of our team and the way we play. As far as midfielders go, he
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 27 12:33 AM
He's been a fine cog in our machine of late. I'm sure he'll bloom even further!
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 27 12:05 AM
Riparu I always thought you were a bit dim but no you’ve now confirmed your a complete pr**k
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 9:25 PM
Give him squad number 23 once Emre is gone. The number for Scousers.
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 9:14 PM
Going to be a very special player this kid.
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 8:28 PM
Maureen complaining he hasn’t been given enough money. The man is absolutely pathetic, I truly despise him.
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 7:28 PM
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 7:27 PM
Klopp has obviously told them at half time to " stop pissing about" and put the thing to bed..
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 4:42 PM
Had enough of Mignolet. I've no confidence in Klopp now after today regardless of the result.
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 2:59 PM
Drinking Carlsberg at a pub. The pub is doing a raffle to win a trip to Anfield. Every Carlsberg you drink, you get a raffle ticket in the drawing.
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 12:49 PM
No Virgil Van Dijk (Southampton) again for today's match.
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 10:43 AM
Quote from billythered on Dec 16, 2017 03:20:42 pm Just an idea, We need creative top quality individuals who can bolster our squad yes ? So how about we go and take Jack Wilshere out of his miserable Arsenal existence
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 3:10 AM
Quote from Pippen on Yesterday at 09:26:48 pm Are there numbers that prove he's not within the elite class of the PL? Because this can easily be a brainfuck about a good goalkeeper, just like many have Moreno on their rad
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 2:11 AM
Quote from Roddenberry on Yesterday at 11:31:00 pm But it wouldn't solve the lack of goal scoring at home. As I said, just the keeper is not the answer. Finding a way to replicate our home defensive performances away and
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 1:13 AM
Australia batting first, tom curran on debut, going to be a long day
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 1:07 AM
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 12:22 AM
Hey, were playing Swans next. If we do our usual trick against the bottom sides, and gift them 3 points, VVD or anyone else, may not wanna come here !
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 26 12:17 AM
Hope you all had/are still having a great Christmas. Actually snowed for about 10 minutes before at the in-laws. Christmas miracle.
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 25 10:23 PM
o.k steelers v houston just went to commercial break playing the undertones-teenage kicks..wtf !!!
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 25 9:18 PM
In want ROTATION. Give Salah, Coutinho and Firminho a break. Where is Woodburn, where is Lallana? But don't touch Simon!
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 25 8:10 PM
On boxing day we face Swansea, the first of three games in six days time. Form guide Team comparison img htt
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 25 7:15 PM
Naby Keita 'wants Liverpool move now' and could secure January transfer - EXCLUSIVE NABY KEITA is fed up at RB Leipzig and wants to move to Liverpool when the transfer window reopens, according to a leading German football expert. Keita
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 25 5:22 PM
65560 Merry Christmas mate have a wonderful day
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 25 12:29 PM
A bit random but I was looking at some stats and just realised that Firmino, Coutinho and Sterling have all scored the same amount of goals since Firmino signed for us - 37. Bobby did that in 116 appearances, Coutinho in 97 and Raheem in 118.
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 25 2:04 AM
Quote from red_kaiser on Yesterday at 02:56:16 pm Should it bother Klopp that Conte won the league in his first attempt and now Pep is all but set to win his first one in his second season here but he has not even come cl
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 25 12:01 AM
Apparently we’ve been offered the chance to sign GK Kevin Trapp from PSG in January heard his name a few times, but don’t know much about him.. http://metro.co.uk/2017/12/24/liverpool-offered-chance-complete-kevin-trapp-transfer-january-7183167/
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 24 11:06 PM
I know this post should really be in the gaming thread but thought this little preview would be better here.. Looking forward to tackling this released next March !! youtu.be/YaOA6Wzfts8 ps - our house is jus
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 24 9:51 PM
Hoping for Christmas Day tolerance from JD for the non-football post here. Looks like a White Christmas here in the Midwestern USA. Just wanted to say Happy Christmas to everyone on the boards, Peace on Earth and Good Will and all that. I hope you all
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 24 8:31 PM
Went 12 rounds, and then some with my liver on Friday, started in the morning and finished drinking some point Saturday Trying to not drink anything tonight but there's a bottle of Angry Orchard on the other side of the room tempting me.
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 24 7:43 PM
Merry Christmas to the LFC family. Hope you all have a great time with your family and friends.
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 24 6:03 PM
Quote from Del Boca Vista on Today at 05:53:50 pm You seem worried the reality of the situation might be something you never expected. People all around the world are sceptical of this one and it doesn't make you less
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 24 1:08 PM
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 24 12:38 PM
It's crap when you try and be of help and people just don't acknowledge you. Everyone who knows me knows I'm a Genuine guy I try my best to accommodate people if I can. It's your loss and other people's gain. Rant Over.
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 24 12:03 PM
Quote from Scotia on Dec 21, 2017 04:33:52 pm Just dipped ties into “The Tunnel” RK BUT “Tin Star” was brilliant - Tim Roth performance was towering. Gonna try get onto Tin Star after Christmas. Don't get much ti
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 24 11:13 AM
Quote from MIRO on Today at 11:11:18 am I'd have him back for even one season. Would teach a few people what a real destroyer is all about. All is forgiven. Even to play 20 games - his very presence would be
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 24 2:24 AM
Quote from AussieRed on Yesterday at 11:09:41 pm Exactly right mate. On the LFC TV they have the match day reaction show after the game and it was said that one of our Senior players most likely James Milner, at 1-2 or ev
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 24 12:23 AM
Might have to get used to having a sh*te keeper as Klopp never got rid of Weidenfeller at Dortmund.
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 9:42 PM
Har har fergie time
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 8:58 PM
Salah not scored a brace for a while, not good enough, ship him back off to the Chavs.
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 7:41 PM
Thought I'd bench Courtois and Kenny for Speroni and Gomez that went well not!! Hatty from Kane as 'C' though. Hopefully creep into the top 10k now.
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 5:00 PM
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 4:45 PM
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 4:18 PM
Zero shots on target today against Chelsea the people's club my arse
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 4:16 PM
On sky sports no in the squad today wonder when he will be joining city
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 4:04 PM
Was really good again yesterday.
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 2:27 PM
At least we stay in touch with Chelsea with the draw there. How grim are Everton as well - didn't even have a shot on target at home.
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 12:34 PM
Firmino is quality. He's a real multidimensional player, his ability, his game intelligence, his work rate - it all makes him one of our most important players. However, I do find the whole "and they said he didn't score enough!" type of post a bit tir
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 11:29 AM
Quote from Alfie2510 on Dec 13, 2017 02:12:54 am Slim chance but if anyone has a spare for Swansea on Boxing Day let me know I have a spare main stand upper face value if you need it.
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 8:50 AM
What a joke Why doesn’t he fix the god damn obvious problems ? Neville was spot on yesterday, the team can fool you into looking like they are good defending wise when against poor attacks But when under pressure, they crumble and concede a bucket loa
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 8:04 AM
I predicted a draw of 2-2, at least for my sour grapes for being two up, I got three points.
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 2:53 AM
Quote from Scottbot on Dec 19, 2017 03:44:46 pm Interesting to hear what you think Moreno brings from a technical standpoint and in the final third as I know you are a fan of his? I think Moreno does a good job of carryi
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 2:06 AM
Think he has been given a bit of an easy ride this season due to his age, but some of his mistakes so far this season have very little to do with "he's still young" and everything to do with concentration and knowing your surroundings. People go on abo
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 12:29 AM
Quote from Shabs on Today at 12:20:39 am Form has dipped since the arrival of Salah.. He’s an instinctive player mate and his touch can be iffy Top, top talent though just miles off last year.
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 12:07 AM
Infuriates to the max this pre-madonna how many touches of the ball does he want to have, twice at 3-3 he did well to win the ball and attack the Arsenal defence. All it needed was 1 or 2 touches and play the ball through. Does he does he f**k! 3, 4, 5, 6
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 22 10:08 PM
Quote from fields of anny rd on Today at 09:59:35 pm In all seriousness because my stamce on this team has changed a little now to accepting we're playing for fourth, and for that reason we can carry a few passengers
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 22 9:58 PM
Quote from billythered on Today at 09:55:14 pm We should have won but got the draw so i guess we have to take that although it feels like a loss . Thought going into it we'd win, and we probably should have,
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 22 7:16 PM
Most matches you're best watching on acestream, do the the pre work now, get ace stream then get acestream links.
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 22 6:59 PM
I wouldn't get too hung up about starting positions. Coutinho will come deep when he needs to, and drift left at times as well as moving up to support Firmino. In attack, more or less a 424, and a 451 when defending.
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 22 6:54 PM
Quote from Danzel on Today at 06:45:53 pm So, there's one more game before Christmas and it's a big one. A huge one. A significant one. The Reds take on Arsenal at Emirates Stadium. Line-up: img https://i.imgu
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 22 6:45 PM
So, there's one more game before Christmas and it's a big one. A huge one. A significant one. The Reds take on Arsenal at Emirates Stadium. Line-up: img https
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 22 6:20 PM
Quote from shawspeed on Today at 06:16:33 pm Could it be that Coutinho is his mate or that whenever Luis and his family come to Liverpool they stay with Philippe? Suarez publicly spoke about Barca wanting cout
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 22 4:35 PM
http://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/academy/285023-adam-lewis-signs-new-liverpool-contract .u-18's top of the division, thru in europe, u-23's top of the league,
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 22 4:25 PM
Another good win for Eibar yesterday over the city spanish franchise.Eibar have been on a killer run recently.hmm barca v madrid 7 a.m eastern saturday before christmas not good timing by la liga considering it's pretty much the only spanish game peopl
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 22 11:54 AM
Quote from HScRed1 on Yesterday at 02:14:01 pm https://twitter.com/AnfieldHQ/status/943829914247204864 And we supposedly only want him for the summer so exciting
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 22 9:44 AM
Great read this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5203701/Liverpools-Mohamed-Salah-forgotten-hes-from.html
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 22 2:43 AM
Curse of a new fcuking boss. Fat Sam, cnut pardew now this sh*te..? FFS
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 21 11:34 PM
Quote from Swab on Aug 08, 2017 12:32:19 pm A pal of mine is planning on doing this next year, and has asked me if I want to go along. About 1, 000km if we do the route he wants to which will go partly through France rathe
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 21 11:33 PM
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 21 9:51 PM
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 21 7:01 PM
http://www.espn.co.uk/football/blog/soccer-transfers/3/post/3319495/liverpool-arsenal-see-differing-results-after-keeping-philippe-coutinho-alexis-sanchez There was an awkward moment following Liverpool's Premier League victory at Bournemouth last Sund
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 21 6:43 PM
Come on lads we all know quite well nobody's coming in January seems a waste getting your hopes up just try enjoying the thought of six more months of the mighty Lovren in the heart of our defence. :
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 21 1:26 PM
Quote from Scotia on Today at 01:20:38 pm I would. He’s top, top class - don’t let this year fool you. Thought against us he was first to every ball. Was impressed with him although we tanked the Saints 3-0.
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 21 1:19 PM
Not good enough from Lallana in his two return games. Poor. That hairstyle though is wicked.
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 21 9:56 AM
Quote from HUYTON RED on Yesterday at 01:41:20 pm Good to see Atletico have got a set of bollocks on them and reporting Barca for trying to tap up Griezmann. Hope they get a Transfer Ban for the next 2 years. PHI
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 21 9:52 AM
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 21 9:28 AM
I say he must start versus Arsenal. Loves scoring against Wenger's boys!
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 21 1:58 AM
Did they park the bus against Bristol City?
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 21 12:28 AM
Just worked my way through the This is England 86, 88 & 90 spin offs again. If there is a harder hitting, grittier more emotionally draining British series I've yet to see it. Love this series but it gets me right in the gut and it's hard to watch with
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 21 12:22 AM