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LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 11:11 PM
Quote from fields of anny rd on Today at 11:06:48 pm Is this guy the Karius to our Mignolet? IE getting closer to the first team from the form of those ahead of him. I eould certainly be giving this lad a go sooner or
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 11:03 PM
We be poor draw against poor Walford team only just beat poor crystal palace team Leinster city just hang on beat very poor arsenal team early days but we need do lot better
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 11:02 PM
Shout out to this fella. Playing like a true captain at the moment - bossing the midfield, at the ref's ears all the time. Was fantastic tonight, helping the defence as well playing some key passes in the attack.
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 10:52 PM
Quote from Beerbelly on Sep 14, 2017 12:22:02 pm 2 shots on target 2 goals conceded. You know what that means And what was his ratio today?
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 10:30 PM
Quote from Alfie2510 on Today at 10:23:24 pm At least we can rest assured Barcelona won't come in for this Brazilian Not on tonights performance anyway. I cannot think of a single thing he did which
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 9:49 PM
Quote from Scotia on Today at 09:46:59 pm A long, long way. And after him was probably Lovren ffs! Went with Trent. For a young player in a tough atmosphere thought he done nothing wrong at all. Henderson do
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 6:57 PM
Quote from JD on Today at 06:50:41 pm Team as expected. Very positive line up for a European away game. We need the points though, I wonder if we'd got all 3 points in the first game would we have played a '
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 5:11 PM
https://www.instagram.com/nathaniel_clyne/ Clyne now able to train in the gym. I think the team has missed him more than I expected it would. Hope he can continue on to make a full recovery, but we'
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 4:38 PM
http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/41388064 .I'm shocked, who would of thought this would happen in italian football.
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 4:17 PM
i tried this, my first sour type, not impressed not how i expected a sour to taste.
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 3:16 PM
http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/41399632 Silly from Hales and ridiculous from Stokes. The day before the ashes squad is announced too.
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 12:21 PM
Quote from bigmick on Today at 12:14:15 pm Still think he's a five car pile up waiting to happen meself, but he's playing well at the mo. Just so brittle mate is the problem. Seems to be Jürgen's guy for now
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 12:01 PM
90 quid for that black out top. They know how to make money anyway. No thanks. Got this instead: src="https://www.lfcreds.com/reds/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fd31g1t86vhddag.cloudfront.net%2Fmedia%2Fcatalog%2Fproduct%2Fcache%2F1%2Fthumbnail%2F1200x%2F5887c91b9d03388a5707eaeb94851d98%2Fm%2Ft%2F...
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 10:17 AM
Quote from Scotia on Yesterday at 04:28:03 pm Yip and January not out of the question Sadly I have to agree buddy. Barca (or anyone) throw down a big offer and he's gone. If I'm being honest I believe Oxlad
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 10:14 AM
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 9:29 AM
We will obviously have to keep it tight. Can, Gini, Henderson will be in midfield. Klopp might sacrifice a front man for Milner in midfield. Extra protection may be. Probably won't, Kenny would've for sure. I suppose keeping it tight, swamp and snarl ups
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 7:09 AM
Mignolet Milner Lovren Matip Robertson Henderson Can Coutinho Salah Sturridge Mane
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 1:21 AM
Announced that he is going into management. Future Liverpool manager? Played under Mourinho, Guardiola, Ancelotti, Benitez and Del Bosque, but also a very intelligent person/ex footballer. I can see him forging a very successful career in managemen
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 25 10:36 PM
Ha ha, Maureen looks proper abused. https://twitter.com/thefarm_peter/status/912421827519139840
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 25 6:48 PM
If he gets a start tomorrow night, needs to get on the scoresheet. There's an ultimatum for you!
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 25 4:53 PM
Could be an opening for the Managers slot at Bayern in the summer.
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 25 4:26 PM
derby goals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnlBmuQBtys&feature=youtu.be .
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 25 2:25 PM
Maybe if stop draw lose sh*t teams at home then we start winning league
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 25 12:22 PM
Hi Lads, If anyone could help I'd really appreciate it! My mate is going to London the weekend we play West Ham away and is looking to bring his girlfriend to the game as she is a big Reds fan.. Anyone that could help me sort them out with tickets or i
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 25 9:40 AM
relief to get the three points. major concerns about our defence and defending. we seem to give away needless fouls and free kicks and getting through our midfield is far to easy. Firmino has been off the pace as an attacking force in recent games, c
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 25 7:09 AM
Quote from KopiteLuke on Yesterday at 03:22:07 pm Let's get the simple things out of the way: Klopp cannot be held accountable for the 25 years or so without the league title before he arrived, hanging that around his nec
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 25 2:23 AM
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 25 1:22 AM
I remember watching vids of his goals for Roma and was surprised at how many headed goals he scores considering how short he is. He just knows how to find space near the goal and has the determination to always make the runs to put himself in position
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 11:45 PM
Quote from AussieRed on Today at 01:03:28 am Nice to have him back on the scoresheet. Been a while. Now keep that momentum going, Jordan! What we need from Jordan is consistentcy. He's a good player who seems
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 7:57 PM
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 5:43 PM
Watched the World Road Cycling Championships this weekend from Bergen on the BBC. Beautiful setting for a terrific event. Peter Sagan winning his third world title at the age of just 27 is a mighty achievement.
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 3:28 PM
Kariu Taa matip lovren. Moreno Hendo. Can Coutinho Salah. Sturridge. Mane
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 3:08 PM
After dropping 2 pts v Sevilla it's important we win against one of the two weakest teams in our group. They are currently 6th in the league having played 14 games, winning just 3 and drawing 5. And yesterday drew at home against the bottom team. So no
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 2:49 PM
The third goal yesterday showed exactly why Hendo should be playing further up the pitch. He bust a gut to get up there and it's a huge asset when a midfielder can break late into the box. Lamard made a career out of it.
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 12:14 PM
The fury family really are a bunch of scumbags
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 10:12 AM
'Leaked' emails suggest Coutinho would have earned £100M over 5 years at Barca. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/liverpool-told-barcelona-stop-harassing-11223989 I'd be f in raging too if my employers cost me that contract
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 8:22 AM
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 7:15 AM
I know Jürgen is a strict 4-3-3 man but I just wonder if it might be worth changing things up given some of the defensive issues we have been having? It might be worth jumping on the back wagon and giving three at the back a little run out? Our defensi
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 7:01 AM
Quote from RedLFCBlood on Sep 17, 2017 09:30:38 am Yeh love the Camaro, you can't beat a bit of muscle from America, we have an AC Cobra replica in the body shop we built from the ground up using genuine parts from america
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 5:38 AM
Quote from HScRed1 on Yesterday at 10:38:20 pm Any posters still thinking Sakho could do a job should see his calamitous defending today v City. Pathetic performance from Mama never was the solution for us. Was b
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 5:32 AM
Another poor performance from Joe I really had high hopes for him but he's showing his youth and inexperience to which I believed he was more advanced in truth be told. Offered nothing going forward defended poorly takes blame for the second goal for t
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 12:47 AM
Quote from LFCSTEVE1984 on Yesterday at 10:15:06 pm If he just comes out like a normal goalie and scoops that ball up there is no penalty at all. You mean you don't scoop the ball up with a flying scissor tackle?
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 24 12:26 AM
Quote from JD on Today at 12:21:58 am Anonymous performance today. He made 8 accurate passes in the first half. Henderson had made 31 and Can had made 25. Here's Gini Wijnaldum's full touchmap from today's game img h
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 11:50 PM
Quote from lreland on Today at 11:48:22 pm I play him against Newcastle and utd game he may not have pace as before he still class player get goal out nothing How many has he got out of nothing so far?
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 10:12 PM
Hoping the hot streak continues.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 9:24 PM
Not one of Emre's best today, thought he overcomplicated several times, but in saying that wasn't terrible by any means. Hit the post with a great shot in the first half, which should've been an assist/turning in by Salah (how did he miss that !?) Toug
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 8:19 PM
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 7:47 PM
Missed the match with having to do an airport run, so had the radio on & I must admit when it got to 3-1 I did think we were home & dry but when that ugly pr**k scored to make it 3-2 I did fear the worst & the final whistle couldn't come soon enough fo
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 7:43 PM
Have been tough on Moreno, but credit today, thought he attacked and defended well. Well done Alberto.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 4:30 PM
That team is strong enough to win comfortably. Just hope it clicks
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 4:28 PM
img https://sco
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 3:03 PM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Sep 08, 2017 07:21:08 pm The League Cup has never been and will never be a barometer of success or status, especially for a club that measures itself by the number of European Cups that i
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 1:14 PM
Help needed: Not worth starting a new thread for. I can not find the name of a song that I am confident has the word 'Infatuation' repeated in the chorus. Video was black and white, sure it was released in the 80's, and the group I think have the word
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 11:30 AM
"Goatee devotees" . The lads clearly bonkers but that's quite good, gotta give him that.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 11:23 AM
Quote from bad boy bubby on Today at 10:27:41 am The way I'm squaring the circle is that it's just going to take Jürgen a lot longer to 'get there' than everybody thought or promised . If we are to move on, folk actu
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 7:33 AM
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 5:31 AM
Need all 3pts to prevent this turning into some sort of crisis. We have to get back to winning ways by hook or by crook. Massive game now and the pressure is on to halt this win-less run.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 23 12:01 AM
I'm a glutton for punishment and decided to rewatch the Burnley game, geez this guy would not get into our Sunday 5 a side.
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 22 10:36 PM
Been a bit busier during the weekends than I expected, so sadly enough haven't been able to watch his games and can't find any recordings. What I can do is update his numbers though! He started the Club Brugge game two weeks ago. They actually won that
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 22 8:01 PM
Defo loudly knocking on Herr Klopp's door this week.
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 22 6:33 PM
Quote from Pritchars on Yesterday at 04:09:01 pm Tickets Expert is your best source for event tickets. We are a ticket exchange, so whether you want to see an event yourself or want to sell your extra tickets, we can help
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 22 6:12 PM
After the summer was thinking Jürgen might show him whose boss for a bit, leave him out here/there, and maybe taking him off vs Leicester was something of a slap round the ears, cause he looked fresh and getting back his sharpness back in that 1st half
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 22 8:51 AM
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 22 7:31 AM
Andre Ward announced his retirement. Fantastic fighter.
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 22 7:22 AM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGIc-Md0x78 wait on a visit
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 22 6:06 AM
Quote from federer on Sep 20, 2017 08:57:03 am Of course we should have a different captain. I mean really, if Henderson weren't captain now, would anyone give it to him? would anyone even have him in the starting XI?
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 22 1:28 AM
Quote from FL Red on Yesterday at 10:30:11 pm I really have no idea why he was bought. It just doesn’t seem like he fits in our squad. He seems like a good enough fella. Just not sure he’s right for us. Klopp lik
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 22 1:21 AM
Quote from Magillionare on Today at 12:26:07 am We can talk changing things all we want, however the facts remain we are yet to field a full strength midfield. I'll wait until we see Hendo, Lallana and Phil before tal
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 11:43 PM
Well for all the stick he has taken from a certain someone, apparently winning the Championship wasn't good enough for him. Well, his side are currently 4 places above us in the league with a more solid defence and a better goal difference too. Thought
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 10:26 PM
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 10:13 PM
3 starts, 2 MotM and umpteen chances created. Hope Jürgen gives him a real chance in a big game soon.
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 6:50 PM
https://support.twitter.com/articles/20175256 Seems to be on track for PotM for September
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 3:02 PM
u-18's beat boro last weekend in the cup, 4-3, only seen the goals, Camacho's was nice.We are still unbeaten u-18/u23.Playing Everton youth and Spurs u-23 at the same time friday both at home, don't remember that happening before.
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 11:20 AM
What I want to see, not what I expect, formation wise. Migs Gomez Matip Klavan Robertson Henderson Coutinho Can Salah Solanke Sturridge Sturridge in a front three? When has that ever worked? Better to pick a formation t
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 10:57 AM
Quote from redindian on Yesterday at 11:25:21 pm And actually a little puzzled as to how the failure in negotiations and failure to land the No. 1 target has all become Klopp's fault now. It can only be hi
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 9:56 AM
These seem to have had our number over the last few visits to Filbert St or what ever it is called these days. So about time we put that record straight, the Mighty Leicester have a hoodo over LFC doesn't sound right. We know exactly how they will play
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 8:49 AM
Seems that the secret at the moment to good score predictions is to have the name Mick! It's my granddads and dads name if that counts for anything?
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 7:55 AM
Real 7 pts behind Barca after 5 games, showing even the best can stutter, hope they're fans are nothing like ours otherwise Zidane will be gone!, there again this is Real so wouldn't surprise me
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 7:19 AM
Quote from Guruji on Yesterday at 10:30:05 pm When I was watching the game on a river yesterday, there was something before their first goal which caught my eye with Hendo. Very few highlight reels show it (they just cut
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 5:56 AM
https://mobile.twitter.com/huggydumps14/status/910580765389459456 Superb this
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 3:05 AM
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 1:04 AM
Quote from The Real Donavan Ried on Today at 12:21:03 am Really ?? Then why did Klopp sub him..?? And don't say because of Saturday We weren't leading, hell we weren't even peppering their goals with shots And
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 21 12:42 AM
Mily needs to be tried at RB IMO. I really like the youngsters, but that's just it. Their YOUNG!!! We cant keep changing them out each game and think that will do us good for their long term development. TAA got his confidence shook some kind of bad th
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 6:46 PM
So we've learned who the England's women team manager is and we learn that he's a c**t (kind of standard for FA employees isn't it?) He looks like one of those cu*ts who would go on a lads holiday and act disgracefully/illegally towards women.
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 5:37 PM
Nothing to do with Liverpool, or football for that matter, but I seen Bill Nighy on the 10.07 London Euston to Liverpool train today. Hell of a spot.
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 3:21 PM
Quote from HUYTON RED on Yesterday at 10:45:51 pm Or just turn them into a F1 car, any available space stick some sponsorship on it!! As a sport, the game is dead, it's about branding and business nowadays. Ameri
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 3:08 PM
Had a chance to show something last night, but didn't. Many more performances like that it'll be door that's shown.
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 1:20 PM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 on Sep 18, 2017 10:51:18 pm See Bellew saying he will retire Haye and put him to sleep if they have a re-match. Well, he wasn't even able to do that when Haye was fighting on 1 leg for about 5 ro
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 12:21 PM
Quote from Breeding-Reds-In-The-434 on Sep 15, 2017 06:24:48 pm My 4 year old ask why the 96 was on his Mane jersey. I told him that helps us remember the people who died in the tragedy. A few days later I pulled his U6 je
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 10:35 AM
I think the team is so unbalanced it's worrying now. The midfield of Lallana/Gini/Coutinho with Henderson at the base can look devastatingly good. But even with our best players in midfield we're practically always over committed in our opponents half
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 9:55 AM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0UdzTeHdNA Ignoring some of the slapstick comedy defending by our defenders its surprising that our midfield has been allowed to get away with any responsibility for the number of incidents where they are as much if not
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 7:47 AM
Lot to be liked. Good lad Danny.
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 4:58 AM
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 4:45 AM
Did he miss a sitter today? Some Arsenal c**t here says he did but I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Didn't watch it, that's why I'm asking.
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 4:19 AM
New Years resolution: Stefan de Vrij Jonathan Tah Craig Dawson A defensive mid (can't think of any that make sense off the top of my head, but he's out there) I would love to get VVD, but last thing we need is to be jerked around again by Soton. Just m
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 2:25 AM
Looked a bit like a snotty nosed kid tonight with his lack of experience in the CB role. Hope he feels a bit twatty now for his Twitter antics the other week.
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 2:22 AM
We need his energy back. And f**king quick.
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 20 2:15 AM
This did make me laugh on Twitter https://twitter.com/behavelad/status/910240789074268161