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At half-time the ankle was already swollen. It is probably not a good sign, said Klopp. We saw a kick in the game, we didn't think it was too serious, we were not sure if it was swollen or if he twisted it. For sure we have to make a scan.
Sky Sports - 11:42 PM
It was similar to the last game, to be honest, Klopp said. At half-time, we told the boys we had to stay patient.
Liverpool FC - 11:35 PM
Nobody spoke to me so far [about it], Klopp told a news conference. At half-time I asked immediately and the ankle was already swollen. We saw a kick in the game and didn't think it was too serious. Then it was swollen. We're not sure if he twisted it or not. For sure, we have to m...
Goal.com - 11:17 PM
At half-time I asked immediately and the ankle was already swollen, said manager Jurgen Klopp. It is probably not a good sign.
BBC - 11:05 PM
Georginio Wijnaldum got an injury but the ankle is swollen and it is not a good sign, Klopp said.
Daily Express - 11:02 PM
The team selection for tonight was [based on] that we need to have a team which is ready for a very intense start, said Klopp.
Liverpool FC - 6:56 PM
I am sure he is greedy for more starting selections and of course that opportunity will come, said Klopp. He is very much in the infancy of his Liverpool life, but the 'world' in 2017 doesn't always allow for patience. He is doing everything right in this moment and because of this...
Sky Sports - 11:40 AM
If we win it 1-0, I'm fine, said Klopp. We want three points, a clean sheet and a better position. I can imagine a lot of people after results like this [winning 7-0], but respect is a big problem. We know how strong they can be.
Sky Sports - 4:35 PM
I never take risks with the line-up, said Klopp. If the player is playing then we expect him at 100 per cent.
Sky Sports - 3:31 PM
Look, I don't wish on one of you that all your mistakes are discussed in public, Klopp said .
Soccernet - 1:10 PM
Of course it's not the nicest week in Dejan's life but it's only football, said Klopp. People don't become a better or a worse person through making a mistake in a football game.
Sky Sports - 1:10 PM
I don't wish one of you to have your mistakes discussed in public, Klopp said last Friday. You cannot even imagine how it feels.
Daily Mail - 12:49 PM
Rhian, congratulations from Liverpool, Klopp said. You scored one or two or three? Only one? Congratulations, we are really proud. Our best regards here from Liverpool, have a nice party, but no alcohol. Have a nice party with Coca-Cola and Fanta or whatever. See you soon.
Daily Express - 12:07 AM
The problem is that here the moment things don't work out, we get compared with the past, Klopp said.
Sky Sports - 12:20 PM
It was the last pass. Maybe you saw it. Joel and Dejan were exchanging passes and then in the last one, he felt something in the muscle, Klopp said. I don't know exactly, we had no time – the only question I asked in the treatment room was, 'Yes or no?' and I got a no and then we changed....
Sport Review - 6:15 AM