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LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 10:18 PM
Quote from srslfc on Today at 10:08:53 pm Not bad. Iceland is next on my list although Mark Kermode's tweets from Tromso has got me interested in there. It's my 40th towards the end of the year so might have to drop a
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 9:52 PM
Quote from Scotia on Oct 29, 2017 09:03:30 pm Me and the clan in Tenerife last week pre Maribor (and sunshine!) Damn, I can't believe they are your kids, I mean, they look to be in their teens and you in your
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 8:54 PM
City 2-0 up and Wembley bound
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 8:40 PM
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 7:54 PM
Heading over for the Spurs game Sunday week, and need to get back to the airport pretty sharpish after the game ( thanks to those Sky bas**rds switching the game from Saturday to Sunday).Where is the best place to get a taxi after match? Might even nee
Royal Blue Mersey - Tue Jan 23 7:22 PM
The man can coach. Raise your hand if you’re cool with the current run of form under Big Sam. Okay, you Liverpool fans reading this page who just raised your hands, go away - no one likes you anyway. Things are not great right now, and it’s not just about the results. Until sparking to life a bit...
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 3:07 PM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Today at 03:04:02 pm Beating Grigor Dmitrov - that's no mean feat! Indeed. Not sure how I managed that typo maybe thinking about the vino
Vital Football - Tue Jan 23 2:35 PM
Vitalfootball: Liverpool: 23/01/2018 14:11:51
Vital Football - Tue Jan 23 2:18 PM
Liverpool: Reds Suffer Shock Swansea Defeat Vitalfootball: Liverpool: 23/01/2018 14:18:56 Liverpool's 18-match unbeaten run comes to a shuddering halt against relegation-threatened Swansea City
The Tomkins Times - Tue Jan 23 1:42 PM
For the umpteenth time this season, Liverpool “won” 2-0 on xG (expected goals); although for the first time in months, the result was not in keeping with the chances. Liverpool did not play very well, but they limited Swansea to one quarter-chance (tucked gallingly into the corner) and had chance...
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 1:42 PM
Gini in a nut shell against low block teams. https://twitter.com/lfcdata/status/955792362369937413
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 1:31 PM
Hope he gets game time against Albion we need to get him up to speed if there is no more incoming s which is looking like the case. I don't want to see Gini with Can against the Bus parkers.
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 12:51 PM
Hi, I'm studying marketing and for my dissertation i'm currently undertaking research looking into the effectiveness of player endorsement deals within football. I would be hugely appreciative to anyone who can take 2-3 minutes to complete a short onli
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 12:18 PM
Surely one of Twitter's hugely knowledgeable itk"s would have found out if these rumours were true
RedCafe.net - Tue Jan 23 12:06 PM
Neymar - £200m + £660K a week (Pre tax) on 5 Year contract = £200m +172m in wages = £372m overall Coutinho - £140m + £240K a week (Pre Tax) on 5 year contract = £200m +63m = £263m Overall Dembele = £135.5m + 220K a week (Pre tax) on 5 year contract = 135.5m + 57m = £192.5m overall...
The Tomkins Times - Tue Jan 23 8:15 AM
On Saturday, when asked to predict the game, my response was: Having just beaten one of the best Premier League sides ever, it would be absolutely peak Liverpool to lose to one of the worst. However, we will create plenty so if we finish anything like we did against Man City it’ll be a rout. That...
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 7:17 AM
Happy Birthday Uncle Bob ❤️ https://twitter.com/livecholfc/status/955699118143283200
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 1:29 AM
642 species exhibit homosexual behaviour, only one is homophobic.
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 1:05 AM
Can't think of too many times I've seen a week to week performance that was so contrasting. Thought Andy was ridiculously poor tonight. It appeared he had an anchor keeping him from actually trying to beat his man down the side. How many times did he
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 12:28 AM
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 23 12:21 AM
You just can't go from beat city off park plus week rest and same old Liverpool lack of everything tonight if that cu*ts utd or city or Chelsea even they win them games
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 11:02 PM
Sorry, this is random, but f**k me, Kevin De Bruyne is only 26?! I thought he was 29 for some reason.
EPL Talk - Mon Jan 22 10:57 PM
Swansea (United Kingdom) (AFP) – Liverpool’s progress towards securing a Champions League spot was halted by the Premier League’s bottom club and a single goal by Alfie Mawson on Monday as Liverpool’s defensive frailties returned. Jurgen Klopp’s side, with £75 million centre-back Virgil van Dijk...
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 10:43 PM
Still our best attacking player today though. Beautiful ball to Mane who should have scored. Good effort on the free kick.
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 10:42 PM
Quote from Roddenberry on Today at 10:27:32 pm Maybe even Barry. You got that right. Barry Chuckle would have been better than Can tonight.
Vital Football - Mon Jan 22 7:20 PM
Liverpool: Confirmed Line-Ups 17/18 - Swansea City (Away) Vitalfootball: Liverpool: 22/01/2018 19:20:15 The line-ups are in ahead of tonight's Premier League fixture with Swansea City at the Liberty Stadium
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 7:06 PM
Didn't Coutinho captain Liverpool in his last game? (Just putting it out there..)
Vital Football - Mon Jan 22 7:01 PM
Team Line-Ups: Swansea City vs Liverpool Vitalfootball: Swansea: 22/01/2018 19:01:38 Confirmed team line-ups as Swansea City host Liverpool at the Liberty Stadium (8pm kick off)
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 6:35 PM
Quote from Brian78 on Today at 03:15:35 pm 1) Does the team bus still take the route to the ground passing the King Harry pub? 2) roughly what time does the team bus arrive at the ground is it an hour before kick off?
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 5:28 PM
Another year another SB hence why AZPatriot is once again a happy fella!
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 5:17 PM
Quote from FATKOPITE10 on Today at 05:12:06 pm Gerrard out ! Two defeats in a row Rodgers in. He’s matured since he left Liverpool and is ready for the kids. Not the first time he’s shafted Stevie
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 4:20 PM
Prenton Park.
RedCafe.net - Mon Jan 22 4:19 PM
Lots of rumours that Man City want him this month (rather than the summer). Arsenal want £35m for him. Man City want to spend £20m on him. Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date http://metro.co.uk/2018/01/07/manch ansfer-deal-desperate-alexis-sanchez-7211349/ https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/90...
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 4:06 PM
Hi, I've spent lots of time trying to find out where the upcoming game between our U23s V Derby next Sunday 1pm (28/Jan/18).Any help on this please?
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 3:27 PM
https://twitter.com/FB_WHISPERS/status/955457901027577856 Might be an interesting week.. might
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 3:15 PM
Lads can anyone answer the following please 1) Does the team bus still take the route to the ground passing the King Harry pub? 2) roughly what time does the team bus arrive at the ground is it an hour before kick off? Thanks. And if anybody knows if
The Tomkins Times - Mon Jan 22 2:40 PM
by our Mystery Correspondent P. Dantic. It’s not all about just reading the names on the player’s shirts. The commentators will sometimes tell us ‘He is a real talent’. You could easily think that they are just pointing out the talented players. But every footballer on the pitch is the owner-oper...
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 2:31 PM
Quote from jimbo1962 on Oct 15, 2017 10:07:21 am Hi all. I'm Jim from Belfast, been a Liverpool fan since the day of the 71 FA Cup Final, my mate became a lifelong Arsenal fan that day and I became a lifelong Liverpool fan.
EPL Talk - Mon Jan 22 1:38 PM
If you’re trying to find out how you can watch Swansea vs. Liverpool in the Premier League, you’ve come to the right place. After a scintillating performance against Manchester City, Liverpool have their eyes set on scoring a number of goals against Swansea to leapfrog Chelsea into third place. A...
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 11:52 AM
For those who are interested, just found out the details of Tommy's funeral. It will take place on 30 January at St Elphin's Parish Church, Church Street, Warrington.
RedCafe.net - Mon Jan 22 10:55 AM
As much as Liverpool fecked up the other day, I was pretty impressed with Watford. I'm a big fan of Marco Silva after the job he done with Hull last season; he really managed to galvanise a predominantly average group of players but ultimately didn't manage to keep them up. He also made some good...
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 10:07 AM
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 9:39 AM
Pair for Spurs £45each if anyone needs them Lower Anny.
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 9:23 AM
Good by way of understatement to see Wenger come out post Sanchez transfer now being tied up and confirm it was all about money grabbing on that player's part. No integrity. Karma is a bi*ch Mourinho. Sanchez will get injured and it will come
Soccerlens - Mon Jan 22 6:30 AM
Real Madrid Transfer News: Toni Kroos wants Liverpool move - originally posted on Sportslens.com Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kross is interested in linking up with fellow German Jurgen Klopp, according to reports in Spain. Don Balon suggest Kroos has grown frustrated by life at The Bernabeu and w...
Soccerlens - Mon Jan 22 6:00 AM
Daniel Sturridge wants January move to Sevilla - originally posted on Sportslens.com After being an integral part of the club's title challenge back in 2013/14, Sturridge's time at Anfield has been disrupted by injuries. From Sportslens.com - Football News | Football Blog
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 3:04 AM
The midfield will really need to step up, possess and create. A goal from a midfielder and/or a set piece would be a real plus.
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 3:02 AM
Quote from lfc across the water on Yesterday at 08:40:29 pm We have taken 28 points from 36, and 34 from 42 since the Halloween horror movie at Spurs. I know I'm getting ahead of myself here, but we play twice before tho
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 2:29 AM
Has said he'd prefer a move to Sevilla rather than Inter. Wouldn't bother me if we did sell him this window as every time he has played he hasn't done much and again has probably spent more time on injured list.
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 22 12:09 AM
Quote from ConzS on Yesterday at 04:38:14 pm Hmm not sure it will matter too much financially. Even if a few players do take the hump, where are they going to get paid more? Maybe one or two clubs but I doubt United will
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 10:25 PM
Happy birthday redangel, and a happy rounded birthday to bigV! (How did you get that old!)
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 7:06 PM
Quote from Jimsouse67 on Jan 13, 2018 03:17:43 pm Brilliant documentary got it as a chrimbo present, amazing man , footballer, manager & human being That bit were he parked up ( wasn't willing to go any further ) to look ac
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 6:53 PM
Quote from GERNS on Jan 15, 2018 08:12:32 pm Of Bobby didn’t say anything racsist, he won’t be stressed about anything, but Holgate will be, worrying about possible consequences of his false allegations. Can't se
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 5:35 PM
Talking of tarts, did ya see him checking out his face with a cellphone after he got cut!
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 4:00 PM
So, been hearing that he has always been fit, but he is being held back until Masch leaves so he can get the #14 shirt. Anyone hear this as well?
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 3:30 PM
Great player and it seems a great man, was listening to five live and some commentator was saying when he first started out in football he was a lodger with a landlady, he kept in touch with her all through his career and was still visiting her recentl
Gooner Talk - Sun Jan 21 1:56 PM
Throughout the January transfer window, Arsenal and Liverpool have both been touted as hounding suitors in the race for AS Monaco winger Thomas Lemar’s signature amongst others, although with a hefty £90m price-tag pinned on his head, it’s believed that the two Premier League rivals will wait unt...
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 1:48 PM
Under 23's 2-0 up against charlton in the pl cup
Cartilage Free Captain - Sun Jan 21 1:19 PM
Spurs need another win to keep pace with United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool. The last time Tottenham Hotspur played Southampton was on Boxing Day, and Spurs rolled to a 5-2 thumping of the Saints at Wembley Stadium. Today, Spurs head to St. Mary’s to face the Saints on their home turf, knowi...
RedCafe.net - Sun Jan 21 12:47 PM
http://www.skysports.com/share/11216832 Yet again all the journalists seem to be seriously anti United, we got a point at Anfield whereas City lost but by their logic a 4-3 loss is better than a 0-0 draw away from home. To call us a “rich man’s Stoke” is seriously deluded seeing where we are now...
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 12:12 PM
Real ashes is now one day cricket right?
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 11:43 AM
Quote from ORCHARD RED on Today at 11:30:59 am http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/celebrity-big-brother-john-barnes-gay-men-courtney-act_uk_5a64611fe4b0022830038283 Sometimes honest is not the best policy! 😕 /quot
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 11:30 AM
http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/celebrity-big-brother-john-barnes-gay-men-courtney-act_uk_5a64611fe4b0022830038283 Sometimes honest is not the best policy! 😕
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 10:53 AM
Watford turn down millions from Everton as compensation for Silva then go and pay millions to sack him just a couple of months later.
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 10:10 AM
Quote from FATKOPITE10 on Jan 17, 2018 11:56:52 pm One down here in Plymouth, got it's own pub, not official and run occasional trips, i am a member I have sent a message to them but no reply
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 9:38 AM
Regarding Luke, I see he has been as inactive on Twitter as he has on here. Hope he's okay.
EPL Talk - Sun Jan 21 1:26 AM
Liverpool (AFP) – Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has insisted he has not given a second thought to his team’s 18-match unbeaten run ahead of their trip to Swansea City on Monday. Klopp’s side have been in imperious form recently, and ended Premier League leaders Manchester City’s hopes of going t...
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 12:10 AM
Quote from Ribapuru on Jan 19, 2018 08:37:11 pm there is good keepers out there. src="https://www.lfcreds.com/reds/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.reactiongifs.com%2Fr%2Foco.gif
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 12:07 AM
I know it was naive but I hoped that getting the Aussie flu meant I'd have a g'day.
LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 12:03 AM
Hearing Klopp wants to take the team away for a holiday to Spain and asked Robertson if he had any euros in his pocket and he said nope just sterling still.
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 10:32 PM
Quote from srslfc on Jan 18, 2018 10:50:46 am Sturridge is was a top level centre forward.
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 7:47 PM
Pretty much covers what we all know, right? I don't think he is underrated by the vast majority of us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj75MEiJMZA
Arsenal Youth - Sat Jan 20 6:40 PM
FA Youth Cup fourth round Liverpool 2 (Jones 2) Arsenal 3 (Burton, Saka, John-Jules) a.e.t. Tyreece John-Jules scored an extra-time winner as Arsenal U18s showed terrific spirit to come from behind and secure a victory away to Liverpool at Anfield in the fourth round of the FA Youth Cup this aft...
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 5:06 PM
So the big news pieces coming out of the draft - Atlanta United signed u20 Argentine international Ezequiel Barco for $15m - David Accam traded to Philidelpha Union -Ola Kamara traded to LA Galaxy with Gyasi Zardes and money going to Columbus Crew
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 5:03 PM
No results gone our way so really need to be collecting 3 points here. 1 change only for me VVD in .
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 3:54 PM
Quote from Roddenberry on Yesterday at 01:33:07 pm And it counts even more for opinion then, as not all opinion should carry the same weight. Maybe not, but who is to say that one persons opinion should carry mor
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 3:25 PM
What's going on at Arsenal then 4-0 already??
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 3:20 PM
Getting on for 4 hours since they had a prem shot on target!
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 12:37 PM
Over to you now Lorius.
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 12:32 PM
Feel can is a bit underrated with our fans, he plays mostly with two midfielders who don't Create and don't try to create. can atleast tries to force something and if it doesn't come off then we all bash him for giving away the ball or whatever. He def
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 10:36 AM
I was all for disposing of him but having thought about it that would have been the easy thing for the club to do with a player not playing and out of contract in the summer. Spending some time with him to try and prevent such awful behaviours is the b
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 9:47 AM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 on Yesterday at 11:08:04 pm Still not sure what position he would be best suited to in order have a good career with us. Forward. Same reason as Coutinho, too small to offer much midfield
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 9:13 AM
Still don't know when and where Tommy's funeral will be. Anybody know?
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 8:26 AM
“ Liverpool's captain has made 23 appearances this season, grabbing 1 goal and 1 assist ”
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 7:31 AM
Quote from Boston not la on Jan 15, 2018 04:45:35 pm I thought they were gonna be the Las Vegas Raiders not the Everton Raiders!why so bitter! That finish to the vikings game last night, holy f**k, , will be tough if
Soccerlens - Sat Jan 20 6:30 AM
Jurgen Klopp wants Loris Karius to prove Liverpool don’t need a new goalkeeper - originally posted on Sportslens.com The Reds have been linked with moves for a host of keepers across Europe but Klopp has said that if Karius does well, the starting spot would be his. From Sportslens.com - Football...
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 4:01 AM
I would expect maybe one main purchase in the summer (perhaps two if we go for another midfielder), and maybe a couple of frees to improve our squad depth.
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 12:56 AM
Quote from Kopite78 on Yesterday at 08:34:06 pm That's not the going rate Keith, no where near That's another nail in football's coffin Absolutely spot on Kopite, this is the start of the end of football Shame
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 12:08 AM
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 19 11:06 PM
Top 3k and still in the cup. Hopefully I can keep this going, be good to finish in the top 1k.
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 19 10:48 PM
Just finished the first season of Last Chance U on Netflix. Really good documentary series following a junior college football team. I don't know much about American Football other then the NFL so really enjoyed this and will start season 2 tomorrow.
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 19 9:55 PM
The fa youth cup game v arsenal is on lfctv at 7 tomorrow night
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 19 7:20 PM
2nd place. FA cup bagged and last 4 in Europe. Tbat would a very succesful season
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 19 6:00 PM
The Tomkins Times - Fri Jan 19 5:48 PM
This week’s posts selected by Chris Rowland and Daniel Rhodes. This gives you some idea of the range of debate on the site and the type of articles published. If you fancy being part of it, there’s a ‘Subscribe’ tab at the top of the page. 1 – El Indio finds comparisons with Klopp in The Iliad!:...
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 19 2:37 PM
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 19 2:02 PM
He has the talent and skills to be a top player but his mentality and focus are the issues, hopefully he can grow into a fine footballer for us. This loan move could be good.
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 19 1:55 PM
Chavs rumoured to be in for Crouch. A sure sign that Conte wont be there next season.
The Tomkins Times - Fri Jan 19 1:28 PM
With the departure of Philippe Coutinho – when football lurched into a new realm dominated by the needs of a multi-national sportswear company rather than those of a football team – many Reds fans are adamant we need to add another attacking player before the window closes. Two names on the curre...
Everton FC Blogs - Fri Jan 19 12:10 PM
The Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, has nominated Everton in the Community to receive the Freedom of the City of Liverpool for its pioneering charity work. The city’s highest civic honour is expect
The Tomkins Times - Fri Jan 19 10:12 AM
Liverpool’s thrilling 4-3 win over Manchester City made it four consecutive wins in the Premier League (five in all comps including the FA Cup win over Everton) and stretched our unbeaten run to 18 games in all competitions since the 4-1 reverse at Spurs back in Oct 22. Those 18 games have produc...
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 19 9:45 AM
People claiming to “support” two teams. When really they just hate 1 My little ‘un giving it to one moron on twitter. https://twitter.com/mcg29sam7/status/954273142641438720
Vital Football - Fri Jan 19 9:03 AM
Liverpool: Stats Preview 17/18 - Swansea City (Away) Vitalfootball: Liverpool: 19/01/2018 08:41:30 A selection of the key facts, figures and statistics ahead of the away day at Swansea City
Soccerlens - Fri Jan 19 7:58 AM
Man City and Arsenal eyeing move for much-improved Liverpool star - originally posted on Sportslens.com Manchester City have been linked with a move for Liverpool midfielder Emre Can. The Germany midfielder’s contract expires in the summer, but he has indicated he may be willing to stay at Anfiel...
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 19 4:59 AM
Quote from Diego LFC on Yesterday at 04:21:18 pm Oh I *love* Bruno Fernandes. What a signing he was for Sporting. I've seen them live at the Alvalade twice this season and he always stands out. Great shot on his
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 19 2:47 AM
Quote from Danzel on Jan 17, 2018 07:26:15 pm A video of the different pressing formations / structures we used in the City game. Look at how organised and well drilled that pressing is. Brilliant to watch. Look at how t
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 19 12:51 AM
Quote from AussieRed Yep had about 2.5 hours myself, was so buzzing rang work straight after the match to say I was not coming in😆. Sometimes when going to our games, with all the travelling I have to do on the day, that amount of sleep is
I'm pretty sure I don't make a lot of friends, but that's not my job, Klopp said.
Daily Star - 4:04 PM
I didn't want to be disrespectful but I couldn't stop myself, Klopp told Sky Sports. It just happened. The plan was not to run [onto the pitch to celebrate]. When I chose to stop I was close to Alisson. He was surprised. It was the last situation of the game. Both teams delivered a...
Sky Sports - 9:19 AM
Reacting like we reacted at a tough place like Turf Moor and Burnley, that's special. It's really good, Klopp told journalists.
Daily Express - 6:29 AM
I'm pretty sure I don't make a lot of friends, but that's not my job, Klopp said after the game.
Daily Star - 6:29 AM