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LFC Reds - Sun Nov 12 11:12 PM
His wifes ex husband committed suicide, break down of relationship and taking his daughter to Glasgow cited as reasons.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 12 9:18 PM
Quote from harrydunn08 on Nov 09, 2017 09:10:09 pm I saw he bagged a brace the other day, and it appears that he's starting regularly for them. Anyone actually watching or tracking his performances?? I've been t
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 12 7:33 PM
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 12 12:19 PM
So, what's the deal with Emre? I'd like him to stay, but it looks like he's not going to sign a new contract. Disappointing, think he's going to continue to improve. But imho, if he doesn't sign by the end of the calendar year, we should sell him in Ja
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 12 12:00 PM
Quote from chats on Yesterday at 10:20:52 pm Surprise surprise, he’s fit to play for Brazil in their next game. Lad needs f**king off, preferably to PSG for an eye watering fee. Philippe Coutinho 'asks Liverpo
Vital Football - Sun Nov 12 11:33 AM
West Ham Looking at Loan Deal for Liverpool's Ings Vitalfootball: West Ham: 12/11/2017 11:17:51 With David Moyes now in charge at West Ham United, it`ll certainly be interesting to see how the Scot reshapes the squad come the opening of the January transfer window.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 12 12:29 AM
Quote from The Real Donavan Ried on Today at 12:22:09 am There It Is The old "the way you try to be controversial when you go fishing for pluses" You seem to be obsessed with pluses And as for the whole
RedCafe.net - Sun Nov 12 12:17 AM
How will he fare in his first season? Instant impact making Liverpool serious contenders for top 3 or does he require serious amount of rebuilding? Squad looks awfully fragile when a couple of key players are out so surely this won't be plain sailing for The Normal One?
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 12 12:09 AM
Quote from Boston not la on Yesterday at 05:06:04 pm Can't decide if i wanna go to the pub for Denmark v Ireland later, might be a few plastic irish out. At least in the pub you'll have had some beer. I watched it
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 11 8:14 PM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Jul 13, 2017 04:03:35 pm Great news. BBC to screen football documentary that isn't about Phil Neville's kinky obsession with turnips or whatever pathetic excuse they can find to screen so
EPL Talk - Sat Nov 11 7:50 PM
London (AFP) – Liverpool duo Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah were among five nominees named for the BBC’s African Footballer of the Year award on Saturday. Mane’s fine form for Liverpool has carried over to the international stage as the winger helped Senegal qualify for the World Cup for the first...
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 11 4:21 PM
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 11 3:00 PM
It's a shame Klopp didn't go in for Salvatore Sirigu. He's doing very well in goal for Torino and he went there on a free last window.
Vital Football - Sat Nov 11 1:44 PM
Coutinho Prefers Barcelona to Paris Claim Vitalfootball: Barca: 11/11/2017 13:21:20 It wouldn`t really be a weekend would it if another piece of transfer speculation relating to Philippe Coutinho didn`t grace the media.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 11 12:13 PM
Quote from FATKOPITE10 on Yesterday at 06:39:32 pm Heartily recommend the Liverpool sounds documentary on lfctv. Looking at songs and chants from over the years. Don't mind admitting having a lump in my throat at the end
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 11 12:08 PM
Quote from Scotia on Yesterday at 03:31:47 pm Hope he’s a vegetarian Ha ha ha indeed !!
Three and in - Sat Nov 11 12:00 PM
Juventus are planning a raid on Liverpool for midfield maestro and Barcelona target Philippe Coutinho. Sports Mole (via Don Balon) are reporting that the Old Lady are preparing a £155 million offer for Coutinho at the personal request of coach Max Allegri who feels the need for a big statement si...
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 11 10:51 AM
Quote from Arlen Correa on Yesterday at 12:12:17 pm Some rumours in Brazil about interests from european clubs in Gremio midfielder Arthur(21). Keita + Arthur in the midfielder + some DM destroyer would be amazing imo. He
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 11 8:27 AM
Ithink gomez is the weak link against west ham, beaten too easily by lanzini (score 1 and miss 1) and arnautovic. I was fuming why klopp didnt send more help to gomez side. luckily west ham totally lost their motivation after ox score our 3rd goal.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 11 2:39 AM
Senegal qualified with a game in hand, so he better be rested for that match.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 11 1:43 AM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWAtwo8lN18 What an album opener!
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 11 12:39 AM
Soccerlens - Fri Nov 10 11:09 PM
This is how much Barcelona bid for Coutinho and how much Liverpool are requesting - originally posted on Sportslens.com According to Sport, Barcelona have made a £105m bid for Liverpool and Brazil attacking-midfielder Philippe Coutinho. The 25-year-old has been a target for the Catalans giants al...
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 10 9:56 PM
Quote from bmck on Nov 04, 2017 08:53:59 pm Eventually got to see Blade Runner 2049 last night. An incredible 8.5 on IMDB, with a shed load of votes. Looked great, deffo a big screen movie. And I liked a lot of it. But lik
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 10 8:05 PM
https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/929076350220161025 Enjoy.
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 10 7:25 PM
https://www.msn.com/en-ie/sport/news/liverpools-philippe-coutinho-agrees-personal-terms-with-barcelona-ahead-of-new-%e2%82%ac120m-january-bid/ar-BBEMyS6 Unlike in the summer, no denials or comments to the media that this is not going to happen. So look
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 10 6:39 PM
Heartily recommend the Liverpool sounds documentary on lfctv. Looking at songs and chants from over the years. Don't mind admitting having a lump in my throat at the end as it reminds me of my mums funeral
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 10 5:53 PM
Rhian Brewster set to play for lfc under 23's v Newcastle tonight. Live on lfctv from 7
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 10 4:50 PM
This topic has been moved to January Transfer Board . https://www.lfcreds.com/reds/index.php?topic=49972.0
The Tomkins Times - Fri Nov 10 4:40 PM
This week’s posts selected by Chris Rowland and Daniel Rhodes. 1 – KloppyD discussing British managers and the prospect of David Moyes replacing Slaven Bilic at West Ham: Really amusing to hear Allardyce bemoaning the lack of opportunities for British Managers to get work in the EPL. Then watch h...
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 10 1:27 PM
I hear he might be back! come home javier! ;D
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 10 1:12 PM
Southampton pair needed also guys!
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 10 12:18 PM
The Tomkins Times - Fri Nov 10 12:11 PM
Although the title suggests these articles are weekly, it actually indicates how far through the season we are at the time of writing. In fact they will be once a month. For a full explanation of how the radars are calculated, please see the opening article in the series. Want to make your own ra...
Vital Football - Fri Nov 10 7:35 AM
Liverpool: Anfield Atmosphere - My Take Vitalfootball: Liverpool: 10/11/2017 07:35:56 After attending the recent Premier League fixture with Huddersfield Town I've had some thoughts on the matter
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 10 2:54 AM
Anyone see the penalty awarded to Switzerland today? Shockingly unfair to Northern Ireland, especially given how important the match was. Still, Switzerland were so much better in this game, it wouldn't seem fair for the home team to get a result. Is t
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 10 2:22 AM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 on Nov 04, 2017 01:00:25 am Are you serious? Klitschko despite being 41 could still take apart pretty much the whole of the heavyweight division bar the odd couple and he is far too experienced t
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 9:35 PM
I wonder what the response will be within our fanbase if we don't sign any defensive players of consequence in January ?
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 9:10 PM
I saw he bagged a brace the other day, and it appears that he's starting regularly for them. Anyone actually watching or tracking his performances??
Vital Football - Thu Nov 9 6:19 PM
Liverpool, Paris or Barcelona, the Big Question Vitalfootball: Barca: 09/11/2017 17:54:57 With January approaching, we`re expecting the transfer speculation relating to Barcelona making further attempts to bring Philippe Coutinho to the Camp Nou to ramp up.
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 5:43 PM
Quote from Fourbrick on Today at 05:35:06 pm Reports that Masch might leave Barca at the end of the season. Would we welcome him back? It's yes from me. I'll take Mascherano but I'm not sure Mascerano played
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 5:35 PM
Reports that Masch might leave Barca at the end of the season. Would we welcome him back? It's yes from me.
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 5:12 PM
Quote from RedPuppy on Nov 07, 2017 05:34:10 pm Not a picture, but a moving picture so I guess I'll get away with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MWMNlQzlFA and I had a scarf with the long white strip
Three and in - Thu Nov 9 2:00 PM
It has emerged this past week that Liverpool are debating a shock move for Manchester City’s Spanish star David Silva. The Sun reports Liverpool are closely monitoring Silva’s contract talks with City as they continue to make a new deal. Silva has yet again been a focal point so far this season,...
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 1:58 PM
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 12:28 PM
http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11669/11119073/mignolet-city-can-be-caught Not a fan of this stuff because we have shown nothing to suggest we are at their level. Mignolet is one who does a lot of talking off the pitch about what we can do and w
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 12:09 PM
Mascherano back here? Yes please He would bring so much to the team and I love him. A really great player to have. I miss his tackles haha
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 11:52 AM
Quote from FL Red on Nov 05, 2017 01:52:05 am He’s seemingly played well, but is it just me or has it seemed like he hasn’t had so much defending to really do? Just seems like teams don’t really target him. Or maybe he’s
The Tomkins Times - Thu Nov 9 11:09 AM
A recent academic study showed that while there was a brief new-manager bounce in the Premier League, it mostly occurs only with foreign managers. (As quoted in The Times last month.) Which is odd, seeing as many of them are clueless dummies who don’t know the league. The fact that they also win...
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 9:43 AM
We don't really have a defence much. Junk; Lovren Flanagan Klaven Injured; Clyne Undecided; Gomez Okay; TAA Matip We need to consider having some players, perhaps Can at CB.
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 9:24 AM
None. We don't have any pure leaders. For that reason there's no reason to change and rock the boat.
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 4:22 AM
Problem I have had, since the very first fifa in 1994 (I have bought and owned every one since) is that I always prefer the older version and have to make myself get used to the newer one for a good 4 months before I eventually really rate the new one
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 4:09 AM
I actually think think that Hendo could be trained into a pretty adequate defensive midfielder. He offers little going forward, loves a side wards pass and the occasional cross fielder, can track back well and enjoys a tackle. Problem is that it’s a
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 3:37 AM
Quote from heimdall on Nov 06, 2017 12:26:11 pm Who would you drop to accomodate him though? The times I've seen him he's been pretty average, bad luck with injuries but I'm not sure if he was ever good enough for us and
EPL Talk - Thu Nov 9 1:24 AM
Berlin (AFP) – Liverpool-bound Naby Keita has hit the headlines for allegedly using a forged driving licence in Germany, but he is RB Leipzig’s midfield engine who one day hopes to play for Barcelona. The 22-year-old box-to-box midfielder was a key component in Leipzig’s stunning first season in...
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 12:10 AM
Quote from Diego LFC on Yesterday at 06:57:23 pm No idea how well he's playing for Milan as I have seen very little of them this season, but I sure do not put as much weight as some do on national call ups. Unless the pla
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 12:08 AM
we can't bring him in in jan as we won't even pay until the summer, let's understand this now before the thread goes on about it daily until feb
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 9 12:06 AM
Quote from Danzel on Yesterday at 08:53:40 pm I honestly don't get it when I see someone writing / questioning what it is exactly that Wijnaldum offers or what he does on the pitch. Other than injuries / the very odd game
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 8 10:50 PM
Looking for 2 tickets for Seville away, if anybody knows of any it would be greatly appreciated
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 8 9:58 PM
Quote from GERNS on Nov 05, 2017 11:53:42 am If that w**ker Joe Hart, Englands No 1 International Keeper, had saved that far post bullet Mo Salah hit, I would have had another perfect, and moved back into the pre. F in
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 8 1:32 PM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Sep 09, 2017 09:06:30 pm Saw one of their gigs last year and they are very crowd pleasing. But I have to say I much preferred them when I saw them on the Viva La Vida tour 9 years ago. Asi
The Tomkins Times - Wed Nov 8 12:47 PM
By our mystery correspondent Per Dantic. ‘He is a top top player’ We often hear the commentators say ‘He is a top top player’. What they’re telling us is, if you could get all the players to line up in a row, and then divided that line into three sections, you’d have some players who are waiting...
Soccerlens - Wed Nov 8 11:42 AM
Leipzig will not allow Naby Keita to join Liverpool early - originally posted on Sportslens.com Bundesliga club RB Leipzig have confirmed that they will not allow star midfielder Naby Keita to join Liverpool early. The Merseysiders struck a deal worth an initial £51 million with Leipzig to bring...
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 8 9:23 AM
Sterling withdrew from the England squad for their upcoming friendlies against Germany and Brazil because of a back issue. The severity of Sterling's injury is unclear, but given that England are only playing friendlies and not World Cup qualifiers, it
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 8 2:12 AM
If you think just maybe it's her then promise me young man you're going to let her know. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhtMEFtPWYM
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 8 2:06 AM
The best thing with a goalkeeper is when you don't talk about the goalkeeper, Klopp said recently.
Goal.com - 11:17 PM
Clyne is a very experienced player, said Klopp. Is it perfect? No.
EPL Talk - 3:51 PM
We have to be angry on Sunday and we will be, Klopp said.
Daily Express - 2:32 PM
It is our situation. It is only a crisis if you feel it is a crisis, said Klopp. Trent is not as serious as the other two boys but obviously it is not top class news, that is clear.
Sky Sports - 1:35 PM