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Vital Football - Thu Mar 29 5:50 PM
A Second Spell for Ancelotti at Chelsea? Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 29/03/2018 17:35:15 I still don`t believe that Carlo Ancelotti received as much credit as he deserves for his achievements whilst in charge at Stamford Bridge.
Vital Football - Thu Mar 29 5:50 PM
Chelsea Lead Race to Sign Dutch Youngster Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 29/03/2018 17:38:39 Lurking in the pages of a media vehicle is the clear inference that Chelsea are set to win the race to bring a talented teenager to the club.
Vital Football - Thu Mar 29 5:34 PM
Name the Starting XI - Spurs (h) Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 29/03/2018 17:16:44 Who fancies a challenge?
Vital Football - Thu Mar 29 5:34 PM
Conte Reveals Chelsea Injury Concerns for Spurs (h Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 29/03/2018 17:17:13 We`re at the stage of the season where there is no further margin for error if Chelsea are to be playing Champions League football next season.
Vital Football - Thu Mar 29 8:15 AM
Chelsea Legend Set to Extend Aston Villa Stay Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 29/03/2018 07:49:36 After one season away from Stamford Bridge, I`m probably not alone in hoping that our captain, leader and legend, John Terry, might make an emotional return to the club this summer.
Vital Football - Wed Mar 28 10:41 PM
Chelsea Make History Yet Again Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 28/03/2018 22:28:59 A brilliant win for the ladies tonight, bring on Wolfsburg
Vital Football - Wed Mar 28 6:24 PM
Are Chelsea A Big Club And Does It Matter Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 28/03/2018 18:20:53 Not to me, but maybe it does for some
Vital Football - Wed Mar 28 5:29 PM
Caballero Comes Off the Bench to Concede FIVE Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 28/03/2018 17:11:48 Earlier this week Willy Caballero made his international debut, for Argentine.
Vital Football - Wed Mar 28 5:10 PM
Chelsea Linked with Norwich City Midfielder Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 28/03/2018 16:48:50 My, it seems an age since Chelsea played a Premier League fixture, thankfully, that is set to change this weekend.
Vital Football - Wed Mar 28 5:10 PM
Good Luck Chelsea Ladies Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 28/03/2018 17:04:12 Although Chelsea crashed out of the Champions League, at the hands of Barcelona, our Ladies team is very much in the mix to progress in the competition.
Vital Football - Wed Mar 28 2:02 PM
Alonso Gets His First Cap and Becomes a Record Bre Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 28/03/2018 13:47:57 Today, with a Premier League fixture against Tottenham Hotspur looming large, those Chelsea players who have been on international duty will be returning to Cobham, for training.
Vital Football - Tue Mar 27 11:30 PM
Chelsea Must Keep The Pressure On Spurs Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 27/03/2018 23:25:59 It'll be good to get back to Premier League action, but it will be tense
Vital Football - Tue Mar 27 10:19 PM
Chelsea Fans Have Their Say On Enrique Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 27/03/2018 22:15:08 It was a close call but the Spaniard came out on top
Vital Football - Tue Mar 27 5:50 PM
Chelsea v Tottenham - Match Officials Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 27/03/2018 17:29:32 Chelsea finally return to Premier League action, this Sunday, when they welcome Tottenham Hotspur to Stamford Bridge.
Vital Football - Tue Mar 27 5:32 PM
Hazard Puts Contract Talks on Hold Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 27/03/2018 17:21:46 With international football, albeit of the friendly variety, still taking centre-stage, several of the Chelsea squad are away serving their country.
Vital Football - Mon Mar 26 10:23 PM
Hazard Superfluous to Madrid As City Hover Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 26/03/2018 22:05:01 With two years left on his contract, will Eden really leave this summer
Vital Football - Mon Mar 26 10:23 PM
28 Years And Counting Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 26/03/2018 22:16:02 Let's hope we can keep the run going
Vital Football - Mon Mar 26 2:27 PM
Chelsea Youngster Having a Topsy-Turvey Time Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 26/03/2018 14:11:20 Going out on loan, to a strange club, I`d imagine can be quite a challenging experience.
Vital Football - Mon Mar 26 2:08 PM
Kante Tips Giroud to Break His Chelsea Goal Drough Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 26/03/2018 13:47:37 This Sunday, on April Fools Day, we finally get to see Chelsea back in action when they take on their long-standing rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.
Vital Football - Sun Mar 25 10:34 PM
Luiz Backed To Replace Christensen Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 25/03/2018 22:28:34 Christensen has had a good season, but maybe he should be given a deserved break
Vital Football - Sun Mar 25 10:09 PM
Courtois Injured But Will Remain At Chelsea Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 25/03/2018 22:04:54 Chelsea fans will think this is probably good news and bad news depending on their viewpoint
Vital Football - Sun Mar 25 9:47 PM
Managerial Swaporama Rumours Continue To Swirl Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 25/03/2018 21:34:54 Nobody really knows who's going to end up where
Vital Football - Sun Mar 25 11:03 AM
Chelsea - Courtois Out, Oblak in Claim Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 25/03/2018 10:58:38 Could Chelsea be about to bite the bullet and replace their Belgian keeper Thibaut Courtois?
Vital Football - Sun Mar 25 10:48 AM
Gay Paris Beckons for Soon-To-Be ex-Chelsea Manage Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 25/03/2018 10:38:42 It would seem that it is a matter of not if but more likely when, with regards to the departure of Antonio Conte from the managerial hot-seat, at Stamford Bridge.
Vital Football - Sat Mar 24 9:05 PM
Big Changes To The Summer Transfer Window Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 24/03/2018 21:05:00 This new ruling has gone under the radar a little
Vital Football - Sat Mar 24 8:14 PM
So Who Was Chelsea`s Best Signing In January Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 24/03/2018 20:14:01 It was only really memorable for the amount of ridiculous names mentioned in possibly joining
Vital Football - Sat Mar 24 9:35 AM
Does Playing Hazard as a False Number 9 Really Wor Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 24/03/2018 09:35:14 This season, when Antonio Conte has found his options to be limited, the Italian has decided to play Eden Hazard as a false number nine.
Vital Football - Sat Mar 24 9:22 AM
International Football Is it just me Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 24/03/2018 09:22:44 There's breaks are very inconvenient, this is the business end of the season, we don't need it
Vital Football - Sat Mar 24 9:17 AM
Chelsea`s Caballero Makes International Debut Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 24/03/2018 09:17:48 It`s been a good couple of days for Willy Caballero.
Vital Football - Fri Mar 23 12:04 PM
Chelsea - That`s It Until April? Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 23/03/2018 12:04:42 It`s hard to grasp that in a season whereby the games have come thick and fast, our fixture programme, although it is only 23 March, has come to an end for this month.
Vital Football - Fri Mar 23 11:25 AM
Caballero To Remain at Chelsea for a Second Season Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 23/03/2018 11:25:50 With doubts about the future of Thibaut Courtois, at Chelsea, still generating column inches, we are able to bring you some positive news on the goalkeeping front.
Vital Football - Fri Mar 23 10:28 AM
Was It Really 32 Years Ago Today? Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 23/03/2018 10:28:37 My, how time flies!
Vital Football - Fri Mar 23 9:36 AM
Chelsea`s Cup Draw Sequence Broken Vitalfootball: Chelsea: 23/03/2018 09:36:54 But were not complaining too much!