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It was just a strange one for me, Warnock said. I had been sort of in and out of the team that season and cutting my teeth on the Liverpool team.
Mirror - 1:52 AM
It is important that they try and tie him down because you want to keep your best assets at the club to help bring other big players in, Warnock told Sky Sports .
Mirror - 11:01 AM
Wijnaldum has been a revelation since he arrived at the club, Warnock said. With the arrival of [Naby] Keita and Fabinho, you wondered whether he would get in the starting XI. I'm sure the club understands his value, how important he is and what he brings to the team, so, I'm not t...
Sky Sports - 6:00 AM
There was a push in the back, but I think Joe Gomez should have dealt with the situation better, Warnock said. It was the first attack that Bournemouth have had.
Daily Star - 3:14 PM
I've said for a long, long time now that Joe Gomez makes Van Dijk such a better player, Warnock said on Astro SuperSport.
Mirror - 3:09 AM