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We are facing a side that at the moment is qualified, said Wenger. But let's not forget they can as well lose what they have so that can create a fear factor as well.
BBC - 8:05 PM
We play against a side that is, at the moment, qualified but they can lose what they have very quickly and that can create a fear factor, Wenger said. The best way for us to achieve the qualification is to believe in our quality. Our record [of 15 straight qualifications] is very im...
Guardian - 8:03 PM
He is more an offensive player, said Wenger recently. He is not a tactical, defensive player.
Sky Sports - 6:00 AM
We were interested in him when he was in France and the year we wanted to bring him in, Rennes did not want to sell, Wenger said. He had a few off-the-field problems but it looks like now he's stabilised and he's of course a very good player who is a regular player in the national team in ...
talkSport - 12:21 PM
There is one positive thing for us - we know exactly what we have to do, Wenger said. We know that we have to go for it from the start.
Daily Express - 5:15 AM
Santi wanted to have a chance to come back quickly so he didn't want to last too long for 25 opinions, Wenger said. He decided to go straight away.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
I've been told I was wrong on that one, Wenger said, sheepishly.
Guardian - 10:30 PM