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I don't understand why he was not on the list. They didn't want to let him play, Wenger said. We of course had a bit of an argument, because we announced him.
Soccernet - 4:40 PM
The decision has been made and we will stick to that, said Wenger. The decision is not to sell.
Sky Sports - 1:18 PM
It is difficult to predict, but I think it is a friendly between Arsenal and Chelsea, that means it is not really a friendly, Wenger said.
Mirror - 11:22 AM
Today we had 21 players fit. Theo Walcott was not ready and I don't think he'll be ready for tomorrow. But there's nothing major, Wenger said.
Soccernet - 1:48 PM
It's a friendly against Chelsea and that means it is not really a friendly, said Wenger. There's always some pride at stake and London desire.
Daily Mail - 12:52 PM
I was a bit scared that tonight we could have big problems and in fact in the first half we suffered a bit, said Wenger. Ramsey finished the game, but Walcott, Kolasinac, Mertesacker, Giroud, they all had a little food poisoning.
Sky Sports - 7:14 AM
If you ask me is it an ideal way to prepare physically, I say certainly not, said Wenger. Does it have other advantages? Yes, because we can meet fans from all over the world and the bonding is easier because we live together for two weeks.
Daily Mail - 2:05 PM
Imagine the worst situation, that we lose Fabregas and Nasri, Wenger said. You cannot convince people that you are ambitious after that.
Soccernet - 9:12 AM
We have a virus in the camp, Wenger said. The doctor thinks it is food poisoning. Mertesacker and Giroud were sick, Kolasinac was sick. Theo Walcott and Aaron had a little bit of food poisoning as well. I don't know what they ate.
Daily Express - 9:06 AM
We have a virus in the camp, said Wenger. The doctor thinks it is food poisoning.
Daily Mail - 8:12 AM