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For me, they have to serve the game like we have to serve the game, and to try to give positive emotions to people who love football in the stand, Wenger said.
EPL Talk - 11:20 PM
It was much more a penalty than the [Chambers handball], Wenger said. They don't look to have the same rule book.
Soccernet - 10:49 PM
For me, they have to serve the game, like we have to serve the game, and to try to give positive emotions to people who love football in the stand, said Wenger. That's what they have to do.
Mirror - 10:30 PM
We have a big squad but we cannot lose any more players now, because we are a bit short, said Wenger.
Daily Telegraph - 9:31 PM
What is more frustrating for me is that it happened many times this season, said Wenger. That is a concerning coincidence for me.
Daily Telegraph - 7:35 PM
We are out there and look of course to do some things, Wenger said.
talkSport - 11:54 AM
No, he saw what he wanted to see and we have to deal with that, Wenger said.
Guardian - 11:19 AM
We are out there, and look of course to do some things, yes. We will do, but when is very difficult to say because it doesn't depend only on us, Wenger said. We are open in any position for the exceptional player who can give us a plus. Therefore it depends a little bit on the inju...
Soccernet - 10:32 AM
Wenger told reporters: Maybe we haven't played well enough but that's down to you to judge.
Goal.com - 12:18 PM
But we have a very difficult schedule and I believe we fought hard to win the game but didn't because of a bad decision, said Wenger.
Daily Star - 8:24 AM
You cannot give West Brom five days to prepare for a game like that when we have three, said Wenger.
EPL Talk - 3:03 AM
It's disappointing to see that [penalty decision]. But what can you do? We can talk and talk and talk, it doesn't change anything, Wenger told Sky Sports. And anyway, the Premier League doesn't face the problem.
Soccernet - 7:41 PM
The league has changed completely because modern life has regrouped the elite in a few number of units, Wenger said.
Daily Star - 7:20 PM
First of all, I feel lucky to have been at the club for such a long time, said Wenger. I've worked very hard every day of my life. In modern society it is more demanding: there are more opinions, more questions. But I've always set high standards and there is nobody harsher on myse...
Sky Sports - 7:57 AM
Give him credit for what he has gone through – it demands some character, said Wenger. I have a big respect for that because it is all nicey-nicey when you are super talented and everybody says you are the greatest player at 17.
Daily Telegraph - 7:15 AM