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Last night was a bit special because the kick-off was delayed and we didn't even know if we would play or not, said Wenger.
Sky Sports - 11:23 AM
I don't know how they managed to infiltrate our fans and get everywhere. But they did that very well, Wenger said.
Soccernet - 9:28 AM
Wenger told reporters: We waited patiently in our dressing room but what was difficult for me was that I had all kinds of plans to think about.
Goal.com - 6:01 AM
I moved to a four [at the back] in the second half and Kolasinac gave us a lot going forward, but as well he pushed Sanchez more forward, Wenger said .
Daily Express - 5:40 AM
We want to do well in all the best competitions and I had an experienced team today, even though I made nine changes, Wenger said.
Daily Express - 5:20 AM
I've followed German football for a long time and I thought Cologne had not played in Europe for 25 years, Wenger said.
Daily Express - 5:00 AM
In the second half I believe our team was better balanced and better equipped going forward, Wenger said. Kolasinac, he gave us a lot going forward. Sanchez played very deep in the first half, and when he had more support on the flank from Kolasinac he became more dangerous.
Soccernet - 12:46 AM
We waited patiently in our dressing room, said Wenger. But it was difficult for me, I had all kinds of plans to think about at some stage.
Sky Sports - 12:19 AM
Sanchez came alive in the second half, said Wenger. He is still fighting to come back to his best physically, but Sanchez is Sanchez.
Sky Sports - 12:19 AM
I think the best way to do it is through the Premier League, Wenger said. We did that for 20 years. We got 75 points last year and overall, I am humble enough to be happy to win every competition.
Daily Star - 7:17 PM
He is very hungry and sharp, said Wenger. He is not completely at his best, but he is getting there. I know Jack well enough. He analyses every training session. He has a football brain so I don't need to tell him too much but I speak to him about how I see his evolution.
Daily Telegraph - 8:36 AM
The disadvantage is that he was out of the game for a long time but there are advantages as well, said Wenger.
Daily Mail - 11:34 PM
Yes, if he is injury free he will come back [to his best], Wenger said. He's very hungry and very determined.
Soccernet - 11:21 PM
It is a good opportunity to show we can cope, Wenger said. We played on Wednesday night in Barcelona and against Everton on Saturday morning [in the 2015-16 season]. It is a preconceived idea, football is down to how you perform on the day. Three days is plenty of time to recover.
BBC - 4:09 PM
It is a good opportunity to show we can cope, Wenger said. We have played on a Wednesday night in Barcelona and against Everton on a Saturday morning.
Sky Sports - 3:01 PM
I believe there was always a huge pressure on him to come back as quickly as possible and to expect a lot, Wenger said. He has been injured at the start of the season from last season, so he was a bit behind the others players but now he is getting better and better.
Soccernet - 2:02 PM
At the end of the day his style is his style and what you measure with Mesut Ozil is the efficiency, said Wenger last season. His basic quality is retention and the creation of goal chances.
Sky Sports - 6:30 AM